Who, what, where in the N.O.

Randy Russon
February 18, 2018

Some is good, some is bad, some is just plain okay. But most of what the Northern Ontario Jr. Hockey League is about is pretty good.

A 12-team league, the NOJHL appears to be well-run, albeit with a wrinkle or two and the odd dissenter that includes a coach with a career record below .500 who somehow thinks he should be commissioner.

Still, all is mostly well within the two-division, 12-member loop.

There are good owners and ownership groups for the most part.

The majority of the markets are stable, if not entirely solid.

There are healthy rivalries, both East and West.

There are good coaches and there are coaches and general managers who are good recruiters.

There are player agents and family advisors who recommend the NOJHL over leagues of similar status.

There are multiple players currently active in the Ontario Hockey League who developed in the NOJHL.

Refereeing seems to be adequate, although complaints are frequent with regard to some of the American officials.

There are a few petty people associated with a few of the teams, including ones who break unwritten rules by tattling and squealing on their fellow members.

No league or association is perfect.

And, to be sure, the NOJHL is far from perfect. Name me a league in any sport at any level that is and I will say that I doubt it.

But all in all, the NOJHL is a league that gets passing marks and good recommendations.

There is a coach or two who, if asked my opinion, I would advise to clearly stay away from. But they are a small minority and they will probably be gone from their team sooner than later.

As a general overview and coming from some one who has a vested attachment with and to the NOJHL, I would say that all is mostly good with the good, old northern loop.

If you do your homework and if you know who to trust — which is the majority — the NOJHL is a good place to be as it pertains to who, what and where.

What you think about “Who, what, where in the N.O.”

  1. Not trying to be a smart guy . But if we lived in the perfect world of sports . Leagues and players . You as sports writer and other sport writers would have a boring profession . And charly would be loss. Need the local sports up dates so keeper up .

  2. Beickbell is a joke from a coach to a GM laughable in my opinion randy, he goes and buys a goalienfrom dryden who was about to be cut anyway lol

  3. It’s a bit strange that Powassan would have territorial say over a team possibly relocating to Sturgeon Falls. They are not that close to each other and I think there are precious few, if any, fans in SF drawn to see Voodoo games. T-Birds and Eagles might have issues but I don’t see it with SF & P.

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