Soo midget teams clash

Randy Russon
January 25, 2018

The major midget Soo Greyhounds needed overtime to eke out a 3-2 decision over the minor midget Soo Thunderbirds in Great North Midget Hockey League action from Wednesday.

After the Thunderbirds had battled back from a 2-0 deficit to force overtime, Jonathan Mackin scored the winning goal for the Greyhounds in the early seconds of the extra frame.

Parker Morgan and Caleb Wood had staked the Soo major midgets to a 2-0 lead before the Soo minor midgets came back to tie the game on goals by Mateo Perri and Michael Chaffay. Perri’s goal was shorthanded.

The Soo minor midgets played the game minus suspended scoring leader Justin Mauro but were still able to extend the Soo major midgets to overtime. The Soo minor midgets also lost forward Brock Santa Maria with a first period leg injury that will require surgery.

No less than 16 penalties were called in the game with the Soo major midgets taking 11 of them.

Andrew Uschenko picked up the win between the pipes for the Greyhounds while Noah Zeppa helped the Thunderbirds earn a point from the overtime decision.

The game ended the regular season for the Greyhounds, who finish the 36-game slate in the major midget division with a record of 13-19-4.

The point lifted the Thunderbirds record to 2-16-4 in the minor midget division with two games left to play in the regular season.

The 2017-2018 regular season ends on February 7 with playoffs to follow in the major midget division.

And the first-ever Northern Ontario Cup will be up for grabs between the three minor midget teams from the Great North — the Thunderbirds, Sudbury Wolves and North Bay Trappers — as well as the Thunder Bay Kings from northwestern Ontario.

The Northern Ontario Cup will be held in Sault Ste. Marie from March 2-4.

PHOTO: Soo Greyhounds major midget goalie Andrew Uschenko.

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      1. I guess that falls on the players and staff for not adjusting but when does it become time to question what these refs are doing? 11 penalties in a game is excessive as it is especially when there’s only 5 going the other way. Something seems off in my opinion.

  1. In a few years after he FINALLY has the team taken from him –
    Hey remember the player that KP helped get drafted? Ya , I think his name was Nonex Istent.

  2. You can’t be successful when you continue to reward ice time to undisciplined, selfish players that spend the majority of their time in the box. What message does that send to the rest of the team when repeat offenders are sent back out on the ice the second they step out of the box. If the penalty stats of this game reflected the rest of the year. then 50% of the games played were short handed?? At what point does common sense come into play?? When do you bench the repeat offenders to send a message to everyone ?? Instead, the staff takes 2 bench minors as well?? WTF?

    In the real hockey world, a successful AAA Midget hockey program (see North Bay model) should be able to keep the top players of its age group. The Sault’s Midget program has failed miserably for the AAA kids that have been in the rep program for 8 years and for those that left .

    When will Sault Major get its head out of its A#% and provide a quality, value added program that starts with the most qualified coaching staff, to include a full time goalie and powerskating coach, an off ice conditioning program and a nutitionalist. Qualified people that have coached and played at very high levels and support staff are out there willing to give their time. Wake up it’s not too late for upcoming age groups.

    Lastly, get rid of any ‘dead wood’ on the Sault Major executive board (don’t have to name names, they know who they are). Lots of progressive hockey people out there that have been sent away in the past by this ‘old boys club’ board.

    On a positive note, congrats to the minor Midgets for pulling off a tie in regulation time. Thats an achievement.

    As I’ve stated in the past Randy, the results of this game should not have surprised anybody.

