KL at the DHC

April 30, 2014

Northern Ontario Jr. Hockey League champion Kirkland Lake Gold Miners lost their opening game at the Dudley-Hewitt Cup, Central Canada playdowns that are being held in Wellington.

The host Wellington Dukes of the Ontario Jr. Hockey League upended Kirkland Lake 4-1 on Tuesday.

It was Wellington’s first game since being ousted from the first round of the OJHL playoffs back on March 7.

Damon MacEachern scored the only goal for Kirkland Lake, which won the NOJHL championship with a three-round playoff record of 12-2, sidelining the North Bay Trappers, Espanola Rivermen and Soo Thunderbirds along the way.

The Gold Miners return to DHC action this afternoon at 2:30 as they face the OJHL champion Toronto Lakeshore Patriots, who are coached by Sault Ste. Marie native Jason Fortier.

Toronto Lakeshore opened play at the four-team DHC on Tuesday with a 4-1 triumph over the Superior International Jr. Hockey League champion Fort Frances Lakers.

PHOTO: Coach Marc Lafleur and members of the NOJHL champion Kirkland Lake Gold Miners take in opening-day action at the Dudley-Hewitt Cup playdowns being held in Wellington, Ont. (Photo by Jason Parks.)

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  1. Ouch if it wasn’t for Pominville it could have been a lot worse. Imagine Lafleur got a warning for language on the bench I thought he was an angel,sorry had to do it. Seems like though that outside of the NOJHL the Goldminers seem to get a few penalties. Ok enough of that as a junior hockey fan they should be able to beat the team from Fort Frances if they stay disciplined.

    1. It is no wonder no one can stand you Idiot Fans from up there in Kirkland Lake!
      I think we have better things to pray for than for your team to lose. Get real Jack Ass!

  2. Really Frood , Idiot Fans from Kirkland Lake . With one phrase you choose to insult every fan from this town without knowing them . There are some wonderful people who attend the games here . They are knowledgeable , passionate and dedicated . They cheer respectfully and recognize a good effort regardless of which team puts it forth . There are always a umber of people in every rink who behave badly but to categorize all fans of thee miners when you dislike a single comment from one poster is disappointing . I have attended games all over the province and seen both good and bad fans everywhere , including in Sudbury . Reactions like yours only serve to make you look bad and lessen the level of respect your future opinions will receive .

  3. Hey Frood my Hockey expert were have you been? you’re the Guy that is suppose to eat Crow if K L won it all. Have you got your teeth fix since the last time I seen you.

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