AGM agendas

June 19, 2014

The Northern Ontario Jr. Hockey League and the Midwest Jr. Hockey League are both holding their annual general meetings this weekend.

Governors from the NOJHL will welcome new franchises from Elliot Lake and Powassan to make it a nine-team league.

MWJHL executives will be joined by officials from the upstart Canadian International Hockey League at their AGM.

Members of the NOJHL’s old boys club will congregate in Sault Ste. Marie.

MWJHL leaders will peruse the agenda and entertain input from the new CIHL at their AGM in Detroit.

Among multiple items up for discussion at the NOJHL AGM, governors will discuss whether or not to return to the East-West division format of a few years ago that included an unbalanced schedule.

In Detroit, the MWJHL and the CIHL will discuss a 2014-2015 regular-season schedule that will feature interlocking games based on geography of teams from both leagues.

The MWJHL — which was formed in 2012 — and the new CIHL are both members of the sanctioned United Hockey Union, which is part of the Amateur Athletic Union.

The MWJHL is a nine-team league with eight of the clubs based in Michigan.

Michigan-based teams in the MWJHL are Soo Firehawks, Traverse City Hounds, Alpena Street Cats, West Michigan Freeze, Michigan Ice Dogs, MC Monarchs, Berkley Bruins and Detroit Fighting Irish. The Illinois-based Decatur Blaze is the other MWJHL entry.

The Ontario-based CIHL has approved six teams to begin play in 2014-2015 — Espanola Rivermen, St. Charles Spirit, Central Ontario HTI Stars, Colborne Cramahe Hawks, Milton Battle Arts Cobras and Collingwood Ice — and one more will be added by the end of this weekend.

What you think about “AGM agendas”

  1. Apparently the NOJHL agenda is to get as many
    teams as they can so when three or four go bankrupt
    they still have a league.
    Anyways with Powassan having a battalion
    run team what kind from the North Bay Area
    would not want to play there instead of
    Mattawa. Looks like Dave got screwed in my
    opinion. Also looks like the majority of Elliot
    Lakers are smarter than council I feel bad
    for EL as I really don’t know how long this
    craziness backed by Mazzuca will last. I would
    say two years tops.

  2. well well, the jury is still out on this new league while the nojhl will continue. You talk about powassan and elliot lake. Let us see how many fans this new league will attract and how many players it will attract. There was not one soo firehawk who could crack the nojhl lineups last year including the top scorers. If you really think that this new league is going to give players a better opportunity to go to the ncaa i must repeat what i posted weeks ago. Any average kid who wants to play D3 hockey can do so as long as the parents are willing to pay the way. Just my opinion but the proof lies in the majority of the players who signed for D3 schools from the nojhl this year. Some decent players but the majority were not impact players in the nojhl.

  3. Critic you can keep thinking that mazzucas
    circus will keep going good luck with that. You
    can spew your words but in the end the nojhl
    is being led into the pits under the tyrancy.

  4. Critic, Espanola was of course the best supported team on the NOJHL last season and looks like that is only getting stronger. They are already near capacity for season tickets alone, they won’t play for less than 400 any game this year barring the mother of all winter storms… What’s changed in Copper Cliff that will suddenly attract more than 100 fans to a game?
    And to say that no impact players signed with D3 teams? There are D3 programs that are being built around NOJHL players…
    Why so critical of the new league? Nothing but respect for Mr. Claydon, he didn’t like the hand he was being dealt by the NOJHL so he did something about it. I don’t see the CIHL attacking the NOJHL… Just the opposite, same as when the GMHL was formed…

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