Soo gets Raddysh, Sambrook

Randy Russon
January 6, 2018

Soo Greyhounds have finalized a long rumoured Ontario Hockey League trade with the Erie Otters by acquiring Team Canada right winger Taylor Raddysh.

The best team in the OHL also picked up defenseman Jordan Sambrook from the Otters but gave up a ransom in return for the pair of 19-year olds.

Besides 2001 birth-year forward Hayden Fowler, who was the Soo’s first round pick at the 2017 OHL draft, the Greyhounds parted with nine future draft choices — second-round picks in 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023, third-round picks in 2018 and 2023 and sixth round picks in 2018 and 2021.

Raddysh is fresh from a gold medal winning effort as part of Team Canada at the World Junior Hockey Championships.

What you think about “Soo gets Raddysh, Sambrook”

  1. Wow. Hounds gave up way to much in my opinion. Randy do you think Sandbrook will be back next year? If he isn’t the hounds better get a return like that in the future for frost or it might be some long years to come for the hounds. I do give credit to raftis for laying it all on the line for the next 4 months. I think the hounds would of cake walked all the way to mem cup anyways.

      1. You and me both…. I don’t mind them parting ways with fowler but the amount of picks they gave up is way the hell to much.

      2. I’ ve always sort of hated OHL trades as the amount of picks that are dealt seem just unreal.

        The Raddysh trade imo is entirely based off of the Spits/Fronts trade where Vilardi and Day were dealt for first rounder Cody Morgan and about 8 or 9 second and third round picks in the coming years…

        I don’t like it, but what can you do?

  2. This trade does scare me a bit, but in junior hockey, you usually have to sell the farm when you think the opportunity is there to win it all.
    I like Raddysh a lot, don’t know that much about Sambrook, but overall I think
    this year’s Hound team is one of the most balanced teams in a long time, and better than the year of the Nick Ritchie, etc. trades.
    I also think we possibly have the best coaching staff in the OHL, and I like the
    way Raftis has uncovered so many diamonds in the late draft rounds.
    Hopefully, we will PACK the arena for every playoff game and really pump up
    the team !!!

  3. Seriously is there any way the Hounds can play any better than they are right now? I’ve not seen this in my lifetime. Sambrook is a nice pickup but mortgaging the future with a bushel basket of second and third-round picks, and Fowler, for a first-line rental winger is ridiculous. I remember Mike Futa burning through picks in Owen Sound, then bolting for LA. Are there not undervalued players that can be picked up cheaper? Sure second round picks are mere currency these days but I’d like to see the Hounds in position to be competitive year after year, that’s what Kyle Dubas talked about years ago. Can we expect a deadline sell-off in 2019 to recoup those picks? Always thinking about next year’s team.

    1. Good points,Ian.
      I fully expect that WE will be the big sellers next year, and Raftis will fill the
      closet with high draft picks.

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