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May 17, 2023

Over the years, venerable Centennial Arena in Hanmer has been the home of hockey development for many young hopefuls. And there have been a number of players from the Hanmer/Valley East area who have gone on to play professional hockey. 

Included on that list are four prominent players who went on to perform in the National Hockey League and who are being acknowledged at Centennial Arena and by Northern Transit and Arena Advertising . NTAAA is the agency that sells arena advertising in local community arenas in Greater Sudbury.   

• Andrew Brunette played in more than 1,000 games, with the majority of them in a Minnesota Wild uniform over six seasons.   Brunette was taken 174th overall overall in the 1993 NHL draft by the Washington Capitals.   Brunette scored 268 goals, 465 assists for 733 points.   Brunette also played 49 NHL playoff games and recorded 17 goals, 18 assists for 35 points.   He is currently the assistant coach with the New Jersey Devils.    The dressing room at Centennial Arena is painted in the Minnesota Wild colours.

• Ron Duguay skated in 860 NHL games with the majority of them being played in a New York Rangers uniform over seven seasons.   Duguay was selected 13th overall by the New York Rangers at the 1977 NHL draft.   Duguay went on to play 12 seasons in the NHL including three in Detroit and one in each of Pittsburgh and Los Angeles. In total, recorded 274 goals, 346 assists for 620 points.   Duguay also played 89 NHL playoff games and netted 31 goals, 22 assists for 53 points.   The dressing room at Centennial Arena is painted in the New York Rangers colours.

• Frank St. Marseille played in 707 NHL games with the majority of the games being for the St. Louis Blues, beginning way back in 1967. He played 10 seasons in the NHL including six in St. Louis and four seasons in Los Angeles.   St. Marseille recorded 140 goals, 285 assists for 425 points.   He played in 88 NHL playoff games and scored 20 goals, 25 assists for 45 points.   The dressing room at Centennial Arena is painted in St. Louis Blues colours.

• Dan Frawley suited up in 273 NHL games with the majority of them being played for the Pittsburgh Penguins.   He was selected 204th overall in the 1980 NHL draft by the Chicago Blachawks.  Frawley recorded 37 goals, 40 assists for 77 points and had a whopping 674 minutes in penalties.   Frawley played five seasons in the NHL with four being played in Pittsburgh and one in Chicago.  The dressing room at Centennial Arena is painted in the Pittsburgh Penguins colours.

“NTAAA is pleased to partner with the Centennial Arena staff in branding four dressing rooms in a very unique way,” relayed NTAAA manager Blaine Smith.  “All four of these players made an outstanding contribution to the game of hockey here in Greater Sudbury and we are pleased to recognize their accomplishments with these dressing room displays.”  

Smith noted that “community arenas collectively attract over 3,000,000 visitors and participants annually and we welcome the challenge of providing unique and affordable advertising signage inside local community arenas including:  Rink boards, wall signs, in-ice logos, glass decals, zamboni signage, lobby posters, dressing room signs and more.  It’s a great way of promoting your brand and supporting community arenas at the same time.”

In addition to Centennial Arena in Hanmer, NTAAA offers arena advertising signage in Countryside, Cambrian, Carmichael, Copper Cliff, Walden, Garson, Coniston, Val Caron, Azilda, Chelmsford, Levack and Capreol arenas.  

For more information on promoting your business or organization using cost-effective Greater Sudbury community arena advertising, you can contact NTAAA sales staff at: info@ntaaa.ca or call 705-524-8375 x 227.

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