Trappers edge past Hounds

Randy Russon
November 5, 2017

Coach Guy Blanchard and his visiting North Bay Trappers worked a pair of overtime shifts to upend the Soo Greyhounds in Great North Midget Hockey League action from last night and this afternoon.

On Saturday, Zach Lefebvre scored one minute, 45 seconds into OT to lift the Trappers past the Greyhounds 5-4.

And today, it was Cole Craft who tallied 69 seconds into OT to give the Trappers an 8-7 triumph over the Greyhounds.

The victories give North Bay a record of 14-3-1 atop the Major Midget Division.

Meanwhile, the so-so Soo squad is in fourth place in the Major Midget Division with a record of 8-8-3.

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  1. They were 2 good game’s that could a gone either way. I think that the Sault Minor Midgets woke up our Trappers when they beat us in the Saturday Morning . Any way It was nice to meet you last night Randy. Keep up the great work. GO TRAPPERS GO . . . . LOL

  2. Wow Gordie time to put the claws away u are obviously very bitter. What this article fails to mention is the Midget Hounds we’re playing with half a team due to injuries and still managed to keep them at a tie. Not taking anything away from the Trappers they are a fine team and a great organization. But are they really that much further ahead my guess is it’s anybodys game. Congrats to our minor midgets as well. Your true colours are showing Gordie but it’s time to move on and put your anger aside what did these young players ever do to u

    1. Monty: If you read some of my previous posts you will realize my bitch is with Sault Major and Panco. Absolutely nothing to do with the kids. In fact I’ve stated in many posts that the 01 group was a talent laden group that have been screwed over by Panco and as a result, he had few returning true AAA 01 players at his tryouts this year.

      Simply put, his past decisions have come back to haunt him this year.


  3. The article also “did not mention” that the Trappers played 4 games in 3 days in the Sault that included 2 in 1 day. You Sault hockey parents only see it your way I guess. We beat you fair and square . At least RR has his head on strait!

    1. Hey NBT1975, yeah sure i guess you beat the major midget team fair and square but you did not beat the minor midget soo team who were also ranked 50th in Ontario at the time. For one of the top ranking teams in Ontario your team barely won against a team that had 10 players and is one of the worst major midget teams in Ontario. Everyone expected blow outs all weekend including our teams parents and players but i guess you guys aren’t as good as everyone says. Especially your son

  4. Gordie u are obviously a parent of an 01 player that was slighted last year and did not make the AAA cut. Perhaps u should refrain from the negative and insulting comments directed towards this young group of players until the end of the season. My guess is your son is playing high school hockey all the best to him and hopefully your concentration will be focused on that. I have read all of your comments and quite frankly I am disgusted with you

    1. Disgusted with my opinion of the major Midget program, and Sault Major in general?? ‘Quite frankly’ Monty, I really don’t care what you think. ‘My guess’ is that you are a current major Midget 01 parent that blindly hands over cheques and enjoys sucking up to coaching staff in the party room while serving them their cold beers, for a program that, ‘quite frankly’ is overpriced, substandard and long overdue for change.


  5. Wrong again Gordie as I am a non drinker and am not a parent but could very well be somewhat affiliated with the team. Your lack of intelligence astounds me as there hasn’t been hospitality rooms in years and what parents do with their money is no concern of yours. And your opinion of true AAA players baffles me as there are a few players that have played AA that are just as good or not better than your AAA players. Our banter has been amusing at best but I have now grown bored of this conversation. Best of luck to both of our AAA Midget Hounds and hopefully the community comes out to support these young players and not be so quick to criticize or to gain personal satisfaction when they fail to produce a win. After all is this not about the players my belief is it’s becoming a game of parents. And to the true AAA players that have taken different paths the best of luck to u as well!

    1. ….’your lack of intelligence astounds me’ …I would expect nothing less of a response from a AAA major Midget staff member. Tell me something….what is your future plans for making your program :
      A) focus more on development, opportunity and progression, so more kids get exposure and are draft eligible, to maybe match Sudbury and North Bay’s successes..
      B) more affordable …. so as not to lose 75% of your kids yearly due to outrageous program costs..

      Or would you rather see the status quo and continue to watch our kids leave the city or quit the program as I am sure you’re aware that the Bantam AAAs folded due to these very reasons?

      It’s a very easy formula, just follow any successful company. Provide a value based program, and rest assure ‘Monty’, the Gordies of the Sault will go away.

  6. Let me clarify I am not a staff member I can sit here and banter with u all day as I am retired big hint Gordie but I would rather go and tweek the hairs out of my nostrils. Nobody is stopping u from leaving town

  7. Monty: Let me draw your attention to this comment that you made:

    “I am a non drinker and am not a parent but could very well be somewhat affiliated with the team.”

    I really don’t care who u are, you made the first assumption that I am a disgruntled 01 parent, and I rebutted and drew the conclusion that you are a staff member. I suppose you must be a major sponsor of Mr. Panco, and ‘retired’? ‘Nobody’ is forcing you to read my comments, therefore, if those comments pain you as much as ‘tweaking your nose hairs’ do, then I would strongly suggest you stop reading them before the apparent stress of my comments causes you full hair loss.

  8. Wow Gordie your slipping thought u knew it all so u would know the majority was injured but I am sure u will have another negative comeback. Where was the article when the Majors beat the Trappers on home ice wait that would be something positive. All I can Gordie is u really have a hate on for this coaching staff and this group of players shame on u

  9. You musta skipped too many classes of Sarcasm 101 Monty.

    ‘All I can say Monty’ is that you should learn to interpret my very clear and concise rants. Let me continue to spell it out for you …….The group of 01 kids were a very special and talented group of young hockey players that I’ve been lobbying for in my past posts and as I’m sure those that have read them would also agree. The majority had the 2017 OHL draft rug pulled out from under them because the 2016/17 major Midget program did not select the majority of the draft eligible kids to play on the only Midget AAA team last season. As a result over 80 % (yes over 80%) of the 2001 AAA kids became uneligible for the 2017 OHL draft . Consequently, the majority of those very disgruntled kids left a very broken AAA program and it has come back to bite that very program right in the ass this year.

    This is why Sault Ste Marie had only 1 – 2001 major Midget Greyhound drafted to the OHL from the 2016 /17 team this year as compared to the half dozen or so from North Bay and Sudbury Midget programs.

    I’m sorry Monty but I can’t spell it out any clearer unless I use a powerpoint presentation.

    So you can spin this any way you wish, those are the facts Monty.

    Good Day

  10. I am well aware of the win being revoked my point is this group of players have the potential to do what it takes and may surprise the Gordies of the community. Gordie I have been reading your comments for months even going as far as to name drop certain 01 players names. I do agree with one thing let’s give the game back to the players let them play the game they love in the blink of an eye it’s over. Peace out I am totally done with this conversation will be removing myself and no longer want to see any more comments.

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