March 10, 2015

The United States Premier Hockey League has confirmed expansion of its Midwest junior division for the 2015-2016 season.

The division will now include the membership of the entire Midwest Jr. Hockey League — Alpena Flyers, Decatur Blaze, Detroit Fighting Irish, Michigan Ice Dogs, Motor City Monarchs, Soo Firehawks and Traverse City Hounds.

The MWJHL teams will join the membership of the Minnesota Jr. Hockey League, which has also joined the USPHL.

“The consolidation of the Minnesota and Midwest junior leagues into one division will provide better geographic rationality for our membership,” said USPHL spokesperson Richard Gallant via press release.

What you think about “MWJHL joins USPHL”

    1. I cannot speak for USA Hockey but I would think this means no interlocking schedule. Tough blow for the CIHL, no question.

  1. Would also mean that a northern michigan team can play in the CIHL without any worries of backlash from the MWJHL.

  2. The Cihl can operate with the Rivermen, Batchwana, Sudbury and 1 more Team for 4. All is not lost Tim do not give up we beleave in you.

  3. CIHL..soon to become just something on Wikipedia! Will be a very short description with this news..(in my opinion.)

  4. Question Randy, because I don’t know Tim personally but I have heard some players fees owed to the Riverman will NOT be paid by the Native reserves due to undelivered promises such as a 8 team league and the April showcase….

    1. Boom, (your latest moniker),

      You don’t know me personally either, so why ask me a question that I cannot possibly answer?

  5. The CIHL’s only chance of having a respectable league being made up of only 4 or 5 teams was based on being able to play interlocking games with the MWJHL. Well I guess the possibility of that is all but done. Just end the CIHL, it was a good fight but it’s over. The Attack should join the USPHL and Espanola should be back in the NOJHL

  6. Grass isn’t greener on the other side. There is no doubt Tim is a good hockey person but starting another jr league in northern ontario was doomed from the start. Hoping he can lick his wounds and get back into another league as an owner he does product good team along with good staff

  7. WOW! That is Certainly something to talk about Randy!!!

    Is it going to be run by Tim or???

    And Red Chief…… 4 teams will not make an enjoyable league…… Lets say the new Sudbury team or the 1 other folds midway then Tims in the same boat he was in. The CIHL is all but over and as sad as it is to say for Tim who tried everything in his power to make a successful league. But everyone in NO knew this was most likely going to happen going into 2014-2015 Season. Northern Ontario cant sustain 3 Teir II Jr “A” caliber leagues – As they all want to be deemed.

    What could have been done IMO is create a Jr “B” or “C” league which would create a farm system for the NOJ and allow the players who jump ship from HC to stay in the ranks and have the chance to get called up. BUT even this would be tough getting players from what is becoming a watered down pool.

    Have you ever wondered why the OJ has been shrinking their number of teams from time to time, because they know that the Junior hockey in Ontario is becoming something it shouldn’t. And for their teams to stay competitive at the Dud and the RBC they need to have the best players in Ontario playing. Not a kid who should be playing Jr “B” because they need a roster spot filled.

    1. Ok I am going to debunk your thoughts on junior b,well maybe debunk it a bit. Cody Gratton spent most of the last two previuos seasons on the GOJHL which is junior b. Are you saying that a kid who scored over 50 goals in the NOJHL this year would not be worthy of a junior a spot. If you read up on the junior b league in ontario it has been called,in one article, one of the top 10 development leagues in north america. Just saying if it could work it would be great. I would agree there is probably too much jr a in ontario and northern ontario can have a hard time attracting people that get offers from other leagues like the cc and oj

  8. I heard the Kalkaska is also joining the USPHL. After seeing the way Oliwa treated a severly concussed goalie last year I don’t think I would want this guy within a 100 feet of my kid. I would hope he learned from that but if you want to bring up his past exploits I wouldn’t think so. JUST MY OPINION.

  9. This fiasco gives the Batchewana Attack organization the opportunity to close the door on a farce of a so called Tier ll Jr A hockey league. Apply for membership into the established NOJHL.
    Give the players, fans and the organization a solid foundation to build a respected club in an established setting rather than pummeling two or three Juvenile DD caliber CIHL teams over the wInter in my opinion.

    1. Did you hit your head on something. The Thunderbirds can’t draw people how will anybody else. The best thing would be as someone said see if the USPHL will take the team. They may not but USA hockey is not as ridiculous as Hockey Canada with regulations

      1. As a matter of fact I did……on your comment to play in the USPHL. How does playing in that league solve attendance issues for either club? Both clubs have experienced Hockey Operations staff with the talent to build competitive teams. Put them on the ice and let the paying public decide if they will support them or not……As has been the case in any league for decades.

  10. Also just thinking about it,

    I really hope that Tom McCarthy can find another coaching job in a sanctioned league. IMO when he was in the NOJ he was arguably the best coach in the league. Some may say Lafleur but i think hes a very close second to McCarthy.

    McCarthy has gone through a lot of S#!* to get back to where he is today and I really hope that leaving Hockey Canada for this league that never became what it was suppose to doesn’t put him back in a hole.

    For those who don’t know – I’m sure most of you do – this is a story about what hes gone through to get back into the game of hockey put on by CBC & HNIC

  11. Don’t worry Tom can get a job anywhere,he is a great coach and person. Also by no means is Lafleur as good as Tom is. I would say the only one I heard was as good or as some say better than Tom is Gagne.

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