Get well, Dan Vasquez

July 19, 2018

He is well known for his relentless promotion as an activist for youth and junior hockey in the Downriver area of Detroit and within the inner city itself.

A genuine, good guy with a passion for hockey, Dan Vasquez is recovering from heart surgery and is on the road to recovery.

A long-time coach who is the face of the Detroit Fighting Irish of the U.S. Premier Hockey League as its general manager, Vasquez has a message for his many family members, friends and supporters.

“To all of you who have stayed in touch and have sent prayers, thank you so much,” Vasquez began. “At this point, we can attest that the bypass surgery has been a success and recovery is going on a very slow and painful process.

“There will be an obvious healthier lifestyle in front but if anything, a big clear heart and filled with more joy and love for my family, my hockey family and our wonderful game,” Vasquez added.

Vasquez made a point of thanking a few of his close confidantes for their support, including the husband-wife duo of Mark and Lisa Cruz, who continue to own and operate the reputable Fighting Irish hockey program.

Of note, through Vasquez and the Cruz ownership, the Detroit Fighting Irish has been a valued and loyal advertiser on Hockey News North since our inception in 2014.

And from this end, Hockey News North has a simple message for Vasquez as he recovers: “Get well, Dan.”

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