Here, there, where

April 21, 2014

We try not to put all of our eggs into one basket.

So, hoppity-hop we go on this Easter Monday, from here to there and possibly where.


On the ice, the Northern Ontario Jr. Hockey League is five games into a see-saw championship series.

Soo Thunderbirds extended the set on Easter Sunday with a 5-1 win over Kirkland Lake, though the Gold Miners still lead the best-of-seven series three games to two.

Off the ice, NOJHL brass is dealing with the departure of the Espanola Rivermen to the new Canadian International Hockey League, the uncertain future of the Abitibi Eskimos and the relocation of the North Bay Trappers to nearby Mattawa.

Are the Eskimos done in Iroquois Falls and headed for Timmins under new ownership?

Though NOJHL governors have approved a move from North Bay to Mattawa, will that stand with team owner David Beauchamp facing a court challenge as to who legally owns the Trapper franchise?


Having completed its second season of operation, the Midwest Jr. Hockey League has established a presence in Michigan that includes Soo Firehawks, Traverse City Hounds, Detroit Fighting Irish, Michigan Ice Dogs and the new MC Monarchs.

MWJHL commissioner Scott Gardiner — who was a high-end forward in the Ontario Hockey League with Belleville Bulls and Windsor Spitfires from 1981 to 1984 — oversees the loop, which like any new undertaking, has experienced growing pains.

Looking ahead, Gardiner — who also coaches Traverse City — has confirmed that tentative plans are in the works for the MWJHL to have a working relationship with the aforementioned Canadian International Hockey League in 2014-2015.


The 24-team North American Hockey League could have a presence in Connellsville, PA come the 2014-2015 season.

Sources are saying the NAHL would like to set up in Connellsville, which is about 60 miles from Pittsburgh.

Connellsville is being viewed as a site for either a new NAHL franchise or the relocation of an existing one, such as the Port Huron Fighting Falcons.

Fighting Falcons owner Maribeth Hayes has reportedly received more than one offer to move the franchise that she has held in Port Huron since the 2010-2011 season.

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  1. RR: The NOJHL will be allright.
    There is the new team up in Cochrane and the NOJHL are saying that there will be expansion back to Elliott Lake also that Sturgeon is leaving the Outlaws League to come back to the NOJHL.

    1. KLFlash – i dont think you will see the NOJ in Elliot Lake as Council is “lukewarm” to idea of Community Owned Team.

  2. Will be interesting to see what comes out of the community meeting which will happen in Iroquois Falls on Thursday to discuss the future of the Abitibi team. That result could have an impact on the NOJHL.

  3. Hi Randy – if we can believe the Owner of the Mattawa Black Hawks Mr. Beauchmap he tells us we can expect to have Junior “A Hockey here in Mattawa for 2014-15. It is his beleif that he will get approval from the League to move.

  4. RR – just so you are aware “Lame Brain Marcel” who is shooting his big dum mouth off again. If this idiot had a brain he would be dangerus LOL.

    1. Frood I assume that ur talking about that jerk Marcel who is the biggest joke in in all of Northern Ontario. Every-one from Sudbury to North Bay to Kirkland Lake to Hearst just shakes there heads and laughs when you say his Name – as Peachy says hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  5. This is how I think the NOJHL will look for next Season;

    1)Abitibi or Timmins
    4)North Bay-Matawa
    5)Sturgeon or Temang
    7)Blind River

  6. don’t count your Mattawa Blackhawks before they hatch.. and if council turns down Elliot Lake there are other options, I hear..
    As for Sturgeon Falls that will be interesting.. btw.. they no longer have their bus.. it is sitting in the parking lot of an auction house in Huntsville or Bracebridge someone told me…


        North Bay’s NOJHL franchise to relocate to Mattawa says Mazzuca

        The Northern Ontario Jr. Hockey League has announced that its Board of Governors have approved the relocation of the North Bay Trappers franchise to nearby Mattawa to begin play in the 2014-15 season.

        The move was approved at NOJHL meetings held over the weekend.

        “We wish owner David Beauchamp and his team the best of luck in Mattawa moving forward,” stated NOJHL Commissioner Robert Mazzuca.

