Timmins ousts Soo midgets

Randy Russon
February 11, 2018

Visiting Timmins Majors completed a two-game playoff sweep of the Soo Greyhounds on Saturday with a come-from-behind, 3-2 overtime triumph.

Forward Cameron Chisholm tallied in the early seconds of overtime to give Timmins its first and only lead of the game and the opening round, best-of-three, Great North Midget Hockey League playoff series 2-0.

Timmins had won the series opener in Friday with a 2-1 win over the visitors from the Soo.

Saturday’s match at the Essar Center in Sault Ste. Marie was a see-saw sizzler that could have gone either way.

Twice the visitors from Timmins battled back to tie the game before winning it early in the extra frame.

Forwards Raf Praysner and Nick Jameus staked the Greyhounds to 1-0 and 2-1 leads before front-line skaters Kobe Barrette and Austin Holmes tied it for the Majors at 1-1, then 2-2.

While the Majors were relentless on the fore check and forced multiple turnovers in the contest, it was the Greyhounds who had more dangerous scoring chances. And while Soo goalie Dawson Hunter played well, Timmins tender Dylan Dallaire was sensationally stellar.

Dallaire was at his best when the Majors were trailing and the Greyhounds had several close-in scoring opportunities to take a two-goal lead. But Dallaire made a number of saves that induced gasps from those in attendance.

Dallaire was not the only Timmins player who stood out.

The aforementioned Barrette — who is a 2002 birth year rookie — and Holmes turned in noticeable, hard-toiling performances for the Majors as did fellow forwards Riley Brousseau and Gabby Kioki.

The series sweep by Timmins, which finished in fifth place on the major midget side of the Great North with a regular season record of 14-21-1, continued a turnaround from last season under a first-year coaching staff led by soon-to-be-29-year old bench boss Brandon Perry. The Majors finished a distant last in the Great North in 2016-2017 with a record of 2-32-2.

Perry paid tribute to both his team and the Greyhounds following Saturday’s series-clinching win.

“The Soo gave us a dog fight, our goaltender was exceptional and I’m happy for our young men. Very happy for them,” Perry told Hockey News North.

The Timmins coach also alluded to the tough travel schedule that had the two teams play in Iroquois Falls — just outside Timmins — on Friday night and then having to head to the Soo for Saturday’s tilt.

“Their coaching staff showed nothing but respect to us, even stopping by (on Saturday) to see if we got in all right. I’ll never forget that. It’s a great group on the other side but at the same time it’s nice to come out in top.”

The series defeat put an end to the 2017-2018 campaign for the Greyhound midgets, who finished in fourth place during the regular season with a 13-19-4 record, just a point ahead of Timmins.

Timmins now advances to the second round of the playoffs against the top-seeded North Bay Trappers while the other semi-final will feature third-place Kapuskasing Flyers and second-ranked Sudbury Nickel Capital Wolves.

Kapuskasing punched its ticket in to the second round on Saturday as forward Jared Dupuis tallied twice in a 5-1 triumph over the New Liskeard Cubs to fashion a two-game sweep.

PHOTO: Great North Midget Hockey League action between the Timmins Majors and Soo Greyhounds from earlier this season. (Photo by Timmins Daily Press.)

What you think about “Timmins ousts Soo midgets”

  1. Way to go Coach Panco. (Not).
    This is all on you and the poor manner in which you talk to your Players and treet the Parents. You could be heard screaming at your Players during a Time Out last night and with the Game tied. We saw how our kid’s responded to you which was not very good. Wait until Hartsey and Toots hear about this ! What a waste of a Season.

  2. My o My how the mighty have fallen .. The Sault used to be the Power house of the League and now they can not even beat Timmins no dis respect to Timmins.

  3. Bye bye panco . Thank God. Please do hockey in ssm a favour and take your side kick MC with you.
    How could Parents pay for such an embarrassing program ?
    I feel bad for the players who have worked so hard for so many years to only have a program like that to play for here in ssm.
    I’d love to see honest coaches evaluations for this guy and his group. Awful!
    Sault Major should feel bad for what they provided these families.

