Hound midget hypothesis

Randy Russon
November 17, 2017

There is a lot of individual talent that dots the roster of the major midget Soo Greyhounds. But as the 2017-2018 Great North Midget Hockey League season plays on, the Greyhounds as a team do not show well.

Through 21 games, the Soo major midgets are stumbling with an uninspiring, sub par record of 6-12-3.

And a lack of discipline has been evident on a Soo team that has its share of players who are experienced at the major midget level. Just check out the troublesome penalty numbers that the Hound midgets have racked up.

In 21 regular season games thus far this 2017-2018 campaign, the Greyhounds have piled up an astonishing 494 minutes in penalties. Which computes to an average per game penalty minute total of 23.5.

By comparison, the major midget North Bay Trappers, who are in first place, are averaging 17.2 penalty minutes a game through 19 outings.

And as a lack of discipline is so glaringly evident with the Soo major midgets, the opposite is true with the minor midget Soo Thunderbirds, who are averaging a mere 10.8 penalty minutes per game.

In other words, the Soo major midgets are averaging more than double the amount of penalty minutes per game than the Soo minor midgets.

Which, to be honest, just screams lack of discipline on the part of the major midget Greyhounds.

As well, the coaching staff has shown a lack of accountability of its own. Case in point is the league having had to take away two Greyhound wins because the coaches dressed ineligible players in a pair of victories that were ultimately awarded to the opposition.

Thus, a record of 6-12-3 instead of 8-10-3 — which would still have the Soo majors below the .500 mark.

As previously noted, this is a team that has multiple above average players.

Avery Rebek leads the Hounds with 11 goals, 9 assists, 20 points and fellow veteran forwards Owen Shier, Parker Morgan and Caleb Wood have 7-10-17, 9-5-14 and 7-6-13 totals, respectively.

On the blue line, Jonathan Mackin has 5 goals, 10 assists, 15 points and Jordan Ritchie is a dependable, stay at home defender.

Then there is rookie forward Nick Jameus, who is one of just two minor midget, 2002 birth year skaters on the team. Despite receiving modest ice time, the small but speedy and highly skilled Jameus is tied for fourth on the team scoring chart with 6 goals, 8 assists, 14 points.

The Hounds also have a pair of capable goalies in Dawson Hunter and Andrew Uschenko.

Hunter and Uschenko both have goals against averages that are rather unflattering. But let’s not forget that they are playing behind a team that spends an average of more than 23 minutes a game in the penalty box.

On the six team major midget side of the nine member Great North loop, the Greyhounds trail the North Bay Trappers, Sudbury Nickel Capital Wolves and Kapuskasing Flyers in the standings.

The numbers are don’t lie. The facts are in the books.

And if you take a close look, the writing is on the wall.

PHOTO: Major midget Greyhound goalie Andrew Uschenko. (Photo by Postmedia.)

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  1. Yes sir penalties are killing momentum, which affects icetime of all the players. Self discipline and coaches holding players responsible with deduction of ice time might benefit the hounds moving forward.

  2. Randy, I think your reference to “modest” ice time for Nick Jameus was too modest, I have watched some games where that player gets to see the ice 5-6 shifts a game, due to the regimes power play or penalty kill always being on the ice. As a fan I am disappointed that this player did not get a chance to make the team NOHA. The requirement for making the team is first and formost this “a player must play regular or significant important shifts for his team” that is the main consideration, so even though as a rookie his points are second to Campbell , Nick did not make the list I believe because he did not receive any significant ice time, so with that kid putting up point like that with 1/4 or less ice time compared to the rest of the team, imagine if they played him a little more. And yes this team lacks discipline big time, with little to no consequences to the repeat offenders.

  3. …and so it goes Randy, the woes continue from generation to generation of kids of this Sault Major Midget program. Amongst other problems, discipline and consequences to selfish play do not appear to exist in this team’s coaching philosophy.

    Again, let’s not lose site of the fact that at least 10 AAA kids left this program this year. Coincidence?

  4. Folks, like it or not our Minor Hockey Rep Program in Sault Ste Marie is in shambles. Article after article with comment after comment have been written on this website. Lots of finger pointing being made by many different people.

    Until the folks at Sault Major are committed to change, nothing positive will result.

    It’s a shame, Sault Ste Marie was once a hockey town.

    How long until the Sault Ste Marie Greyhounds pull their branding and logo rights for our teams. Do you really think ownership and team officials are happy with their logo representing door mats year after year?

    Shame, shame on you Sault Major. Time for an executive that is accountable, knowledgeable, makes timely and correct decisions and doesn’t have personal agenda’s blurring their vision.

    In the end, youth hockey is for our kids. Not a power struggle between board members, coaches and parents. I think many have forgotten, and our youth have paid the price.


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