Soo major midgets add two

Randy Russon
September 7, 2018

Soo Major Midget Thunderbirds of the Great North Midget Hockey League have added two players to their roster, Hockey News North has confirmed.

The new additions are 2002 birth year defenseman Travis Dowhaniuk and 2002 birth forward Jason McCormick.

With Dowhaniuk and McCormick signed up, the Soo major midgets now have two goalies, five defensemen and 10 forwards.

Following is the roster to date, including players birth year.

Goalies: Andrew Uschenko 2001; Noah Zeppa, 2002.

Defensemen: Don Davidson, 2001; Levi Morrison, 2001; Michael Barone, 2002; Beau Neveau, 2002, Travis Dowhaniuk, 2002.

Forwards: Cole Ambeault, 2001; Kurtis Rogers, 2001; Brock Santa Maria, 2002; Michael Chaffay, 2002; Nick Jameus, 2002; Nick Niro, 2002; Issac Parise, 2002; Jacob Sewell; 2002; Nathan Fortin 2002, Jason McCormick, 2002.

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