Stops and starts

July 26, 2014

Recent junior hockey player and personnel moves to peruse:

…Soo Thunderbirds of the Northern Ontario Jr. Hockey League have flipped recently-acquired, 1995 birth-year forward Ryan Erickson to Hamilton Red Wings of the Ontario Jr. Hockey League in a cash exchange. Erickson had been obtained by the Thunderbirds in the deal that sent 1995 birth-year goalie Joel Horodziejczyk to Pembroke Lumber Kings of the Central Canada Hockey League.

…The advisor for Matt Young, a 1994 birth-year goalie who played in the NOJHL for Blind River Beavers and the erstwhile Elliot Lake Bobcats in 2013-2014, is looking to place his client with a team in the new Canadian International Hockey League. Young — whose NOJHL rights belong to the Cochrane Crunch (which relocated from Elliot Lake) — totaled 19 games with Blind River and Elliot Lake in 2013-2014. Young said he has “absolutely no interest” in playing again for Cochrane owner-general manager-coach Ryan Leonard.

…CIHL president and founder Tim Clayden said the new league will begin 2014-2015 regular-season play during the first week of October. CIHL teams will use September to take part in a pair of showcase and invitational tournaments being hosted by the Detroit Fighting Irish and Traverse City Hounds of the Midwest Jr. Hockey League. The MWJHL will also begin regular-season play during the first week of October.

…Batchewana Attack of the new CIHL has added veteran junior hockey bird dog Jim Casola as a Sault Ste. Marie-based scout, general manager Dennis Bolton has confirmed.

…1994 birth-year forward Anthony Wojciechowski has been traded by MC Monarchs without having played a game for the new MWJHL team. The Monarchs — who had acquired Wojciechowski from Detroit Fighting Irish earlier this month — have dealt the veteran MWJHLer to Berkley Bruins for 1994 birth-year forward Adam Jonak.

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  1. What happened with Wojo? Seem’s kinda strange for ‘MC’ to trade for the kidd & then trade him 3 week’s later ! ! ! ? ? ?

  2. Mat Young is good goalie also a good kid who was well liked when he was in Blind River. He will be an assett to any team imo he needs a chance to be the starter.

  3. Glad to see Mr Bolton is still doing what he loves – he’s a good man and it was my pleasure to get to know him while he worked with the Eagles. Best of luck to him an his new team.

  4. Any idea why Erickson was dealt away from the Soo? I’m guessing he must have requested a trade as I can’t imagine the Thunderbirds would voluntarily want to trade him as he would have been a great asset to the team, especially with the loss of Miller and possibly Radke.

  5. As Powassan signs players and creates excitement in the Area all is quiet from Mattawa. There is no media cooverage of this team ANYWHERE although there are enough bad rumours floating around about this team perhaps the Owner prefers to be “outta site and outta mind” now that I think about it. One of the rumours even has the Mattawa Owner talking about leaving the NOJHL for the CIHL! Now wouldnt that be something! … RR: You might want to check that one out!

  6. ya hey RR how about some coverage of are Mattawa Blackhawks? There is none to be found any where and you had some write ups when the Trappers played a lot of there games here at the end of the last Season.

  7. Hi Randy, have you heard anything about a showcase tournament on our side of the border? I wanna plan some holidays at work and that would be a perfect time to do it if there is such an event taking place. Thanks pal

  8. From what I been told Mattawa will be lucky to finnish the 13-14 season. Bridges burnt with the OHL’s Battalion just one of the many many issues with the Mattawa franchise.

  9. Thanks for your quick response R.R. . We can always count on you for the latest and up to date stories, cheers my friend!!!

  10. Some scary stuff going on in the NOJHL lately.
    Wonder exactlywhat is really going on with the Thunderbirds?
    Then you have Matt Young not wanting to play in the North Pole — or is it that playing for a certain
    person is not what he wants?
    What is going on in Mattawa hmm are they not playing well with the

    Over to CIHL, the Sudbury Royals were on the the news for their camp.
    Meanwhile it seems like a fair number of locals are fed up with the other group, the Sudbury Nickel Barons of the NOJHL. Is it true that Oscar Clouthier is out of the Barons too? He is a smart guy and maybe said to heck with it.
    Well looking forward to getting hockey started and good luck to

  11. Erickson has enrolled at Mcmaster in Hamilton for this fall as per TBirds press release.
    Mattawa posts their moves on a different site .
    Young is a 20 year old from the east coast who wants a guaranteed starters spot and is looking for scholarship exposure . Didn’t play much with Elliot Lake (7 games ) and probably didn’t work out like he had hoped . Hopefully he finds a good fit and has a great year .
    Oscar Cloutier departure was reported in Sudbury Star Thursday .
    Haven’t heard anything here about the Royals camp other than the announcement of times and dates .

  12. I won’t even talk about that other site cause it gets me in trouble. The royals have been on the
    MCTV news there may even be a video on the stations site still. Hope that helps. I liked Oscar not sure what went wrong there.

  13. Sorry to see that Matt Young wants to leave the NOJHL. Didn’t have much of a fair shake in EL with Ryan.
    Matt is a good goalie and an all around great guy. He will be a pleasure to have on any team, he is hard working and always gives his best at all times. Always was polite and a good young man to billet.
    Good luck Matt wherever you end up.

  14. Mattawa has 22 players signed and is letting Dawson over hype his players, the people of Mattawa just got a ski hill too.

  15. Dawson knows how to promote players and how to run a team. Maybe someone in Mattawa
    can take lessons — in my opinion.

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