  4. Perhaps we can all put the bitterness aside and now move on to other things. The boys fought tough and hard and we are extremely proud of each and every one of them. The coaching staff has been nothing but kind to those parents who treated them with respect I don’t know a coach that would have put up with the nonsense of a few. These boys have been mentally abused enough it’s time to let it go now . They are an exceptional group of young adults with respect for each other and every city they visited true gentleman. Good to luck to all of them moving forward and to Timmins thank u for a great series and good luck in the rest of the series. With all due respect enough is enough

  5. Grandpa Greyhound I don’t know who u are but hopefully u don’t have a grandson on the team I would be ashamed to be associated with you

  6. I am sure your grandson is real proud of you my friend if in fact u have one I am done here enough said keep on spewing

  7. Major Midget Parent: same to you that is if in fact you have a son on the Team / $5000 worth of Kool Aid it least you are not thirsty LOL

  8. It was a real good game last night and as ‘RR’ pointed out we had a lot of good chance’s to win this game how ever the Timmins Goalie stood on his head. Timmins are well coached and they are in good shape. This is not saying we are not in good shape how ever Timmins had more “jump” in them as the Game wore on at least from how I seen the game go. We are a more talent team than Timmins in my mind. I do wish to “diss” Coach Pancoe how ever he did not have the dissipline from Day One of this Season. This being my Opinion. Also in this era of hockey screaming and yelling does not get results Kevin and you should better.

  9. How we as parents spend our money is none of anyone’s business it is our choice at least these young adults are busy playing the game they love, learning how to be good teammates, building friendships ect.

  10. I want to thank Kevin Panco, Dom Deluca, Matt Dias and Jim Bergamin for having me joining staff mid way through season. Was a great staff to become a part of and nothing but good things to say about the players on this team. Was unfortunate to lose two straight especially after out playing team in both games. Credit to Timmins for coming out on top wishing them best of luck in rest of playoffs. Dylan Dallaire was big difference maker, kid put on a show. Joining the team I realized this team has a lot of hard working kids and it showed in playoffs just couldn’t score on the chances. Best of luck to all players and this coaching staff down the road. I will remember being a part of this staff for many years I can honestly say one of the best hockey staffs I’ve ever been apart of in 13 years of coaching. But then again I could be wrong because apparently everyone that post on here knows everything about hockey. Oh and I don’t need to post a fake name!

    1. Derek don’t listen to some of these lunatics. The Soo is lucky to have a trainer as dedicated as you. I commend you commitment and dedication to the teams you have been involved with over the years. Doesn’t matter what level it was at. I truly hope you catch on with the aaa’s and even a jr team next season. Trainers deserve more respect. Not only do they take care of your kids health they also act as a counsellor to a lot of these kids. When your miles away from home and your down on yourself it’s usually the trainers you turn too when you need encouragement. Your a good man Mr. Wilson. You have the qualities that make a great trainer. All the best in the future !

  11. Have you ever been a part of any other midget AAA team, anywhere else, to compare to Derek? Tell us What other teams have you been a part of to compare to?
    61st in Ontario . Minor midgets should have won the second game against them for sure , and they are dead last at 52nd in Ontario. the head honcho has no clue how to run a bench, practice, team , program etc. 850+ min in pen , 44 in first playoff game, players were totally undisciplined from day 1…………. puts his players down consistently , can’t break down a play to save his life, ……. I could go on and on! He hasn’t taught these players a thing except they should have played somewhere else. That’s the truth.
    Who is this staff or program better than Derek ?

  12. Ask every player or parent on that team to fill out an evaluation of there year and see what you get. What I hear is that it wouldn’t be pretty.