  3. Yes congrats to the minor midgets what did they win two games all season I believe one was against the Major Trappers. Like I said who will take the blame next year when these minors move up. Will be interesting at best. Gordie maybe u should coach your such an expert

  4. Gordie you make some excellent points.

    In my opinion,

    Sadly the current situation of bad/poor youth REP HOCKEY in SSM falls on the shoulders of Sault Major. They haven’t provided or selected qualified coaching staffs. They haven’t allowed the qualified people of our community (both hockey people and business leaders) to have a say on the board – they’ve only pushed them away. They haven’t provided hockey models that work (see your current Rep teams rankings). They keep bringing back the same coaching staffs year after year even though the programs are garbage. They’ve allowed parents money to be wasted all done without the proper financial reporting systems in place (and yes it’s still going on). I can go on, but I think everyone knows and sees the problem.

    Take a look, how many hockey wise people are running Sault Major?

    So Major, you’re a joke! You’ve ruined our youths opportunity and wasted countless families $’s in the process.

    A once proud youth hockey town is the laughing stock of Ontario.

  5. Has anyone ever given thought to how the kids feel? They lace up for a game they love and go battle and sweat and I would HOPE have fun playing the game they love! Has anyone ever asked the kids how they feel reading all this negativity in the media towards their team, their staff, their play?

    Come on people! Wake up! Parents have lost their minds as of late in this town. I understand that everyone’s kid is going to the NHL, and if they don’t make it, its the coach’s fault, it’s the last year’s coach’s fault, the staff sucks, it was the lack of ice time, it was the organizations’ fault, it’s the Sault hockey scene’s fault, it’s the Pee Wee’s fault, it’s Sault Major’s fault, it’s Sault Minor’s fault, it’s everyone’s fault!!! Everyone except the kid and the parent!! People, sometimes (well, MOST of the time) the talent isn’t there, the genetics aren’t there, the attitude to work and train isn’t there, IT just isn’t there!!) WHO CARES!! Ask the kids if they are enjoying playing the game! If they are — > GREAT! If they aren’t, it may be time to try a different level of play or find a new game to play.

    Everyone has dreams for the children but at times everyone needs to stop and do a reality check.

    Back in they day, articles were written on games that highlighted plays, scores, goal scorers, the play makers with the assists, the exciting plays in the game, etc… They promoted the game we all love and the articles promoted the kids from the Sault. Now, it’s just too much negativity in everything, and that is sad! Purely sad!

    The state of the game hasn’t changed —-> the state of the parent’s have.

    I have coached many teams in many different sports, I have volunteered, I have had kids go through the system(s), I have seen my share of generational talent come and go in this city and other cities, and I can tell you without a doubt, not much has changed with kids’ enthusiasm to learn, play, grow and have fun, BUT, the parents’ involvement certainly has changed and IMO have been ruining the game as a whole, NOT only hockey but in All sports.

    Even in the school sports, there is a tremendous LACK of volunteers because the teachers don’t want to put up with all the EXTRA B.S. behind the scenes. Parents have stopped volunteering as well. Mark my words, in time you will see, hockey volunteers drop off too. Who would want to volunteer such time into such a HOSTILE environment. It’s crazy!!

    Such a sad time with social media as well!

    And by the way, last I looked at a map, the geography hasn’t changed! The Sault is still stuck in the middle of the Great Lakes, in the middle of hockey ‘no-where’. That will never change. If you want games against decent rivals, I’m sorry, but you have to travel!! Travel comes at a cost (time + money). That will never change as well.

    So people, learn how to have fun and enjoy life! If you don’t like a coach, don’t play for him! If your children love playing a sports, let them play! Time flies! Try to enjoy the moment you are in, that is what you are paying for, for your kids to enjoy their time! Before you know it, the kids will be old and gone! All you will have are the bitter memories of ‘what YOU think could have been?’ My life advice to you, don’t be that person, my experience in the many years on this earth has shown me, nothing really good comes to those types.

    Enjoy the game and the kids skating in it! It’s a wonderful game!

    Yours in hockey!

    The Old Sault Hockey Boy

    1. Sault Hockey Boy… Parents want to see their kid improve after a year of “rep” hockey. Shelling out thousands of dollars and watching poor practices and poorer bench management is not rep hockey.

