GNMHL, NOJHL as partners

Randy Russon
July 27, 2017

As the Great North Midget Hockey League looks for a new commissioner to replace the resigned Bob MacLean, here is hoping it leads to a firm alliance and partnership with the Northern Ontario Jr. Hockey League.

As of now, the GNMHL and NOJHL have no official relationship.

While it is true that teams in the NOJHL can utilize the services of affiliate players from GNMHL clubs, there is no real alliance or partnership between the two leagues.

But in that both leagues operate under the umbrella of the Northern Ontario Hockey Association, it could be of benefit to both leagues to form an alliance.

Not only would such an alliance create more opportunity for player development and advancement, the GNMHL could stand to benefit from the leadership and management operation of the NOJHL.

It is a model that is working within the Central Canada Hockey League. Under the umbrella of Hockey Eastern Ontario, the CCHL operates both a 12-team junior league and a 16-team league for major and minor midget aged players.

The CCHL model has worked to the extent that more players than ever are remaining at home to play out their midget eligibility because of the working relationship and affiliation with the junior level.

Something for the GNMHL and the NOJHL to think about?

After all, the geographic link is already there.

Eleven of the NOJHL’s 12 teams are located in northern Ontario — the only exception being the northern Michigan-based Soo Eagles — while all nine GNMHL teams are northern Ontario based.

What you think about “GNMHL, NOJHL as partners”

  1. It only makes sense that the 2 League’s work together as part of the N.O.H.A.
    I had thought all a long that they did but obviously not tho’. The GNML has been declining in caliber for a number of year’s now. So they should “partner” with the NOJ for the better ment of hockey in the North,.

  2. Hockey is already very expensive and you can bet it would go up with NOJHL affiliation.

    Somehow a portion of the minor hockey players fees will make their way into the Jr team treasure chest. Jr hockey is a business, minor hockey should not be. Check fees in the HEO, pretty sure they have to buy in to equipment deal also.

    Would they implement a Bantam protection draft like the CCHL?

    CCHL also has a Jr B loop that has CCHL affiliation, another place for players to develop. The North doesn’t have numbers for that.

    Anything that improves the GNML is welcome, including downsizing the number of NOJHL teams so 17 year olds play out their midget eligibility and keep the GNML viable.

  3. A simple solution would be is to allow more 20 year olds on junior rosters this way they wouldn’t have to go after midgets. That’s why midget hockey is thriving in the states because there is no limit on 20 year olds. But I guess that would make to much sense. HC just likes to self destruct itself

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