    1. Derek James. Another pro Coach. Ah yes, Son get cut? Best friend not Coaching? You not Coaching? Your kid just not good enough? Which is it? Thank God they don’t have Coaches in the Beer Leagues. Maybe Randy should start covering the Beer Leagues. I’m sure we all would see the usuals making comments on who’s opening and closing the Bench doors. Why have the concern of where the Team Finished? Maybe you and Gordie, Anthony the Bum can get all of the kids from the Team and line them up to tell them they suck? It is what it is Derek James.. Blame Blame. It amazes me how many Pro Coaches on this site continue to refer as Panco being the problem. Make sure you apply Derek. Again. The Program doesn’t suffer because of Panco. It suffers in earlier years before Pancs and the KC Coaches get the Horses. Sometimes the Horses have been taught everything and it’s all they have to give. There is talent everywhere Derek James. Why you and the others think the Soo should be the best or better than Timmins or whoever is embarrassing really. But you guys just don’t get it.

  13. Derek well said. Thanks for saying it. Gordie and Anthony should be applying for the Team this year. LMAO. I’m sure they have many alias names also to support their own Bull. Ridiculing players, Panco, Deluca and Staff. Let’s hear it Gordie..Post your list of Coaches to take the Team and Change Hockey in Sault Ste Marie. Just remember one thing people. Since Gordie likes to sell the one name in most of his posts. What has Gordies idol…Lol..done in the 4 years of Rep Hockey? Go talk too the parents he’s been around. What have the other Coaches that also praise themselves done in this Town ? I’ll tell you what they do. They continually cut up current Coaches, Staffs, within the program and start crap behind the seens. Those names Gordie are mentioned also that you claim to be the chosen ones. Echoed throughout the arena’s. Your right. You don’t need to be an insider to have the scoops. Then we hear it’s the Parents? That gets old eh Gordie. It’s all about who gets the control. Go talk to the 06 parents and his 03 parents about your choice. They use the old look at my records as far as stats. Yet they all did nothing down south. Had weak birth year opponents in the North and hand picked the teams to play to blow up the Stats. So what have they done? Absolutely nothing! At some point when do the people or “Hockey Minded People” question the real facts that the problem starts before Panco. Panco and the Bantam Coaches get the kids from where? Sault Major, Toots, Hart’s and Richard. Do yourselves and the Customers (Parents) and players a favour and when making choices. Make the right choice and clean the slate of the poisons. Coaches also have made poor decisions and people don’t forget about it. New Faces are needed. This needs to be a fresh start. Bringing in previous Rep Coaches that had their times is not the right thing for the Program and Teams. Coaches need to be held accountable for previous years that cost parents to spend money chasing Hockey games all over Ontario and the States for their own agendas. Just remember. There are a lot of young good Coaches in this Town that Coach at the AA Bantam levels that deserve chances to take the lead in the Soo. Bringing in a guy that’s been their will just keep the problems rolling. Right Gordie? That would be a bad move wouldn’t it?
    Thanks Pancs for giving your Heart and time for what you love to do for the kids. Thanks to the staff and everyone behind the seens that help the players and families throughout the season. Hopefully Gordie and Anthony don’t get a Team again. Like you say Gordie..You don’t need to be an “Insider” to know who’s running at the lips in this Town…the names of disgruntled “Ex” Coaches are heard load and clear. Good Luck to all the other Hound Teams in the playoffs.

  14. Uncle Jed, your a typical 80’s hockey guy who doesn’t know what it takes to run a successful midget aaa program today. If coaches were reveresed , Henderson with the majors, it would have been a serious blow out in those games. Not even close .
    You have no idea what your talking about and panco shouldn’t ever coach again with the way he treats players or underachieves in development. Why not pole his players for an evaluation? What I’m hearing is that that would be severely embarrassing.

  15. Actually how about let’s get Sault Major to pole an evaluation of this guy for all the years that he coached. Incase he ever applies again. include The year he coached Frank Porco son, last year‘s team, this year‘s team, any other team he coached, and see how many positives and how many negatives you get from the players or parents about the development they received for there money spent.