      “If you don’t like a coach don’t play for him”?? Great option… how bout if rep hockey isn’t developing the players bring new people in??
      I fully believe in the kids of SSM, you are obviously one of those coaches who solely blames the kids if your team isn’t performing.

      Sault Major…. Bring hockey people in who understand the modern game…. Keep people who improve their teams… Be financially transparent and the Gordies of the world will go away. Keep the people who have IMPROVED their team over a season of hockey. I’m tired of hearing the talent isn’t there. It is!! My vision of hockey in this town is obviously different than yours.

      I will certainly agree with you when you say that hockey should always be fun. Hockey or anything for that matter is more enjoyable when you are being asked for effort, you are learning and improving.

      Lastly, yes…….you will always have that 1 crazy parent no matter what you do. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

      Yours in development and growth of the great Canadian game of hockey


  6. Gordie, I am just sticking up for the kids of our youth sports and saying has anyone asked them how they feel about all these negative posts they have to read? We should be celebrating the achievements that the certain age groups attain. You seem to jump on everyone’s opinions/factual points with your “view” of things. It seems you are the “my way or highway” type of person.

    I sure would hope parents want to see their kids improve after a year of travel hockey. That’s just common sense and a common goal. To be so judgmental and decisive on topics, you must have a very close eye on the scene in your area. Disgruntled to say the least.

    Gord, I believe in the kids and youth of SSM also! Always have and always will! We must pay attention to them as they are our future! But, unlike some of the egotistical coaches that have traveled through the city’s minor hockey as of late, you have to be a realist as well. You have to be, in order to get the best out of your players. Know their weaknesses to strengthen them, but also know their strengths to strengthen them as well. Work with what you have and develop what you have and what you don’t have, all along the way. And, YES Gord, I am very sorry to say, the “top notch” talent isn’t always there to develop, as every parent hopes for and dreams of. And that is fine, you work with what you have, in sports or at your workplace. You try to inspire and get the person to be the best they can be!

    There are limitations to both physical and mental capabilities in every human being. It’s just fact. Belief and hope must be a part of the growth model, to help develop the youth.

    The numbers are not what they used to be in this city for youth sports (across the North for that matter). Even with less numbers, this city must concentrate and develop a larger group at each age level. The minor system in the Sault had it wrong for so many years, concentrating on and or developing only 17 players at each age level. The Sault seems to be righting its wrongs and is on a pace to strengthen its base of the hockey pyramid. Coach mentoring (Craig Hartsburg) and restructuring of teams (AA)/leagues at the Soo Pee Wee is a start. Hockey Canada academies will also give the youth some extra ice time. The hockey system in the city seems to be swinging more to the progressive side. It is a requirement, as the game itself changes consistently through the years and different periods of play.

    Last I looked, rep hockey was doing fine, Michael Amadio, Colin Miller and world class junior talent Blake Speers are all ok! And I believe the Perlini boy spent a season or so here before his dad left to run a program. Numbers wise, that’s pretty fair talent at the NHL level. Thorburn is still playing. Parents must understand though, there are good odds that they child will not be in the NHL. So as to accept that, will let them further enjoy and accept their time in youth hockey and let them enjoy it for what it’s worth. It’s their child’s time to have fun, learn, develop, grow and make life long friends.

    Sault Major does need to be more progressive. News posts say they have added Toots Kovacs to the administration. The rumors in the wind says he is to be on the coach selection committee as well. That is swell, but he was also on it last year too from what I understand.

    In the end, the product the minor travel teams have been sending the major travel teams as of late, does need to be more developed. Now like you said, that could be a coaching and/or lack of IMPROVEMENT ideal, with what I will add, sometimes some birth years don’t have it, and like I stated prior, that is FINE! Kids are playing hockey and having fun. That’s what matters! These kids don’t need to hear all the negativity on these forums. The 2004 birth year seems to be an exception, but look at what happened there. I hear most of the parents are disgruntled in their choice this season. That is a whole topic on its own.

