Timmins Majors discover…

Randy Russon
May 23, 2018

Score two for the Timmins Majors of the Great North Midget Hockey League. The Timmins midgets have confirmed a pair of skills and fitness related partnerships ahead of the 2018-2019 season.

Majors general manager Ron Holmes said the Timmins midgets will partner with Kate Durst of Discover Fitness and Lisa Tremblay of Discover Performance.

“There are many reasons why young hockey players should develop high levels of fitness … they will be less prone to injury, they will recover faster so they can practice their skills more often, they will be able to use their skills more effectively and they will have more fun playing hockey.

“And as they build better levels of fitness they will get more enjoyment out of other aspects of their lives,” the team said in a statement. “This new partnership will allow the Timmins Majors players access to award-winning facilities for on-and-off-ice training throughout the off-season and during the season.”

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