Old Hound leads pack of Coyotes

October 7, 2015

Jim Aldred can’t get enough of the game that he says is in his veins.

The 52-year old Aldred, a former prime-time grinder with the Soo Greyhounds of the Ontario Hockey League, has turned to coaching in recent years.

Aldred, who played in the minors and over in Europe after graduating from the Greyhounds as a third-round, National Hockey League draft pick of the Buffalo Sabres, is in his second season at the helm of the Alliston Coyotes of the Greater Metro Jr. Hockey League.

Aldred’s Coyotes head into play this week with a record of 6-1 atop the 11-team Central Division of what is a 32-member league.

Calling the Coyotes a fast-skating, puck-possession team, Aldred is a systems-oriented coach.

“I’m heavy on systems,” he told HockeyNewsNorth.com. “You have to have a system and a plan and every one had better be on the same page.”

A good-hearted, likeable individual, Aldred clearly has a passion for the game.

“My passion is developing players, not only on the ice but off the ice as well,” he said. “I am big on helping all of my players at becoming better young men, improving their skills, teaching them new ones, becoming better teammates, building their confidence and making them part of the Coyote family.

“At the end of the day, I just want them to all become someone to be proud of. The end result for me is sitting back and reflecting on the positive impact that I’ve had on the young men I’ve assisted over the years, both personally and professionally. It gives me a sense of satisfaction and well-being that is indescribable,” he noted.

What does the coaching future hold for Aldred?

“I am just hoping to go where hockey takes me,” Aldred said in response to the question. “Although my wife (Cristina Lopes, who is originally from Portugal) would prefer for us to move to a hot country, I’m open to any possibility. Wherever there’s good hockey in a good league would be ideal, be it in North America or in Europe. When the opportunity knocks, I will be ready to answer. Since I’m too old to play the game, I want to teach it.

“I just want to keep doing what I love doing for as long as I can. You can say that ice hockey is in my veins,” Aldred concluded.

PHOTO: Jim Aldred, behind the bench of the Alliston Coyotes of the Greater Metro Jr. Hockey League.

What you think about “Old Hound leads pack of Coyotes”

  1. Jim has 100 % turned this organization a full 180 turnaround since last Christmas . The guy for sure knows that he’s talking about. He’s very well respected as a coach around the league. Jim Aldred is a big reason why we will go far this year. Always here him when he’s on the bench “the system boys,our system will be the reason we win”. He has personally turned my game around and I’m a better player for it, so I’d like to say thanks for that. And I know the rest of the guys want to say thanks for the journey we are about to go on as the season continues.

  2. Jim is a great coach, he takes care about his players both as individuals and as a team. This is my first season with the coyotes and Jim is always willing to help each and every one of his players both on and off the ice, his door is open no matter what and we can talk to him about everything!
    I’m looking forward to this season with the coyote family, together we can do great things as long as we follow Jim’s system!

  3. There couldn’t have been a more suitable title for this article. Coach Jim is definitely “the old hound that leads the pack of coyotes”. He is the Alpha in our coyote family, he pushes us all to work hard everyday and keeps everyone focused on our goals as a group. He is an excellent coach, and each and everyone one of us players are very proud to have him as our coach and mentor.

  4. Coach Jim
    He is the perfect hockey coach and a really good person
    I have been working with him for a while and it is not that
    Often I come across coach like that! He care about his players
    And their dreams! And as a scout that’s the perfect combination.
    And make my job much easier!
    Keep up the good work buddy

  5. I am honored to have met and work with Coach Jim this year, he is an individual with character that isn’t found often. He pushes us to work harder to become better for ourselves. He wants to see every single one of us succeed, not just in hockey but in life, in fact it’s his goal that we do. I’m glad that he’s the one behind us pushing , it makes me feel very comfortable being in an organization led by a Veteran, with such substantial knowledge on the game and the systems to winning.

    1. I take this back and I wish I could delete it, he went around the room and individually asked us to leave a good comment, he was concerned about his own well being over his players. I would know, he didn’t even give me a chance to play after I forked out over 7 grand to play, the team told me I was really good, especially in game situation drills. No matter how many times he told I was going to play in the next stretch of games I didn’t get my chance. Nice guy but seems to use people and take advantage of them.

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