New league looms near

May 16, 2014

The new Canadian International Hockey League hopes to receive its official sanction from the United Hockey Union — which is an affiliate of the Amateur Athletic Union — in the very near future.

As previously reported, the CIHL will begin play effective the 2014-2015 season and feature junior-aged teams in Northern and Southern Ontario.

Tim Clayden, owner of the Espanola Rivermen — who departed the Northern Ontario Jr. Hockey League for the CIHL — is the founder of the new league, which bills itself as “hockey without borders.”

Which means the CIHL will be open to players from Canada, the United States and Europe.

“We live in a global world. The National Hockey League is global. We think junior hockey should be global as well. We are here to provide opportunity and exposure for players regardless of whether they are Canadian, American or European,” Clayden said evenly.

The strong-willed Clayden said he’s leaving the NOJHL with no regrets.

“We have absolutely no axe to grind with the NOJHL or any other junior league,” Clayden added. “As owner of the Espanola Rivermen, we left the NOJHL on our own free will. We are going in a different direction. Having said that, players who were with us in Espanola this past season and who still have junior eligibility have a choice of remaining with us or becoming free agents.”

To be sure, the new league new looms as a very-real option for junior hockey players.

The way I see it, life is about options and opportunities.

Hockey should be no different.

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  1. Vistol, I’m sure once the announcement of the AAU accepting the CIHL application happens in the very near future, you will then see the true geography of the CIHL. Most of us can see that their is no point putting the cart in front of the horse. But understand there is structure there waiting to be unveiled.

  2. Word a round Town is that the Beavers may join the new League if not this yr then next yr. The new Coach might be the one to ask about this as I here he is mooving from the Soo to live here when the season is on.

  3. Is it true that the CIHL will be allowed to have 15 year old players under the AAU, as long as they live with a legal guardian?

    This will help fix many problems in the minor system in place, like how most of the town centers are geographically challenged and ill-equipped, resulting in no scouting or exposure and in the bigger centers local players are often left out because of politics. Instead of just quiting and moving on, this opportunity will help keep local kids playing locally instead of quiting and moving on to other things too early. It will be beneficial for the young ones to stay at home and play.

    1. Patience, Derek. I am sure there will be much for you et al to read about once the CIHL becomes sanctioned.

  4. My hope is that there will be 2-3 teams in Northern Ontario which includes Espanola. However I doubt there will be a Team from Sudbury as there is talk that Sudbury will have a Team in the GMHL which with the NOJHL Team alredy here means there is no room for the CIHL in Sudbury.
    So probaly the best that we can hope for as Northern Teams in the CIHL are Espanola (for sure) and perhaps Elliott Lake or Blind River although I doubt it that Blind River will leave the NOJHL.
    This is just what I think . I will support hockey in Noront no matter which the League is.

  5. Well it looks to me like the NOJHL has shown Elliot Lake they don’t care. Apparently they have said No to local hockey guy Todd Stencil after all of his experience and volunteering in hockey and the league? Instead it appears to me that Mazzuca wants to bring in an outsider to run a team in Elliot Lake and crap on the people he has or had in house. That being said the CIHL would be a great fit for Elliot Lake and Blind River. JUST MY OPINION.

  6. I see the GMHL had their annual draft this weekend and no Sudbury team was invovlved so maybe there is hope for a team in Sudbury in the CIHL, that would be nice to see.

  7. It looks like Mayor of EL and Serpent River Chief are going to meet next week and that there will be NOJHL Hockey in Elliot Lake for next season!

  8. Back into the snakes den again is Elliot Lake who
    is going to pay the debt left behind by former
    NOJHL team.

  9. Honestly do you think the city should even
    entertain this after being screwed over and left
    with tens of thousands of dollars of debt.

  10. Well well ,
    The amount owing is less then 8000.00 , it’s being paid back monthly.
    Happy to see Elliot lake back in the Nojhl .
    Win win situation for both the city and the League.

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