    The days of the “my way or the highway” type of style has gone by the wayside. Look at all sports, all college sports, etc… There are only a couple of those coaches left in the NHL. In a few years, they will be gone as well. The days of yelling and verbal abuse by authority are very numbered. Donald Trump’s own version of the highway type of influence, will eventually beat his door down too.

    Lastly, Gordie, as time has it, there was 1 crazy parent per team, nowadays the number is quite larger than that, in every rep sport, across the cities and across the countries! There is no fault specific to hockey. Have you ever dealt with Pop Warner football in Texas? Baseball in the mid-south U.S.? It is no different anywhere. That is just the way society has swung, it is a throw away society with a Me Me Me attitude and not TEAM concept anymore. Parents should instill in their kids, that you have to be a good teammate before you can become a great player. And that Gordie is another fact!

    Yours in hockey,

    The Old Sault Hockey Boy

    1. Sault Hockey Boy

      Our team performances have been declining and our prices have been increasing year after year. Kids have been let down by the product offered by Sault Major….. that is fact. Our youth deserves better.

      I am going to try and keep this short and to the point:

      -bring hockey people in
      -keep people that improve their team by performance measurement
      -be financially accountable

      and yes if you do those things you will have only 1… okay maybe 2 disgruntled parents.

      Things do look like they are getting better with Hartsburg and Toots on board. Too bad I’m broke.

      I would absolutely agree with you that 99.9% of the players are not not going to the NHL but 100% of them should improve…. that SHB is a fact.

      Many 01 and past families were financially bled red for 7 years from supporting the rep system and then in the their most important year, minor Midget, the door was slammed shut on their draft eligibility .

      Lastly, please don’t tell me about hockey being fun. I would certainly agree that house league is very fun, as is high school hockey, as is outdoor shinny and road hockey…. all fun… hug. The rep system is designed for development, sometimes fun however, mostly, a real grind and an incredible time and financial commitment, one that families are loyal to for 8 years. Many rep families don’t take family trips, they don’t go skiing, they don’t fish, they don’t hunt and not due to lack of time, due to a lack of financial resources.

      That SHB is the beef of not just 1 but many many parents past and present …right now.

  7. Sault hockey boy. You nailed it. Couldnt be written any better. You understand everytjing to the tee. Finally someone that truly gets it

  8. Gordie,

    Team performances are like roller coasters, some highs and some lows. Each age year is different! Each with its own unique sets of attributes and skills. I do agree with you that prices seem high. There is a thing called inflation but prices and cost saving measures always need to be looked at.

    I’ll keep things sweet and short as well.

    – It looks like hockey people are in and are coming in.
    – Performance measurement as compared to? I do like this, but a standard would have to be set. Individual standards and team standards are different variables. But again, team talent varies year to year and one bad year or two should do a coach in? Every few years evaluations done, YES!
    – Financially accountable! Yes.

    And yes, with all this, you will still have a few parents that are not happy! That’s the way it goes.

    I don’t believe you are broke Gordie, you have enough to pay for a computer or smart phone to be able to post on here. Thus, you are able to pay your bills for electricity and the such to power these means of social media.

    Your comment of: “I would absolutely agree with you that 99.9% of the players are not not going to the NHL but 100% of them should improve…. that SHB is a fact.”

    This is not a fact; a fact is, by definition, a piece of information used as evidence or as part of a report, something that is indisputably the case. You stated “100% should improve… that SHB is a fact.” When you use the would “should” you are using a verb that means something that is PROBABLE. The word probable is in fact an adjective and by definition means “likely to be the case”. Likely to be the case, does not equal fact Gordie, it equals probability and probability is not fact… and that Gordie, is fact!

    You would hope to see 100 percent improve and by all means yes should improve. I do agree with you there, but its not a fact! By the way, not all improve no matter how many times they are on the ice. The minor teams even had kids quit the Greyhound program before they even have a chance at Bantam or higher levels. That says a lot too.

