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May 13, 2019

Head coach Jamie Henderson has confirmed the current roster for the Soo Major Greyhounds squad that will compete within the Great North Midget Hockey League for the 2019-2020 season.

Players with their birth year and positions are as follows.

Michael Chaffay, 2002, forward

Ty Zachary, 2002, forward

Devin Mauro, 2004, forward 

Tyson Doucette, 2004, forward 

Jake Kovacs, 2003, forward 

Ethan Novello, 2003, forward 

Ethan Esposito, 2003, forward 

Bryan Fenlon, 2004, forward 

Gavin Ritacco, 2003, forward 

Dylan Szabo, 2003, forward 

Connor Toms, 2004, defence

Mateo Perri, 2002, defence

Kolby Felinger, 2003, defence

Michael Beltrano, 2004, defence

Adam Barone, 2004, defence

Mason Chitaroni, 2004, defence 

Noah Metivier, 2004, goalie

Gavin Disano, 2003, goalie

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  1. Are you kidding me, Luca Spadafora never made the team??He is more talented than half the players that were picked. Not in the click I guess

  2. Disappointed not seeing Dylan Forsyths name not on the list. Has lots of potential. He would have been a great leader on and off the ice. Wouldn’t of beej suprised if he was selected in next year’s u18 draft.

  3. Hey rand! It kind of puzzles me on why I haven’t seen Forsyths name on there. Heard around he’s a great kid with a lot of skill and determination to be the best he could be. Sorry for the rant just have other thoughts

  4. @PoundTC, completely agree. The kid has unlimited potential, a pure athlete he is. Rumours have came out recently that the Guelph Storm plan to pick him up in the first round of next years overage draft. Hendo is missing out big time on this stud, he is a weapon enough said.

  5. Forsyth was the force the major midgets needed last year. He contributed big time to his team. The Soo is really gonna miss him this year, he was such a great leader on and off the ice. Disappointing I won’t be able to watch this kid anymore…

    1. Forsyth should try out for Soo Eagles of the NOJHL and look into the Timmins Majors of the Great North Midget League as well.

  6. I agree entirely, the team is gonna be at a loss without him. I watched Dylan a couple of times and notice how skilled this kid really is, the potential is far and beyond. I finally understand what everybody in the whole city is talking about, THIS KID CAN PLAY!

  7. lolol…Telus Cup, ahhhh NO….8-2004 aged players, at least 4 of which probably shouldn’t be there, few 2002 players and most of the defense are gonna get manhandled when going up against large 02 players from other teams. Fingerprints all over this team, no wonder better players signed with the High School.

  8. Bellever, 2020 Tellus Cup is a little far fetched. 8 x 2004’s will be a challenge as they grow and mature. Early on, they will be man handled by bigger stronger older players. Barring injury, they will be much improved and in a better position for playoffs. Best of luck to them.

  9. absolute BS that this city no longer has a minor midget program.
    Weird timing too, the Bantam 04 Greyhounds were first in their league last year, meaning that they were most likely going to be the best minor midget team of the north this year.
    In a year where talent is in the Soo, they get rid of the minor midget program?
    Luca Spadafora and Christian Omollo and 2 other players that should definitely be on this team are not, and that is awful.
    Whoever the director of hockey for the Soo is, should have his/her job replaced.
    The Soo Minor Midget team last year was 2/3 for Minor Midget teams, and the only reason they were not first is because Sudbury had the best team they had ever seen for 03 birthyears.
    The major midget Thunderbirds finished ahead of Timmins and New Liskeard and just falling short of Sudbury’s team. The director does not care about the growth of their hockey players, they care about their teams winning, which is an awful mindset in the longrun.
    Both Luca Spadafora and Christian Omollo and more were looking to be drafted this year, and now have to miss out on exposing Soo talent since the director of hockey in the city only cares about being the best team in the league, in an unfair way.
    Sudbury has 2 teams (160,000 population)
    Timmins has 1 team (40,000 population)
    New Liskeard has 1 team (12,000 population)
    Kapuskasing has 1 team (8,000 population)
    North Bay has 2 teams (55,000 population)
    If North Bay can have a minor/major midget teams, why can’t the Sault?
    Soo has 1 team (75,000 population). Almost double the amount of kids than Timmins which is the closest in population to the 1 team places.
    I find this ridiculous that they are stripping away the chances for players to show off their skills against kids their own age in Ontario.

