Team NOHA has 7 from Soo

Randy Russon
November 10, 2017

Seven Sault Ste. Marie area players have been named to the two Northern Ontario Hockey Association teams that will compete at the Ontario Minor Hockey Association, Eastern AAA Showcase Tournament, to be held next month.

The tournament is slated for December 2-3 in Aurora, Ont.

In conjunction with the Great North Midget Hockey League, the NOHA chose 38 players to represent the region including goalie Noah Zeppa, defensemen Nathan Headrick and Colton Smithers and forwards Justin Mauro and Michael Chaffay of the Soo Thunderbirds minor midgets, forward Nick Niro of the Soo Greyhounds major midgets and forward David Campbell of the North Bay Trappers minor midgets.

All seven players have 2002 birth dates.

The group of 38 players will be divided into rosters as Team NOHA Red and Team NOHA White.

Both teams will play in three games, including the Team NOHA Red vs. Team NOHA White intra-squad match.

The players were selected based on game evaluations from the under-15 camp in August and from ongoing evaluations with their Great North teams by Team NOHA director of operations Matt Rabideau and Team NOHA head coach Richard Rochefort over the course of the current 2017-2018 season.

Team NOHA will compete at two other events during the 2017-2018 season — the OHL Cup in March and the OHL Gold Cup in May.

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  1. ….so shameful that only 2 were selected from last years group which IMO was a much much stronger group….., however, congrats to this years group that made it. Good to see it takes a North Bay coach to recognize the Sault’s talent.

  2. Geordie…always with the negativity and quick to criticize. Maybe if you actually knew what you were talking about a reply would be more positive towards the individuals who were selected. For your information this is not the final team which had 2 players on it in the OHL cup. The soo sent 6 minor players to this same even last year and the players are further evaluated and the two teams are then made into 1. But again thanks for your negativity – people like you are just as much a part of the problem with the minor hockey issues in this city.

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