    Gordie, if you are good enough, the hockey people will find you. Word gets out when you are good enough. Don’t play a sob story for any group. If you are good enough, they will come a calling! You say the 01’s were bled for 7 years? So, this includes the old Soo Minor system as well? So, this does go back to my original post where I say that its everyone else’s fault? Interesting.

    Yes, lastly Gordie, and all you other readers, you will enjoy this the best. Whatever level you play at, whatever sport, whatever you are playing, HAS TO BE FUN!!! Or what is it all for? You see, your words open up many exquisite attributes about yourself. What parent would pay for a system, a sport, any activity for that matter that their child wasn’t ENJOYING or HAVING FUN at?? Not a single one I tell you! NOT ONE!! Which leads me to be believe you don’t have a child in this at all. Because you missed that point entirely. Please keep talking, I love the reads!

    I am and old rep player and my kids have went through multiple rep sports systems. I know the drill and the bleed. It’s called sacrifice, success does come at a cost! Period. That is a fact as well.

    Mark Mitchell, if that is not an alias, I do commend you with all your VOLUNTEER time you put in with hockey in this town. The years with the NORTH STARS were very successful! Good times back in the day!

    Yours in hockey,

    The Old Sault Hockey Boy

  9. Ahh the North Stars, the team that folded with a pile of money ? Any idea where those $$ went? They certainly weren’t given back to the parents we all know that for sure. Love to see the books on that team, another chapter of the Sault Major Secret society . SHB your dissection of my comments are impressive. English major? Or Wikipedia major? Or maybe detective? Lol keep digging.

  10. Gordie, my online post buddy,

    You don’t know what impressive is. You seem to be a spiteful disgruntled person who hasn’t had much success in what you think is your area of expertise. I am not saying that all your ideas are bad, I actually like most your ideas, your enthusiasm is very pertinent to a much needed progressive change in hockey, BUT, the way you portray that facts with this “Anthony Bumbacco” is actually an embarrassment to what you may actually may be. You take no account into the feelings of the youth/players that are actually playing on the team’s today. They are trying their best!

    As you stated before about funds, rep families not being able to travel, have fun, etc… and as I stated before, I will state again, it’s called sacrifice, with success comes sacrifice!! Time and money is part of that equation. That will NEVER change. For your reference, the North Stars took home 2 All Ontario Championships. (1998-99 and 2006-07).

    The Sault also brought home Gold once in Bantam AAA, in 85-86 with a couple silver medals surrounding those years. Arguably the greatest era in the Sault’s history of Bantam hockey. But people like you, will find fault with this as well, because you weren’t a part of it.

    Players and teams coached by Mike Zuke and company, who Gordie, (I do believe you are a coach or staff member as well) you wouldn’t be able to hold a candle to! And knowing the traits, demeanor and philosophy that Mike Zuke had I can also guarantee you that you never came up through that system. His coaching philosophies are still carried by some in town. There are people he coached scattered across our leagues and teams, thank goodness for that!! You haven’t portrayed one of his traits in anyone of your posts. Paul Maurice (head coach Winnipeg Jets) Rob Zettler (asst. coach San Jose Sharks) and Bob Jones (Oshawa Generals) are some off the top of my head who got to spend some time/years with Mr. Zuke back in the day. Thinking back now, is anyone around here who remembers the Ron Francis, Fred Perlini and Mike Siltala days?

    Game strategies, players skills and techniques, equipment upgrades have changed and adapted, BUT philosophies stick around. But today, people (the parents and some new coaches) don’t understand the intricacies of the game; the little things that make the game tick. How the team concept has to be GREATER than the individual concept, for everyone to succeed in a program. Being a better team mate leads to being a better player, not the other way around. But people don’t get that anymore.

