First-ever N.O. Cup

Randy Russon
September 25, 2017

Soo Thunderbirds of the Great North Midget Hockey League will play host to the first-ever, minor midget, Northern Ontario Cup, which is slated to be staged next March 2-4, 2018 in Sault Ste. Marie.

The event will be held in collaboration with the Northern Ontario Hockey Association and feature four minor midget teams — the Thunderbirds, North Bay Trappers and Sudbury Wolves of the Great North loop as well as the Thunder Bay Kings out of northwestern Ontario.

All teams will be guaranteed five games and will play towards an NOHA championship trophy.

The games will be held at the Essar Centre, John Rhodes Community Centre and Rankin Arena.

“We are excited to welcome the Thunder Bay Kings to our event,” noted Great North commissioner Darren Potvin. “The Kings representation approached our league about the possibility of hosting this type of event and this is certainly something we could not pass up on.”

Potvin is hopeful that the championship-style tournament will attract general managers and scouts from all 20 teams in the Ontario Hockey League

“Our goal is to have most, if not all of the OHL clubs have representation at our event and ensure that our players in northern Ontario receive the proper scouting and development they deserve,” Potvin added.

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  1. It’s not the first

    There was a Greyhounds Weekend featuring at that time TB the Sault and Sudbury plus Team NOHA , it was a great weekend with the Greyhound staff talking to the players and parents .

    All Thanks To The Greyhounds

    1. Bob Allen,

      It’s the first, according to the Great North Midget League and the Northern Ontario Hockey Association.

      Ergo, I beg to differ with you.

    2. I believe the Hounds did have a weekend tournament years ago when they took Speers as their first pick. It may have not been an Great North Midget tournament as there was an American team in this and also Thunder Bay was in this tournament also. Randy you may be right on this one.

  2. Sorry guys

    Speers was playing for the Grey Hounds , Sault and Sudbury Minor Midget Teams plus TB and Team NOHA hosted by the Grey Hounds

    The GNML had absolutely nothing to do with it

    And there was no there was No Cup to play for ,just an opportunity to play and be looked at by the OHL and the NCAA who where all there.

    So Randy this is the first ” Cup “

  3. To Bob and Rick with regards to this article:

    It is definatly the “first ever Northern Ontario Cup”.
    Randy Russon is right. (As Usual.)

  4. Please read what I said

    This is the First Cup However we where more interested in helping the players get looked by the OHL and the NCAA who where all there rather than playing for a Cup

  5. It’s the first Cup

    But the Greyhounds hosted Team NOHA and the two
    MM clubs plus TB
    It was all about the OHL and NCCA looking at our players
    Which is far more important than a Cup

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