Nice balance on the Express

Randy Russon
November 22, 2020
Luke Bibby

Goals, assists and points are being tallied all through the lineup of the Espanola Express of the Northern Ontario Jr. Hockey League.

A mere four games into the 2020-2021 regular season, no less than 15 of the 20 skaters who have seen the ice for the Express have at least one point thus far.

Leading the scoring parade for Espanola are forwards Luke Bibby and James Eng.

Bibby has four goals, two assists, six points while Eng has two goals, four assists, six points for the Express, which has a record of 1-1-2 through four outings to begin the 2020-2021 campaign.

James Eng

Following Bibby and Eng, with their point totals in brackets, are Bradley Brunet (2-2-4), Josh Kavanagh (1-3-4), Devon Savignac (2-1-3), Josh Boucher (1-2-3), Cole Delarosbil (1-2-3), Cameron Walker (0-3-3), Ben Anderson (1-1-2), Isaac Westlake (1-1-2), Wade Bolton (1-0-1), Gavin Graham (0-1-1), Lucas Littlejohn (0-1-1), Nick Toffoli (0-1-1) and Colton Viackek (0-1-1).

Kavanagh, Bolton, Littlejohn and Toffoli are all defensemen.

And of note, Bibby, Brunet, Savignac, Kavanagh, Walker, Bolton and Littlejohn are all Ontario Hockey League draft picks.

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