  16. Derek just apply for the Team with the other Pros like Gordie and Ant the Bum and let’s turn things around in this City. I’ve never made the comment that Panco was best or the guy for the job. But it’s guys like you,Gordie and the Bum that need to show a little more class when slamming the Guy and pretty much his Family on Randy’s Site. There’s nothing wrong with staying classy and suggesting to turn another page. Slamming Matt continues still. What about the Soo Minor Board Derek? Who someone you mentioned above was part of? Friends of yours? Where are they and why is there peoples money tied up in a account? Let’s not go there? I won’t sling the mud and mention names. But there are a lot of guys to blame acrosss the Board. They know who they are. People don’t forget. Instead it’s about embarrassing another person within the cummunity who has given his time as well as his Families time. Pathetic really. That’s why guys like Mitchell ask for your names to be posted. It’s ok to make an alias. Obviously there are reasons for that right? Wether your son is part of the team could be one, maybe he was cut, or an Ex Coach or just a smart ass. I Like Henderson as a Coach but respect him more because he gives his time..if he was Coaching the Team maybe there would be change. That doesn’t mean he changes the outcome at the end of the day. I’m sure if he had the Team and had the same results the Pros would call in the Linch Mob. It’s ok to have opinions. Stay Classy..for most part you’ve stayed within..Unlike the Bum, Gordie and a few others in this Town:

  17. The process is there in place Derek James. It always has been. Any parent can put in the Coaches evaluations at the end of the season. So if the Coach returns as he has for previous years, why hasn’t the complainers as you state, being the parents done so? I want to poll Sault Major then and ask to see the Piles or complaints Derek. From the parents with real names on the complaints. I’m sure if there were many as you think he would of not applied nor would of gotten the Team. But I’m stuck in the 80’s. No I’m not stuck. It’s others like yourself, Gordie and Bum that are stuck. I don’t have anyone too blame. There comes a point where you blame what’s inside these kids. How much they want to give. Seems like a lot of sports are ending up that way as talent or interest fades. Small cummunity Derek always suffer more. Until people start to understand that. We can go on and on. Hopefully once in a while the kids have a good year here and there. Again though..Stay Classy.

  18. Uncle Jed…”figures don’t lie , but liars do figure”……Stats don’t lie. Keep sweeping this mess under the carpet and you too become a part of the problem and not the solution.

    Outcome was as predicted…..

    Randy…thanks for the honest hockey articles of all northern Ontario teams throughout the year. Your reporting combined with the opinions of those affected has hopefully shed some light over the path to a solution.

  19. Well said Uncle Jed I feel for the youth of this city with guys like Gordie, ect involved in the hockey community. A far cry for the good old days of hockey when kids were dropped off at the rink and there wasn’t any parent involvement. This started a year ago with some of the 01 AA players not getting drafted time to move on move out of town if not happy or take up another sport but time to turn the page and focus on something else. Yes the operative word stay classy don’t think that word is in their vocabulary

  20. Let’s put coaching aside at the midget level for a minute. If your not developed top player by midget your probably not going to develop all that much in 7-8 months with a coach, yes a good coach will try to get your bad habits out of your game but if you’ve had those habits for 6-7 years prior your not changing much in a few months. Its time to look into if we have enough quality players to run a competitive minor midget and major midget team or combine them. Maybe we combine them like we had before when the top 5 to 7 first year kids made the major midget team. But bashing coaches with an online comment is not the way to go. It makes young coaches like myself look at the possible ridicule you can receive from people that may or may not even know the situation, and wonder is it even worth it. At the end of the day things haven’t panned out the last few years for hockey from the Soo but there has been some good stories. Amadio, Caron, Patterson, Watling, Wright, Buonomo, Quesnele, Miller all have came through the system went on the OHL careers got an education package and some have moved on and currently make a living playing hockey. Let’s be honest 2 or 3 players per age group will see OHL or D1 opportunities. For the rest of the players on that team it is about developing them to be the best player they can be, teach them hard work and other skills they can use in life not just hockey. When I have kids showing up to the rink looking to get better and they are enjoying themselves while doing it I think that is what we need to look at. I think having your kid in competitive sport which requires attendance, discipline, working as a teammate and making friends is what keeps them from getting into other bad habits. I haven’t spent the money yet to put my kid through hockey so I can’t speak for that I can’t speak for people’s individual problems with a team or coach but all I can say is if you have these issues I think the proper way to handle them is in a meeting with the coach or league. The first step in solving a problem is recognizing there is a problem. I really think Sault Major has done this and we will start to see positive changes in years to come.

