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March 1, 2020

Detroit Fighting Irish of the U.S. Premier Hockey League is already in the planning and preparation process for the 2020-2021 season.

“We are proud of our reputation and understand our responsibility as a program of being stepping stone to the development of all areas of life,” relayed long-time Fighting Irish general manager Dan Vasquez. “We strive every day to provide the necessary tools for our players to excel both on and off the ice. By closely monitoring academic studies, providing tools to help our athletes grow in leadership, as well as becoming mentors to younger athletes in the community, we feel we help shape and mature the athlete and the person.

“Our commitment to the development of these life skills, is the primary reason that our program continues to be one of the top-recruited junior programs in the Midwest. We have built a reputation that recruiters have come to expect from our players and staff. Scouts and college coaches know that Detroit Fighting Irish players are prepared and well equipped with the disciplines required to be successful at the next level,” Vasquez added.

To that end, as the program looks ahead to next season, Fighting Irish players will have over 300 hours of combined training of both on ice instruction, off ice workouts as well as video breakdown.

Players will participate in a program that will include a 48 to 58 game schedule beginning on September 1 and running through March 30.

Additional training is also made available before and after the season through DFI’s training partners at Diesel Hockey.

“With our various partnerships as well as our on-staff personnel, participants are engaged in a world class program. With these tools at hand, our athletes are not only exposed to rigorous and structured training schedule, but they are also introduced to a proper nutrition regiment<” Vasquez noted. “The players are held accountable to individual academic standards. These standards make it easier to get into a college of their choice.

“Hockey wise, the team will continue to participate in showcases. Players will also gain national exposure as all the showcases and league games are available on HockeyTV. This gives any scout or team the ability to watch our players and find players easier.

“Our staff works endlessly to reach out and communicate about our players to those next level programs, all while providing the necessary information they need. By doing so we keep the Detroit Fighting Irish players in the fore-front of the recruiting processes.

“In addition to working in a structured on and off ice training regimen Detroit Fighting Irish players and staff are committed and required to participate and volunteer in the community. This is achieved through various youth mentoring events, as well as awareness and assistance to the economic and ethnically diverse. We participate in programs that support both the inner city as well as other public programs.

“Feel free to reach out to our coaching or scouting staff by contacting us at Or, you can complete a prospect profile on our website via,” Vasquez concluded.

The 2020-2021 edition of the Fighting Irish will play a 48 game league schedule which will includes three showcases played in each of Boston, Chicago, and Detroit.


The Detroit Fighting Irish calls the Southgate Civic Arena in Southgate, Michigan its home rink — conveniently located 20 minutes southeast of Detroit.

Along with being the home rink for Fighting Irish games and practices, the team has several other amenities provided at the rink. Players enjoy a private locker room, staff offices, and soon to be renovated video room.

The Detroit Fighting Irish provide its players and alumni the ability and access to enhance educational opportunities at the collegiate level and to become student athletes.


Head coach: David Taylor,

Assistant coaches : Dennis Boomer, and Jeremy McNulty,

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