Flashback: Glavota v. Parco

March 31, 2020

What are the chances that two hockey players from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario would face off on a world stage representing two countries other than Canada?

Well, that’s what happened back in 2004 at a world hockey championship event at Dom Sport in Zagreb, Croatia. (And we have the photo to prove it.)

During that event, Sault boys John Glavota and John Parco (left to right, in photo) were on opposing national teams.

Glavota was representing Croatia and Parco was playing for Italy.

At the time, Glavota was 28 years old and Parco was 33.

Sault boys John Glavota (Croatia) and John Parco (Italy) in 2004 world hockey championship competition.

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  1. I coach John Glavota in men’s hockey for 6 years. He’s a decent Defensiveman who barely makes mistakes. I’m not coaching nowadays because I got a girlfriend. Thanks for the memories John.

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