Soo minor midget roster

Randy Russon
August 28, 2017 has confirmed the roster for the new Soo Thunderbirds minor midget team that will debut as part of the nine-member Great North Midget Hockey League this 2017-2018 season.

According to Soo minor midget head coach Jamie Henderson, the roster is as follows.

FORWARDS: Michael Neveau, Michael Chaffay, Hunter Rheaume, Jacob Sewell, Brock Santa Maria, Issac Parise, Jason McCormick, Justin Mauro, Travis Dowhaniuk, Nathan Fortin, Cooper Smyl, Ty Zachary.

DEFENSEMEN: Beau Neveau, Jack Matier, Mateo Perri, Colton Smithers, Nathan Headrick.

GOALIES: Noah Zeppa, Tyler Greco.

All players have 2002 birth dates with the exception of Matier, who was born in 2003.

As an underage player, Matier needed the permission of the Sault Major Hockey Association to try out for the minor midget team. And not only did Sault Major grant Matier permission to try out, the youngster subsequently made the team.

However, Sault Major has since done an about face and refused to give Matier his release to play minor midget, wanting him to play at the bantam level instead.

The Matier family has subsequently appealed Sault Major’s decision to the Northern Ontario Hockey Association.


Following is how the Great North Midget Hockey League will align for the 2017-2018 season.

MAJOR MIDGET DIVISION: Kapuskasing Flyers, New Liskeard Cubs, North Bay Trappers, Soo Greyhounds, Sudbury Nickel Capital Wolves, Timmins Majors.

MINOR MIDGET DIVISION: North Bay Trappers, Soo Thunderbirds, Sudbury Wolves.

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  1. And that is what is wrong with Sault major. Jack Matier is more than capable of playing at this level and be a number 3_4 defense and above.

  2. Silliness, the 03’s had a hard enough time to field a team. Just because the 02’s can afford to let an 03 play on the team doesnt mean it should be done.

    1. Well that’s not the kids problem. He shouldn’t be punished for lack of players in his own birth year. I smell some other political game going on here. And of course at the expense of a child’s development. Way to go!

  3. As coaches we try to develop the kids to play at the highest level possible, what ever team you make ,,,,, go for it ,,,,,, pretty sure it’s all about the kids ?????? Isn’t it !!!! Sure use to be ,,,, when all you expert parents weren’t good enough to play Rep hockey !

  4. If a player is capable of moving up to the next level and dominate at his current level…….

    If a player has tried out and is wanted by the Minor Midget AAA team……

    If the parents of the player want the player to play on the Minor Midget AAA team……

    If the player is mentally and physically ready to play Minor Midget AAA….

    Most of all, if the player wants to play Minor Midget AAA…..


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