  21. Gordie. You are the problem and definitely not the chosen path of Sault Major.
    Your name has echoed for the wrong reasons throughout the Hallways of the rinks. Good Luck on applying for the vacant jobs.

  22. Gordie , Anthony bumbacco , john smith and whoever you alias people really are . Namw the coaches you would like to see next year. Start with midget AAA and work your way down
    My bet you cowards wont post anything cuz you guys are classes selfish ind ividuals that hide behind a screen . To me you guys are the joke of sault ste marie

  23. Mark……WTF …didn’t realize you spoke fluent Swahili? ……..”Namw”….. “classes selfish individuals”

    Any interpreters out there would be greatly appreciated.

  24. You know what Mitchell, we are the customer. Everybody at soo majorseems to forget that. We are not the ones that have to go out and pick the coaches, that’s soo majors job to find them and hire them to develop our hockey players . They haven’t done a good job of it at the AAA level. They have failed miserably run by MC and that’s the bottom line. Cut back some expenses, start paying the coaches so that they can stop hiding behind the volunteer heading and can be held accountable for what they are doing.

  25. Mark: I posted early in the season. It’s my mother total fault as my name is John Smith. I attend as many games as I can. I live in Sudbury. I’m a grandfather to one of the team members. Call me and I’ll answer 1 705 691 7773. Never hid in my life. Love hockey and I’m a fan not an expert.

  26. Mark Mitchell. Please See Below the following names as the AAA Midget Major Staff

    Head Coach- Gordie/MD
    Co Coach- Gordie/MD
    Assistant Coach- Gordie/MD
    Conditioning Coach- Gordie/MD
    Goalie Coach- Gordie/MD

    Only problem Mark Mitchell is he’s caused problems with his last stint with the 06 Group. Quit..twice and tried to return. Four months. Sault Major held a vote for that group wether they (The Parents) wanted him to return after the way he conducted himself not only towards the 9 & 10 years but towards the parents also. So his end result was Beat It! Unanimously. Gordie…Facts! Not Lies! Do you Mark Mitchell think that Sault Major’s Coaching Selection Committee would even Consider putting Gords hero back in the path of a group he could see again? Word travels quickly. Do you think the 07 Group wants that as a Coach? That would be like Sault Major cutting their own feet off before a race. Please Gordie. Go Coach the Echo Bay Eagles 🦅 with your so called Candidate.

    Derek James. Pay Coaches? Who? Trying to cut costs and you want to pay guys like Gordie? Good god. Sault Major needs to cut costs for these Familes and you think this is down South where the money flows like a river. Ya I know. Cut the Buses, make the kids stay with the parents and then pay some guy so we can bring the cost right back up to where it was. Back to square one. Parents do yourselves a Favor. If your kid needs a Coach to achieve his dream? Quit! Your better off to have the off season Money to try an improve his skill set and he better have some natural skills by Midget. Cause there’s not a Coach that’s gonna teach that then during a season. Save your money and go do skill set camps.

    1. AAA major Midget Jamie Henderson
      AAA minor Midget Craig Hartsburgh
      AAA major Bantam Denny Lambert
      AAA minor Bantam Toots Kovacks
      CC Bantam Mark Mitchell, OSHB, Chuck

      There you go Mitch

      1. Gordie!

        LOL! Again, its habitual with you; this contradicts your picks for Midget Major AAA from your posts in the past. You just cant stop yourself, can you? You wanted a pair of brothers and a conditioning coach.

