Message from Sault Major

January 18, 2023

(EDITOR’S NOTE: As the executive of the Sault Major Hockey Association is planning ahead for the 2023-2024 season it has posted a message of intent. It is as follows.)

Sault Major Hockey Association has met to finalize our Elite team details for the upcoming season. As always, there are many rumours circulating regarding the specifics and we advise parents to ignore them. We as a board, attempt to keep our membership (coaches, parents and players) informed as information becomes available to us, so with that in mind if the information doesn’t come directly from our board and is posted on our website then it is not correct.

• Upcoming 2023-2024 season structure: We will continue with our U12AAA, U13AAA, U14AAA, U15AAA and U18AAA teams. We are applying for U11AAA and U16AAA cards for next season. There is no guarantee that we will be awarded these cards. If we are awarded the U16AAA cards, the running of the U16AAA and the U18AAA teams will be based on adequate numbers for both teams. If there are not enough players to populate both teams then we will only run with the U18AAA, as we can’t have a minor team without having a major team. We will continue with our U10AA, U11AA, U12AA, U13AA, U14AA, U15AA, U16AA and U18AA teams for the upcoming season.

• Coaching: All coaches go through our coaching selection interview process. By policy, we offer the coaches that coached a minor team this current season, a two-year term meaning that not all teams will require coaching interviews. All new teams will require coaches to go through the interview process. All coaches interested in either of the two new teams, should we be awarded the cards, will be required to go through the application process. On Monday, January 23, 2023, we will be listing the teams that have open coaching positions and we welcome all interested individuals to apply. The coaching application will be posted that day as well.

• Spring tryouts: The (Ontario Hockey Federation) is allowing associations to run spring tryouts. Sault Major is in support of the spring tryouts for the AAA and AA teams, and are working to set up schedules.

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