  10. Don’t disagree with what you are saying gchiasson. Only thing we need to add or understand is that the cancellation of the Minor Midget AAA program was voted on and approved by the SMHA Board with Heavy Influence done by the current AAA Director.

    Also, it’s worth pointing out that there were a total of 47 players at Major Midget AAA tryouts this spring. More than enough for a Minor Midget AAA team and a Major Midget AAA team.

    So who wins,
    04’s are bitter because players are forced to play Major Midget AAA against older kids. Players with OHL potential or perceived potential won’t be seen or evaluated at high end AAA Minor Midget Tournaments playing against their own age group. The risk of injury increases as a result of playing against older, bigger, stronger players.

    03’s are bitter because many who have played in the AAA program are on the outside looking in. Spots that were once there’s have now been taken by 04’s who don’t even want to be playing Major Midget AAA.

    02’s are bitter because many have played AAA in prior years and have been in the program for years, are now thrown out because spots have been taken by the 04’s. Players are forced to look at other options because our home association doesn’t have a spot for them.

    So we’ve got 3 age groups that are unhappy for good reason, but we have one Happy Executive Team at SMHA. They’ll have an above .500 hockey team at the Major Midget AAA level. The other winner in all of this is High School Hockey, there programs get better as high level players from AAA teams look for new homes.

    Minor Hockey is about developing hockey players, not about wins and loses.

    Toots and SMHA Board, how do you look in the mirror each morning. Another poor decision for your resume.


  11. Donny good points…but the 04’s made their own bed, who would have coached this group for fear of another boycott. they only want one person, they have made that clear… this brings up parental coaches, when should it stop???? people are stepping away from Soo Major because of AAA and AA coaching decisions, parents are left with little or any choice. They wanted Hockey people in charge of hockey,; well that’s what they have at the top. And they still aren’t happy. At the end of the day the Soo is a great AA town and mediocre AAA town. If you are good they will find you with any coach.

  12. hscout22

    No idea who would have coached the 04’s this year. There was never an opportunity for anyone to apply for the position. Perhaps Henderson, he’s been successful developing players at the Minor Midget AAA level for the past two seasons.

    The best qualified applicant should always be the coach. If it’s a non-parent or parent so be it.

    If the Sault decides to be a AA town so be it. I just don’t get excited watching AA hockey.

  13. I have no problem looking in the mirror in the morning Don. I stand by my vote to cancel the Minor Midget Program. What was the record of the Major and Minor Midget Programs the last two years. We could not support two AAA Midget teams. Don how many years have we had AAA Minor Midget in Sault Ste Marie. The answer is the last two years. A few years ago we had a AA Minor Midget team. For all those years we had one Major Midget team kids were drafted, kids moved in. The SMHA Annual General Membership meeting for the SMHA is May 30th. There are some open spots on the board. Would love to see you there and run for a volunteer position. I have one year left on my term as AAA Director so you will have to wait one year for that position.

  14. Some of you people dont even know what your talking about. There is no need for 2 programs and kids will get seen from major midget. OHL draft in 2019 3 of the top 7 kids played major midget. Connor Lockhart, Mason Mactavish and Gaudreau from North Bay. Ottawa valley does just fine since they have scrapped all minor midget teams. Did playing minor midget down south work for a couple soo boys in there draft year this year..No it didnt now they are back to try to get seen from our major midget program. These kids will get noticed and be just fine. Also pretty sure omollo didnt even try out for the team because hes choosing to move down south to play gchiasson. North stars teams used to turn out 4 or 5 drafted players steady so let’s just give the program a chance, have kids stay local and good things will happen

  15. I agree why didn’t Dylan Forsyth try out. Great kid on and off the ice has so much potential especially with the right coaching. Is willing to be pushed and work hard! Has a great attitude and has size and speed! Great athlete. Randi Russon Is it true Mary’s turned him down strictly because he was a grade 12 student? That’s crazy if it’s true!! Switch to Korah kid .. Henderson give this kid a chance!! His stats are decent and comparable to other players who have years experience playing rep hockey.

  16. @Toots Kovacs….

    I certainly hope you aren’t related to Jake Kovacs, who, if not for the minor midget AAA program, would never have gotten the opportunity he did..

    Jake Kovacs was a Bantam AA player, who, I’m guessing, barely made it onto the Minor Midget AAA squad, and he played tremendous. He had a 1PPG average, and I believe that, if not for the Minor Midget AAA program, he would still be playing AA.
    In fact, having the point-per-game average, I’m surprised that he was not drafted, but he certainly wouldn’t have even had the slightest chance if still playing AA.

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