Kap Flyers are taking shape

HockeyNewsNorth.com Staff
July 4, 2017

They still have an opening or two on their roster ahead of the 2017-2018 Great North Midget Hockey League season. Thus far, Kapuskasing Flyers have signed 11 forwards, five defensemen and two goalies.

With head coach Glen Denney back of the bench after a two-year sabbatical, the Flyers have stayed true to their roots with all 18 players signed from northeastern Ontario towns in and around Kapuskasing.

Signed players to date, by position, with birth year and home town are as follows.

FORWARDS: Jacob Comeau, 2000, Hearst. Jared Dupuis, 2000, Iroquois Falls. Nicholas Belisle, 2000, Cochrane. Martin Poisson, 2000, Kapuskasing. Mathieu Parent, 2001, Kapuskasing. Alex Lapointe, 2001, Hearst. Blane Boissonneault, 2001, Kapuskasing. Brendan Aubertin, 2002, Kapuskasing. Alexandre Blais, 2002, Mattice. Dawson Linklater, 2002, Cochrane. Samuel Vachon, 2002, Cochrane.

DEFENSEMEN: Sylvain Gravel, 2000, Kapuskasing. Gabriel John-George, 2000, Constance Lake. Nolan Bourgeois, 2000, Iroquois Falls. Cooper Roussy, 2001, Kapuskasing. Ryan Maynard, 2002, Cochrane.

GOALIES: Jaden Chouinard, 2000, Kapuskasing. Sebastien Plamondon, 2001, Hearst.

STAFF: Head coach, Glen Denney. Assistant coaches, Cory Marchand, Sheldon Reasbeck, Jason Ouimette. Video coach, Patrick Millette. Goalie coach, Alex Laino. President of hockey operations, Darren Potvin. General manager, Michel Lachance-Grzela. Director of player personnel, Trevor Dambrowitz.

PHOTO: Kapuskasing head coach Glen Denney.

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  1. I agree with signing more youth. Why sign a 2000 and have him for just one year, when you can sign a 2001 or 2002 and develop them to help the teams future for the next year or two. I would only sign a really dynamic/skilled 2000.
    Wishing the Flyers the best of luck for several years to come.

  2. Mais oui Flyer Fan there is a boy in Iroquois Keestain Blais that I think has the 2002 birth day a good youth D.

  3. Cochrane bantams had a successful run last season , good to see some of those kids in Kap. Wonder if we will be able to see some games in Cochrane this season…..I know I-falls has lots of ice time .

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