Wild about this kid

Randy Russon
June 23, 2018

Saginaw Spirit forward Damien Giroux, who hails from the Sudbury area town of Hanmer, is now a National Hockey League prospect of the Minnesota Wild.

The Wild selected Giroux in the fifth round of today’s NHL entry draft.

Giroux, who has a 2000 birth date, has played two full seasons in Saginaw after being selected by the Spirit in the third round of the 2016 Ontario Hockey League draft from the Sudbury Wolves of the Great North Midget Hockey League.

As an assistant captain with the Spirit in 2017-2018, Giroux netted 19 goals, 24 assists, 43 points in regular season play.

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  1. I like to know when are the Sudbury Wolves going to start the ‘mining’ the talent in their backyard? ( I could say the same of the Montreal Canadiens). A hotbed of hockey in the Nickel City with a motherlode of talent – for decades – playing with other organizations.
    Two NHL drafts in the books and no Wolves selected. Last two were Michael Pezzetta and Dimitry Sokolov as late round picks in 2016. Makes me wonder.
    Congrats to Barrett Hayton and Rasmus Sandin on becoming instant millionaires. That’s one Northern team that’s been doing it right.

  2. ..same for Battalion….poor scouting reflected in no NHL drafts….2016 draft…24 players are now NHL prospects that Batts did not pick that they were eligible to be picked by them…their #1 OHL pick…not drafted this year…

  3. Sudbury and North Bay could have drafted Giroux. He didn’t get picked up till the 3rd round in 2016. Who is scouting for these teams, you really couldn’t see the talent right in front of your face, in your own back yard. I would be curious to see how your picks from 2016 have done. You really missed out on this one. Hopefully you have hired better scouts since then.

  4. What about the greyhounds, an abundance of local talent bypassed year after year yet we go support them!!! Plus its all about who you know and how much $$$$ do you have.

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