Season ends for NOJHL champs

May 1, 2014

The champions of the Northern Ontario Jr. Hockey League have come up empty up at the Dudley-Hewitt Cup, Central Canada playdowns that are going on in Wellington, Ont.

Kirkland Lake Gold Miners were doubled up 6-3 by the Superior International Jr. Hockey League champion Fort Frances Lakers today and were thus eliminated from further play.

Kirkland Lake went winless at the four-team DHC, losing all three of its round-robin games.

Previously, Kirkland Lake lost 4-1 to the host Wellington Dukes and 4-1 to the Ontario Jr. Hockey League champion Toronto Lakeshore Patriots.

PHOTO: Members of the Kirkland Lake Gold Miners after being ousted from further play by the Fort Frances Lakers at the Dudley-Hewitt Cup championships. (Photo by Jason Parks.)

What you think about “Season ends for NOJHL champs”

  1. what an embarresment for the NOJHL! a poor show put on by Kirkland Lake who could not even beat Fort Francis from that shit league the SIJHL!

  2. Well our boys gave it there best but it was not ment to be. Gold Minders are the NOJHL Champs and we take pride in that as fans of this team who battled hard and made us KL fans proud to be Gold Miner’s Fans!

  3. The Miners should leave Wellington with their heads held high. They had a magnificient season & many at first doubted their chances of beating the Soo. The series against Espanola & the Soo were very tough, hard-fought games & the Miners may simply have run out of gas by the time the Dudley-Hewitt came around. The games they lost in Wellington were much closer affairs than the score seems to indicate & they played against some of the best teams in central Canada. Well done, guys! You had a heck of a year & made your city proud!

  4. Frood, I guess the SIJHL is not that bad, lets give all leagues some credit. Even the new leagues it just goes to show, you got to show up for every game you can not take a shift off. Good luck to all the other team. Like KL Flash said they won the North and gave it their best.

  5. Mr. Frood…Dood, yoo’re noot too cool. But I will noot stoop soo loo as to even criticize your favoorite team because they alsoo tried, regardless of end rankings, their best oover the year. Every coomment yoou have made this year have just aboot always been super negative. Class act from soomeoone whoo is undoobtedly very intelligent and knooledgeable. Noot! It’s simply too oobvioos, IMHOO. Hoomoour us a bit…groow up!

    1. Sorry Serge I not from the “Soo” I ams from Suds. Soo fans are whiners to almost as bad as the KL Fans.

  6. It is too bad that KL bowed out early but don’t blame the tough series they had previously even though they were hard fought. I am sure all teams except for Wellington had a hard fought series before this. Although I was never a fan this season of some of the play by the Goldminers I would have to say they tried.
    Oh Serge do you happen to know my friend Marcel by chance

  7. The KL Gold Miners are proof that you can BUY a NOJHL Championship but you cant BUY a Dudley Hewit Championship! Sorry KL money cant by everything.

  8. Froody baby, do you actually believe Espanola, the Soo or any other team in the league could have done any better at the D-H? lol!!!!!

  9. Frood when are you eating that Crow as a punishment for being stupid again & again? You should consider changing your name from Frood to Fraud ha ha ha.

  10. People don’t waste tour time acknowledging Frood , he’s just a bitter fella on here to try to get you to react to his foolishness . Sort of like Peachy but without the obvious tongue in cheek intent . Best to ignore his posts and after a while he’ll go away because nobody cares about his small minded opinions .

  11. …sorry…or Frood Loops’!!!!!!!!! Just to clarify I was speaking of the Sudbuty team and not the Soo. That was meant as a compliment and not to be condescending. All teams played with heart, although some more than others!

  12. Frood cake go puck you self ahahahahahahahahahahaha
    ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ahahahahahahahahaha

  13. There is a new cheer for Goldminers fan’s since the Dudley:
    “Oh and three! oh and three! oh and three!”

  14. Hey frood ….there is a cheer for all the junior teams in sudbury …”next up on the tee”!!!

  15. Hey Frood this will be my last Blog until next fall and will talk to you at coffee and might let you know who I am., just think of who gave you that name Frood and the reason that it was given to you.

    1. My nick-name come’s from the Hotel that I used to work at and I give myself the nick-name.

  16. Hey Dcky33 , I thought you were going to go with the ever popular : Could have bought a ticket to see the finals !

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