    Granted we do have enough hockey minds in town that people should step forward and help out, not only their sons age group, but all age groups! BUT, again that comes down to my synopsis of the ME ME ME attitude of todays society. I commend Craig Hartsburg in injecting his soothing experienced voice of reason. It will be priceless for our hockey, coaches, kids, parents and organizations.

    To that Gordie, I leave it open. My intentions were never to engage anonymous posters, as I am one myself. My intentions were to defend the youth of the teams who were getting “bullied” by the likes of some “anonymous” people here, but you did fire the first rounds, and so this is where we are.

    Yours in hockey,

    The Old Sault Hockey Boy

  11. my posts again, my shots have been fired primarily at a certain coaching staff. First and foremost, they have to be held accountable for the team’s performance this year. I will also repeat again, IMO, the 01 group was one of the strongest groups to come along in years, only to have the carpet pulled out from under them by a certain Midget coach last year, which happened to be their draft year. As a result, he lost the majority of the seasoned AAA 01 players to high school hockey and what he was left with was a team of 01s that primarily played house league their whole careers wth the exception of a few. A very difficult and frustrating position to be in for the inexperienced kids that played on the AAA team this year considering the level of hockey they are expected to play at. That frustration is likely the reason that this team was the most penalized team in the league ?? As you keep stating over and over ‘facts are facts’. Could that also be a fact SHB? My purpose isn’t to shit on any of those kids, because sadly, as stated above, they were in tough this year against seasoned AAA North Bay and Sudbury teams. Hopefully this year proved beneficial to these kids and parents, however, I would be willing to wager that if you polled the kids and parents, they might echo the same remarks.
    To argue your point that these players are kids and have feelings, I would suggest maybe a sport such as badminton would be better suited if they can’t take criticism. These ‘kids’ are actually by definition, young adults, in a AAA system. We aren’t talking Tom Thumb, novice or atom. They could be on the doorstep of junior hockey, so if they haven’t grown a thick skin from the game by now stick to lawn darts or chess.
    And your comment regarding sacrifice…I totally agree and expect that AAA comes at a cost….however, when parents are shelling out 3 times more then the average anywhere else in the province ($12k per year), they better be running a ‘lamborghini’ of a hockey program, one that the likes of a Craig Hartsburgh or Fred Perlini would be envious of, however, such is not even remotely the case.
    Lastly, your comment comparing me to Mike Zuke….really….what a laughable analogy totally irrelevant? ….. no disrespect to one of this city’s finest hockey minds and I suppose I should be flattered to even have my name mentioned in the same sentence as his, but SHB, I believe your wheels completely derailed and fell off the track on that comment …..Stick with the topic SHB.

    Yours in Chess and Lawn Darts


  12. I believe only three AAA 01 players are now playing high school Gordie if my calcuations are correct. The majority of the 01 players are playing Junior hockey or AAA. If u are referring to the AAA players that started in the rep system.

  13. There are 6 – 01s that played in the AAA program are in the high school league, as well as a few others that played a couple years of AAA. 4 are playing junior.

  14. 6 – 01s that started and played in the AAA program are in the high school league, as well as a few others that played a couple years of AAA. 4 – 01s are playing junior. 1 playing Midget in the States, one in Wawa. There are 6-2000s AAAs playing high school also.

  15. Gordie you should reveal your name just like bumbacco should
    You two fine flaws with every one that has volunteer numerous hours serving this fine community. Just because you guys didnt get the minor bantam team you crucified the whole program then you two clowns went after the midgets. Me think what is common in this . Think about it. ??????????.

  16. And yes SAult hockey boy it is my real name and i was apart of those gold mefal teams . Kids respected each other and the parents was just happy they made the team. Who ever was good enough moved on
    . The others have a life time of great hockey memories .

  17. Gordie get a life, get a job, find a hobby and get your facts straight before your rants on this site. I’ve never read a column with someone so narrow minded towards AAA hockey in my life. Your lack of knowledge and experience within the AAA system really shows with each post. So very sad.