        Your picks above are excellent, it’s too bad that won’t happen. It would be nice.

        As for OSHB coaching, back in the days of integrity and action, the OSHB would have run a personality like you right out of the rink. As would each of the 4 coaches you mentioned above. The likes of your poison would not have been tolerated.

        Yours in hockey,

        The Old Sault Hockey Boy

        1. “back in the days of integrity and action, the OSHB would have run a personality like you right out of the rink. ”

          ….and that “day” was when? …..1945 ?

          Those days…. black people sat at the back of buses, women didn’t drive, and minorities couldn’t vote. Thankfully society has evolved since then, unlike power tripping personalities like yourself and your 1978 coaching style…..”put up or shut up” is a thing of the past Old Yeller. When parents are shelling out a ridiculous amount of money, they are the customers and you are a product provider. If your product sucks your going to hear about it whether you like it or not!

  27. I am back and have been reading! Just some thought tid-bits on all the above.

    Grandpa Greyhound, watch what you wish for, from stories around the Sault, some old Minor coaches have the exact traits that you fear. Your quote: “poor manner in which you talk to your Players and treet the Parents.”

    Cassio, Congratulations should go to Timmins!

    Derek James, don’t like coach, a system, a movie, a coffee flavor, don’t pay for it.
    Pleasure, as beauty, is in the eye of the beholder and in my eyes, you need a definite upgrade in your character. Your disgruntled, I get it, I do. As this Uncle Jed puts it, stay classy.

    Derek Wilson, you are a stand up guy. Derek James, you are a stand down type of guy.

    Major Midget Parent, I tend to believe your version of things, rather than the rants of Derek James. Kudos to your posts. You = class. More of that is needed.

    Derek James again, carving up a volunteer Derek Wilson, really? You truly are classless. You are flat out embarrassing actually. Foaming at the mouth on a public board, instead of going to talk with people to help institute change.

    Gordie, your quote “”figures don’t lie , but liars do figure”……Stats don’t lie.” Well, stats can lie. What if one player plays 25 minutes a game and another only plays 10 minutes a game. All season long. Would you say that there is integrity in the reading of the stats for those players, if someone was only to look at the stats and not take into consideration the journey to get there. You see stats are the final reading/output of variables and parameters. Without knowing the variables and parameters, stats do have the capability of lying.

    Josh Dunn, I think you understand things well.

    Mark Mitchell, who would play for a staff made of Gordie, Derek James and who ever else.

    John Smith, I believe if you do reads on all the articles, you will see that there is another John Smith that has total off the wall rants. Doesn’t seem to be in your character. Some one is using your name as an alias as well as a facebook account.

    Derek James, paying coaches is not the answer for our market. You can ask Craig Hartsburg, I’m sure he will agree that this is not the answer.

    Uncle Jed, last but not least. You seem to have some great points. Lots of godo points. The Horses, yes, the horses passed on to the Bantam levels have to more developed at the minor levels. This is where my even-fair ice idea works well! All get a chance to play, all get a chance to development in real time situations. As well, there does come a time when “others” have to stop being held all accountable, and people have to start holding themselves and their kids accountable. Sometimes, kids don’t have it, as much as their parents think they do, or dream they do. They just don’t have it to go the extra step up. That’s ok! They are playing the great game and having fun!

    Yours in hockey,

    The Old Sault Hockey Boy

    1. SHB……

      “Gordie, your quote “”figures don’t lie , but liars do figure”……Stats don’t lie.” Well, stats can lie. What if one player plays 25 minutes a game and another only plays 10 minutes a game. All season long. Would you say that there is integrity in the reading of the stats for those players, if someone was only to look at the stats and not take into consideration the journey to get there. You see stats are the final reading/output of variables and parameters. Without knowing the variables and parameters, stats do have the capability of lying.”

