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Randy Russon
August 12, 2020

They are known as family advisors and/or player agents. And when I am asked by parents of hockey players — which is rather often — as to who I would recommend as a family advisor, I give them the names of three management groups that I have had good and lengthy dealings with.

As is the case with just about any other profession, there are good family advisors and there are ones who, for one reason or another, are not up to par or worthy of trust.

At any rate, the three hockey management firms that I totally recommend when asked are JDM Sports Consulting, Cain Hockey Management and Pinnacle Hockey Management.

Not only do I have a business relationship with the heads of all three groups — David Maciuk of JDM Sports, Kevin Cain of Cain Hockey Management and Adrian Gedye of Pinnacle Hockey Management — I have known them all for lengthy periods of time.

For example, I have known Maciuk since we played outdoor, elementary school hockey against one other (almost 55 years ago), I have known Cain for close to 20 years, and I have had dealings with Gedye for just over five years.

And I have never had an issue of trust with Maciuk, Cain or Gedye, which is why I recommended all three to anyone inquiring about the services of a family advisor.

The same can’t be said for all family advisors who I have had any sort of dealings with in the past.

Simply put, without naming names, there are two shady individuals who reside in the United States who I would never recommend to anyone. In fact, I advise parents who ask me about family advisors to stay away from these two particular people.

Meantime, to all parents looking out for the best interests of their hockey playing kids, I will continue to recommend the aforementioned firms of JDM Sports Consultants, Cain Hockey Management and Pinnacle Hockey Management.

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  1. Met Dave Maciuk once on one of my Hearst Lumberjack trips I think into Sudbury. Impression was that he is a good guy, with knowledge, and ready to advise the kids well… first impression.

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