  18. “Your lack of knowledge and experience within the AAA system really shows with each post. ”

    Hockey Guru……then enlighten us with your facts, knowledge and experiences???

    Sadly, the old boys club connected to the dysfunctionality of Sault Major such as ‘hockey guru’ and ‘mark mitchell’ who continue to reject truth and criticism are what is wrong with rep hockey in the Sault.

    By turning a blind eye you are both enablers and accomplices to a disatruous program. You are the problem and not the solution . Time to step aside and allow fresh people and ideas to take over.

  19. Gordie,

    With regards to your posts:

    1. “ my posts again, my shots have been fired primarily at a certain coaching staff.”

    Post your real name, put at least some credibility to such nonsense. A certain coaching staff can be identified but you cannot. You are obviously a coward, with something to lose, if you haven’t lost it already, like a team bid last season.

    2. “A very difficult and frustrating position to be in for the inexperienced kids that played on the AAA team this year considering the level of hockey they are expected to play at. That frustration is likely the reason that this team was the most penalized team in the league ??”

    “My purpose isn’t to shit on any of those kids, because sadly, as stated above, they were in tough this year against seasoned AAA North Bay and Sudbury teams. “

    So, you are finally admitting that maybe the talent isn’t there on the midget team? Hmm, as some have said all along, sometimes, “it” just isn’t there. Unlike what “Gordie” thinks in his posts. But not now? Wow, you sure do contradict yourself. Like I always said, they are trying their best.

    3. “These ‘kids’ are actually by definition, young adults, in a AAA system. We aren’t talking Tom Thumb, novice or atom. They could be on the doorstep of junior hockey, so if they haven’t grown a thick skin from the game by now stick to lawn darts or chess.”

    Then why have the new “ideals” in Bantam AAA changed? Why not give these young adults some independence and have them begin to room on their own. Give them some space, to grow and mature on their own? To learn to become independent instead of parent coddled. Again, your ideals are flawed and you do contradict yourself.

    4. “They could be on the doorstep of junior hockey, so if they haven’t grown a thick skin from the game by now stick to lawn darts or chess.”

    Throw more jabs at the kids. You don’t deserve to be around kids/young adults. That is my opinion.

    You should move to lawn darts and chess. Good eye-hand coordination required in lawn darts and brains required for chess. You seem to require both.

    5. “I totally agree and expect that AAA comes at a cost….however, when parents are shelling out 3 times more then the average anywhere else in the province ($12k per year)”

    Ask parents on the Bantam Major team this year. Fees were dropped to around 3.7k I hear? BUT the actual costs (to the parents) are actually around the 10-11K mark now, with traveling, rooms, food, time off work, etc. Do your homework as I believe you are close to that group. This ‘program’ only had 3 tournaments! For a AAA program, because parents want to save fees/costs? Buses? Well, that’s a joke! 4 tournaments for exposure would be good plus a showcase or so. Plus the addition of a program as whole! Look at the money they are spending behind the scenes. Again rep hockey = sacrifice = time and money = lots of missed opportunities in life.

    Lastly, like I said, you couldn’t hold a candle to those hockey coaches! Your ideals and philosophies are flawed. It shows in your tyrannical rants and contradictions.

    The North Stars program was excellent! Of note, Mike Hall did learn his trade somewhere and that was with the Bantam regime. I believe our Bantam program here in town has produced 2 bronze medals and a silver medal as well as of late (last 12 or so years) at the AAA level. Pretty impressive for a small market area. The programs produced quality kids and did give them an excellent foundation for life! You obviously know nothing about it, because you weren’t a part of it! Like I stated before, if you weren’t a part of anything, you will find fault in it. No matter how successful it was or is. You are jealous and will find fault with anything. That’s a sad trait to possess!

    On that note, Gord, I leave you the weekend. Though hockey is the life in the north, it is time to lose focus for a few days and relax and get ready for some football. I watch it for the commercials.

