‘We are the North!’

June 6, 2022

Team Northern Ontario showed the opposition from the Greater Toronto Area and other Southern Ontario centres who was boss at the recent Draft Day Hockey Inc. Prospects Tournament for 2008 birth year players. Made up of players from Sault Ste. Marie, Blind River and Greater Sudbury, Northern Ontario won all five of its games to emerge as champions of the elite event.

Northern Ontario head coach Trevor Blanchard was naturally ecstatic with the outcome and the performance of his players.

“I was fortunate to witness an unbelievable effort from 17 young players from Northern Ontario. They decided at the start of the weekend to put everyone on notice that the North was the real deal,” relayed Blanchard. “I got to witness some of the best hockey I have seen at this level in years. The drive and determination from these kids was truly remarkable. Their ability to battle through adversity and stick to a plan was remarkable. This past weekend will go down as one of my most memorable tournaments of hockey in the last 15 years of my coaching career.

“Thanks to the boys for trusting me in guiding them … we are the North!” Blanchard exclaimed.

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