A new gig for Tim Clayden

July 11, 2015

Tim Clayden, who owned and managed multiple championship and high-performance teams in both the Northern Ontario Jr. Hockey League and the Ontario Jr. Hockey League before founding the now-dormant Canadian International Hockey League, has a new gig.

Clayden has started the Canadian International Hockey Network with a purpose and intention of assisting players move to the next level of the game — while combining education.

“I am moving forward in a new venture that a couple of hockey friends and I have created that will allow myself an opportunity to stay active in the game on my terms and continue to help kids move on while working with the good people that I choose to work with,” Clayden told HockeyNewsNorth.com.

Part of Clayden’s plans and vision for the CIHN includes providing opportunities for First Nation youngsters.

“I am especially excited to add a First Nation component to this venture as I do very much like the idea of creating some new and unknown opportunities for First Nation athletes and students, both in hockey and the class room,” noted Clayden.

Clayden said it’s the “average player” that CIHN is most interested in assisting.

“We plan to put our efforts into working with selective people and selective teams by recruiting good players who are good kids for proven junior and academy prep programs that truly put the kids interest first in helping the lads get to the next level.

“Ontario Hockey League players and NCAA Division 1 players don’t need our help at all. It’s the second, third and fourth-level players that can use a little guidance and that is where I have decided to put my experience and efforts on behalf of CIHN,” Clayden emphasized.

Players and parents looking for more information on the CIHN, what it is about and what it has to offer, can visit its website: www.cihn.net.

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  1. good for TC we still remember the championship season that the Trappers had and hosting the Dudley. best of luck to you Tim.

  2. Tim Claydon is a good man with a hart that is in the right place. Its too bad this his League did not work out for him as there was no way that it was the caliber of the NOJ but good on the man for trying to do what he think’s was right.
    We are just happy that we stil have JR hockey in Town with the efforts of Chaddie and Tommy.

  3. Timmy you had good hockey people last year as well but kind of turned your back on them.
    You know me I will say what is on my mind.
    Good luck Tim. Espanola has Junior hockey because of you bringing North Bay here.
    Good guys running the Espanola team will keep junior hockey here.

  4. Ross: I have known Tim for years — maybe it is all how you look at it in terms of who turned their back on whom.

  5. Sorry I put that last comment with the wrong
    name but yeah I know your name to sir. You did not
    see the irregularities that I did from Timmy. I felt
    bad for him to see him like that but,Tommy and
    the boys seen it and I am glad try went their own
    direction,I like Tim and wish him the best but
    he knows the wrong stuff he did.

  6. Opinions are like noses everyone has one. Easy to blame others whe you only have one side keep drinking the Kool aid lol

    1. Good that you stick up for T.C. He is a good man . . . many are jellous of him. Beware DB and MA and other such back-stabbing trash. Which is where DB and MA be long in the Trash.

  7. I chekked out the website / very intresting this is something that I am intrested in for my 2 boy’s.

  8. The downfall of the entire league started with the CIHL disbanding and becoming an independent league breaking away from the UHU.

    The UHU had instituted a new “import insurance” program, which cost a whole lot more than what most owners expected…TC included. They also did not allow the league to expand into the USA aswell (which put the Kalkaska Rhinos remaining as an independent team until TC decided to bail on the UHU).

    Half the league joined Clayden and stayed in the CIHL, half the league disbanded and created the WUHL. Eventually the Royals folded and the St Charles team went to the WUHL. Clayden made the move to the independent league, but ended up turning his back on about 80% of the league owners that seemed like they wanted some sort of sanctioning for the league. Eventually Collingwood and Colborne also folded and the WUHL also finished the season with 3 teams.

    Both situations turned out awful.

    Hopefully this one for TC doesn’t turn out so badly.

    1. Brad,
      Colbourne did not fold , their season ended when they lost in the first round of playoffs. The WUHL finished it’s season with four teams.

  9. Brad and others can maybe insted judge Tim on the success that he has had in his intire career in Junior Hockey n not just 1 bad year in the C.I.H.L. Give the guy a break all he had was 1 bad Year. It can happen to any one of us.

  10. Glad to See TC is staying in the game where he belongs I look forward to working with him and always enjoy the conversation. A true visionary

  11. People can say what they want about Tim, I have known him for a while now and he’s a really good man. The guy is one of the rare passionate guys left in the bizz and he’s in it for the right reasons! Maybe one day you’ll be thanking him because he helped keep your kid stay in the beautiful game of hockey!! All the best to ya pal and thank you for all of your help when you didn’t even have to!

    1. I said before Tim was good with me but he left a sour taste in a lot of peoples mouths in Espanola. He made some decisions that were not good hockey decisions. A true business man that wants to make money,but thats what business is. He has stepped on some kids. Not always in it for the right reasons as you say but it is easy to point fingers. He became way to head strong last year and messed up the CIHL.
      The Espanola Express are made up of good people and,ask Tom McCarthy’s former players, to be coached by Tom is a good thing he cares about the players and their well being as well does Jason and Chad. If your kids get a chance to play for him,despite what is falsely being said by someone, then they should jump at it as they will grow as players and people.

  12. Randy,

    Is there any updated information you can give us regarding the commissioner of the NOJHL, like who maybe has applied (if you know) and who may be the leadinf candidate.

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