Fighting Irish raring to go Staff
July 20, 2016

Detroit Fighting Irish coach-general manager Dan Vasquez has confirmed the return of five veterans plus the signing of a newcomer preparatory to the 2016-2017 U.S. Premier Hockey League season.

Back in the Fighting Irish fold for another term are 1998 birth-year goalie Jordan Gilbert, 1996 birth-year defenseman Cody Dombrowski, 1997 birth-year defenseman Joseph Hays, 1998 birth-year forward Frank Barnabas Jr. and 1999 birth-year forward Sergey Arnold.

New to the team as a recent addition is big power forward Nick Fernandez, formerly of the Michigan Wild. Fernandez has a 1997 birth date.

TRAINING CAMP: Members of the USPHL’s Elite Division, the Fighting Irish has concluded open tryouts for the summer though coach-GM Vasquez is still actively recruiting for the ’16-17 season.

Players looking to try out for the Fighting Irish can contact the team by e-mail via

The Fighting Irish will be holding an invite-only training camp August 1-4 at the Brownstown Sports Center just outside Detroit.

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