    I am awaiting your retort as you seem to be the personality who always wants to get the last word.

    PS. “anthony bumbacco” did you change your name yet? You are embarrassing the last name of a great builder in the game and in the name of the Sault Greyhounds. Have some decency and use your brains. Common sense should prevail!

    Yours in hockey,

    The Old Sault Hockey Boy

  20. BTW what relevance does posting a name have to do with anything? I see your using an alias also ‘Old Sault Hockey Boy’. By virtue of your comment, I guess that makes you a coward?? Could it be that you have something to lose??

  21. OSHB Last one today….the majority of the talent left the AAA program , not sure why you are having a difficult time comprehending that comment, I could offer you a power point presentation with stick men if you like, seeing as age may well be affecting your focus.

    With the length of your rebuttals , you strike me as one of these coaches that takes 15 minutes to explain one drill uses up 3/4 of the ice time with incoherent ramblings, and puts players to sleep, when the players should be skating and moving………Didn’t some other great coach just acknowledge that?

    Yours in lawn darts , chess, table tennis and twister


  22. Gordie,

    Again you are flawed in your thinking.

    I have NOT attacked a person, you have. I have NOT demeaned a staff, you have. I have NOT demeaned organizations, you have. I have NOT demeaned kids indirectly through posts, you have. I have NOT demeaned volunteers, you have. I have not demeaned successes of years past. But yet you have! You see flaws with everything! You have! Wow!

    I do NOT have a personal vendetta in this. It seems you do! All your posts reflect such.

    So, yes Gord, to demean and put forth such posts like yours behind an alias, is cowardly.

    Hopefully this was short enough for you so that I didn’t lose you.

    Yours in hockey,

    The Old Sault Hockey Boy

  23. Six AAA players at the high school level sure like u stated so ignorantly about how some of the 01 players playing for the AAA midgets are AA caliber so are your high school players most who played maybe two years at best. From the original 01 players who are AAA caliber only two are playing highschool the rest are scattered and that my friend are facts. U seem to know so much about these 01 players makes sense obviously your kid didn’t get drafted and five are with the AAA midgets. Wherever they are I am sure they are happy with their decisions. U should all be like Mark Mitchell volunteering for the love of the game with no ulterior motive we need more like him

  24. I don’t see any of your talented 01 high school players burning up the stats I see one and he left the rep program two years ago. Give it up Gordie there are still a few very talented O1 players still playing.

  25. Do some research Chuck, cause I certainly won’t do it for you. Google all the players in the highschool system, Those that have played AAA will come up under elite prospects. There are more than 6 – 01s. Those players have all been mentioned in a past post… before you spew your bs, do the research.

    1. There is not one player in high school hockey right now that were or ever were considered elite prospects. Not even one. No matter what their dads might say or think these are not elite players.

      1. Chuck I guess another power point presentation is required for you as well . The website is called that in name. It is a registry for players that have played AAA. I would agree that of course the majority listed are not elite prospects, however they have a history of playing AAA. it’s the name of the website, hello, not a made up tale. In answer to your claim that there are only 2 players that played AAA in highschool, I am guiding you to a website that will tell you the status of players and their hockey history. You think I’m making it up, google the highschool players and see for yourself. What don’t you understand about that . Now I am done with your inability to comprehend. If you do the research, you will find that there are more then 6 ex AAA 2001 birth year players playing highschool hockey, plus 1 that went back to Wawa, and another to Thunder Bay.

  26. This man is a legend in his own mind then why are they playing high school they should be on junior teams if they are elite prospects. I am at every high school games other than a few goalies and maybe one player I don’t see anything elite happening there and yes my son plays high school

  27. Sorry can’t be bothered Gordie so I guess we will see all your elites playing in the NHL. My son plays high school for fun and friendship he is not one of your elite players but he also knows that high school hockey is for fun and can’t hold a candle to AAA. Anyway this conversation for me is at an end grown bored with it

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