        The Trappers played a number of regular season games as well as all their playoff contests in Mattawa to concluse their 2013-14 campaign.

        With the relocation approved it clears the way for another interested party to establish a team in North Bay for the 2014-2015 season.

        “We have a group that has expressed serious interest in operating a franchise in North Bay next season and we’re hopeful a suitable deal for all sides can be reached between this group and the City of North Bay to keep Jr. A hockey, which has been a staple in that community, for many, many years, ” added Mazzuca.

        1. ….Can you spell LEGAL BATTLE?
          My guess is that Mattawa will not see an NOJHL Team in forseeable future – has it been determined who owns the Franchise be it Messrs Beauchamp or Clayden?

  7. This is the first I’ve heard of the ownership situation in North Bay. Who are the 2 party’s in contention?

  8. Being from Johnstown Pa, the NAHL to Connellsville rumor seems a little hard to believe, but nothing the NAHL does surprises me anymore. The town itself has a population of less than 8,000 and I believe its’ residents have the lowest income in Fayette County Pa. Their arena is a basic rec rink with maybe 2000 bleacher seats and I believe an Olympic sized ice sheet.

    I hope they aren’t expecting people from Pittsburgh making the trip there to see junior hockey, because at one time Pittsburgh had a NAHL team that averaged only 800 people per game. It would be great for the Johnstown Tomahawks because they need a travel partner, and Connellsville would be only a 1 hour drive. Any owner would need to have deep pockets for a NAHL team to survive there, and a NA3HL team would probably be a better choice for the town.

    1. David,

      Good to hear from you, man.

      I have confirmed that there is definite interest regarding the NAHL in Connellsville. That is right from an NAHL governor.



  9. I enjoy reading your site Randy.

    If the Connellsville rumor turns out to be true, looks like I will be making some road trips next winter.

    Maybe an owner is looking to make Connellsville a temporary location until Wheeling WVA finally gives up on the ECHL?

  10. Yes , it will be interesting to see the outcome of Thurs. meeting in I-Falls.
    I`m not a connaisseur in hockey politics , therefore I ask these simple questions.
    If a new owner purchases an existing franchise (Abitibi Eskimos ) , does he assume their debts ?
    What is the advantages of buying an existing franchise when you can relocate & start fresh (with league approval ) for a lesser sum ?

    1. fan I have been down that road and that is up to the individuals involved.. in reality, the purchaser can assume the debt if there are significant accounts receivable as well on the book to recoup or cover the debt.. that is done to smooth out the transaction and make the sale a bit more orderly.. but depending on the asking price and the assets involved in the transaction, the purchaser has the right to assume or refuse the debt.. that being said in most cases, the debt is typically ascribed to the limited company that is selling the team and is not always transferrable and it can negatively impact the value of the purchaser’s company..
      In other words, a new owner can assume the debt to make the sale go faster but typically it is not a good idea unless he need sot buy the company that owns the team, then he may not always have a choice but to assume the debt..

      umm is that helpful at all?

  11. Abitibian,
    I’m no expert either. Here’s what I think though:

    There are limited franchises available in any league. Presuming Mattawa is on board, and E.L. steps up, I don’t know if the league has any franchises left over to offer.

    Buying a “new” franchise, a new owner has nothing: no stable of players, no coach, no equipment, zilch. I’m sure that an existing club would have some assets too. Don’t the Eskis own a small bus or van? Don’t they have a well equipped dressing room? How about all that gear in the media room at the Igloo ? Does the big screen at the east end belong to them or the arena? How about lists of season ticket holders and corporate sponsors’ names and contacts? Those are all worth something.

    If for but one of the above reasons, being able to acquire the roster of eligible players to form a team nucleus ought to be one BIG ‘plus”.

    As far assuming liabilities along with assets….. for any business transaction, that’s a matter of negotiation between buyer and seller, IMO. Something is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.

    1. Ya ,I hear you Coffeemate,
      They do have some assets I`m sure but their debt is (guessing) over $200.000 and a new franchise is …..$75.000 ??? Thinking it would be easier to start on a new slate.
      Will know more on Thurs.

  12. My geuss is that the North Bay Battalion of the OHL are going to have their own NOJHL franchise in North Bay.

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