      Once again OLD SHB, please stay on the article topic….the adage was made in reference to the team’s playoff performance and stats, not individuals. Although an argument can certainly be made that, IMO, the adage is relative to player stats as well which is another topic in its own.

  28. Mann. I feel for panco and his staff. They could of won ohf’s and still would of been raked over the coals. People are brutal in this town. I’m sure soo major will save face and not bring him back next year. If that’s the case I hope dom gets the team if he even wants it. Where is pat carricato coaching these days? He might be what this team needs. He wouldn’t take shit from these parents. Him and dom have had success together in the past. Bring him on. Toots knows what kind of coach he is. If not those two what about Jeremy Rebek or guys like john glovota , Ryan maunu etc…. if parents want guys with a playing and coaching background then why not give them a chance. I’d be happy to have my son play for guys like them.

  29. Pat Carricato! Now see guys now we are on the right page. I hate bringing Gordies
    Selected staff up again but it’s weak besides Jon Parco. It’s a Fact Gordie. Your choices of bringing back MD and JD who I will add has not been on a staff besides his brothers. Why is that? Truth of the matter is that there is a bad history he (MD)
    And (JD) have left with one group already. We don’t need to get into throwing the mud. Sault Major is well aware of that also. Again, we won’t go there. So Gordie. Please understand bringing in your Candidate at any level above the group would cause the same problems Sault Major has gone through. It would be like a Marathon runner cutting his own feet off before the big race. Great Points above
    Is what matters. Facts, True Facts. Not Lie’s. That comes from the usual suspects and for that, your word means nothing.

  30. Gordie,

    Really? So your Swahili and interpreters comment was on topic? Are you for real? Keep it to the topic as you would say. Again, you and the others attacking people.

    Your posts, whether you know it or not, and odds are you don’t know it, show signs of a hypocrite and of a narcissist.

    Grab a lawn chair as you put it, and sit down, because you are going to get schooled right now.

    Do you know that hypocrisy is the exact opposite of integrity. YET, people who are narcissists will be the first to declare they are the most virtuous, and principled people around. They’ll do this by regularly and continually highlighting other people’s real, or alleged faults. (whether big or small faults). Do you know this? No you don’t, because you possess these traits. It’s time to look in the mirror buddy and really find out who you are.

    This post is off topic but it is spot on. Gordie, please don’t stop posting. Your true character illuminates through your writings. And from ALL your previous posts, its not hard to figure out your goal. You are most amusing.

    For the first time, yours not in hockey,

    The Old Sault Hockey Boy

    1. “Do you know that hypocrisy is the exact opposite of integrity. YET, people who are narcissists will be the first to declare they are the most virtuous, and principled people around. They’ll do this by regularly and continually highlighting other people’s real, or alleged faults. (whether big or small faults). Do you know this? No you don’t, because you possess these traits. It’s time to look in the mirror buddy and really find out who you are.”

      OLD soo hockey boy…stick with walking laps on the mezzanine at the Essar Center every morning and discussing the 70s Contractor and Legion team heydays with your old hockey buddies.

      As for for performing psychological profiles, leave that to your psychologist.

  31. Ahhhh…………… Old Sault Hockey Boy

    Once again you couldn’t have said it any better. Please do apply for a coaching position again this year Gordie ( MD). I would love to see you quit on another group of young kids. Sault Major would file that application under their GARBAGE section !!!

  32. Gordie what happened to your rant and rave about the disano brothers and JP as conditioning coach taking over the major midget program. As for the cc hocjey i did volunteered to coach the first year sault major introduced that level. As the staff afforded 15 players a chance to play a game they love

    1. Go back to the article where I posted those comments about Disano and Jp, read it carefully and come back if you require further explanation. Here’s a hint ….Comments were based on the fact that he was the only other coach that applied for the majors last year besides Panco.

      As for my hidden agenda having Lambert coach the AAA Bantams…all I can say is “Damn it’s hard to get anything past you Mitch. ”

      On a serious and sincere note , I applaud you for coaching CC and giving players a chance to play the game.

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