Flashback: ’85-86 Wolves

Randy Russon
January 18, 2018

The 1985-1986 edition of the Sudbury Wolves ended a string of five straight seasons of missing the Ontario Hockey League playoffs.

The Wolves of ’85-86 got off to a nice 13-6-1 start before coach-general manager Wayne Maxner made a trade that backfired by shipping starting goalie Sean Evoy and all-star left winger Craig Duncanson to the Cornwall Royals for three players who did not prove to be of equal return.

Following the ill-advised trade, which would cost Maxner his job at the end of the season, the Wolves posted a record of 16-27-3 and then lost in the first round of the playoffs.

Star players for the Wolves that season included 40-goal scorer Max Middendorf and standout defenseman Jeff Brown, who tallied 22 times and would go on to a long career in the National Hockey League.

One of the owners of the Wolves of ’85-86 was Joe Drago, who is now the chairman of the board for Hockey Canada.

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  1. Thanks Dave for the colour comment. I was very disappointed after we sold the team to see the colour change. I called the new owner and asked why the change. The answer was quickly given to me – ” did you ever see a green wolf”. It didn’t take long for my reply with ” no and I’ve never seen a blue one either”. Oh well, I guess ownership gives the right to do what you believe is necessary. I have kept one of the green jerseys. It was a very popular item in the Wolves Den.

  2. I loved the green Jerseys. Hated the cooperals. It was such a disappointment to start so great and watch Maxner ruin the team.
    Not sure if I ever thanked Joe Drago for buying me my first suit ever.
    And thank you to Sudbury for making that city like my second home.

  3. Mario thanks for your comments. It was a real pleasure to have you in our organization. There was no doubt that you came to play each and every day. You were a team and a fan. favourite. I kept track of your career over the years. I hope all is well and best of luck to you and your family.

  4. Really great picture. I have to say pic has one of the people I most respect in hockey and that’s Mr Drago. Mr Drago is still one of the most influential hockey people in Canada and a true gentleman. Great ambassador of the game.

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