Four more years of Whitten

Randy Russon
March 2, 2018

Despite four straight losing seasons at the helm of the Lake Superior State Lakers, head coach Damon Whitten has been rewarded by the school with a four-year contract extension.

Under Whitten, the Lakers have posted successive seasonal records of 8-28-2, 14-22-5, 11-18-7 and 10-22-4. The Lakers missed the Western Collegiate Hockey Association playoffs in 2017-2018 and their victory total regressed for the second straight season.

But regardless of his head coach’s four-season record of 43-90-18, Lake Superior State president Peter Mitchell said he trusts and believes in Whitten.

“Winning traditions in collegiate and professional sports have one thing in common, they trust and support a coach of integrity and they eventually become winners,” Mitchell began. “I trust Damon and his assistant coaches, I believe in them and in the players.

“With this new contract, I look forward to Coach Whitten building a hockey program at Lake State known for integrity, grit, and class, on and off the ice,” Mitchell added.

What you think about “Four more years of Whitten”

  1. Just about blew coffee out of my nose. Wow, where do I send my resume to work at Lake State? Thanks for my Friday morning laugh, Randy.

  2. Maybe Lake State is trying to get out of the hockey scene eventualy down the road. . No wins no fans no cash.

  3. I was okay with Damon coming back for one more season but four is a bit too generous. Hoping the Lakers can finish .500 next season.

  4. Wow! Russen finally wrote something on the Lakers? I hadn’t seen anything all season. I think I just fell over in my chair. Normally all we hear about is how wonderful his boy Owen Headrick is and how bad (even calling out out specific names) the referees are in the Michigan Soo. It’s nothing short of unbelievable about how partial he is where his loyalties lie. Great hockey journalist but certainly isn’t winning any friends in the US.

  5. Wow. I’ve watched that Laker hockey program go from one of the best in country to one of the worst hockey programs . Lake State athletics wake up and hire someone with some valuable knowledge of the game. The days of the rink being packed are long gone. Fans will only return when they have a winning program. Hiring a coach for four more years with that kind of coaching record is a total slap in the face to supporters and alumni of a once proud Lake State Hockey program.

  6. Lakerbacker . . .

    Randy has many Friends in the U.S. just take a look at the number of Sponsers that he has. The joke is on you Lakerbacker1 … …

  7. Lakerbacker1, if the Lakers had anything to write about, I’m sure Randy would write about them. I was a laker season ticket holder and made the switch to the Soo Eagles because I’d rather support local kids on both sides of the border. I know of 5 other people who did the same. local talent brings local people, plain and simple. keep up the great writing randy!!!

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