Attack fells Fighting Irish

February 16, 2015

How good is the Batchewana Attack of the Canadian International Hockey League?

Just ask the Detroit Fighting Irish of the Midwest Jr. Hockey League.

In front of 100-plus fans at Rankin Arena on an Arctic-like Sunday afternoon, Batchewana scored early and often en route to a 13-1 win over a Detroit team that has the second-best winning percentage in the seven-team MWJHL this season.

To be sure, the Fighting Irish was playing its third road game in as many days, having faced the Espanola Rivermen of the CIHL on Friday before a regular-season MWJHL match against the Soo Firehawks on Saturday.

But simply put, the Attack skated circles around the Fighting Irish on Sunday and if not for Detroit goalie George Hill, the score could have been even higher.

Hill made 54 saves, several of which were spectacular, before wilting under a relentless Attack which produced seven third-period goals.

“I have never seen so much puck movement in the zone before,” Hill relayed to me after the game.

Jacob Palmerio and Drake Pilon led the Attack with three goals apiece.

The exhibition game between the two teams from different junior leagues is seen as a possible prelude to a full interlocking schedule in 2015-2016.

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  1. From what I of read on this site and also as I am privy to certain information the Fighting Irish mgmt that includes the Owners the Cruz’s and Coach Dan Vasquez are in favor of the Interlocking Schedule with the Canadian League next season. I also am of the beleif that Traverse City and Alpena are in favor as well. I do not know about the Monarchs, I know that Coach Jason likes the idea but I do not know for sure if the Owner Mr. Gilman is on boards. Gilman is a hard man to get a read on although I am of the beleif that he supports a lot of what Jason is in favor of. I feel that the MWJHL Teams would benefit from such an arrangemnent with the Canadian League as it advances the level of competition for all the player’s involved. I know that many of the American kids love playing against the Canadian kids. I suppose that the opposite is also tru.

  2. I realize that the game was a blowout and stats in these types of games are somewhat meaningless, but…. Why the mention of hat tricks for two players and not mention a player that had four goals and an assist and was named number one star of the game? (And yes I am Chris Skinner’s dad.) If the CIHL is really about promoting players to the next level, shouldn’t that also include promotion in the media as well?

  3. To Scott Skinner,

    While I was at the game and reported on it in the above story, see below for the scoring wrap-up that was sent to media by the Batchewana Attack following the match:

    Jacob Palmerio and Drake Pilon led the Attack with three goals apiece. Chris Skinner netted two with singles going to Chris Zajac, Sergei Khoroshun, Kendall Huckins, Darian Pilon and Johan Kling. Aaron Robertson got the lone marker for the Fighting Irish.

  4. The game sheet was wrong, I am on the team and Chris Skinner scored 4, Drake Pilon and Jacob Palmerio each scored 3, Johan Kling scored 2 and Sergei Khorshon, and Darian Pilon each scored singles

    1. Are you serious, Attackfan15? I was at the game, too. Give credit where credit is due? The score was officially reported as 13-1 and the game report says two goals for Skinner. If the officials change the score and the scorers, then so will I.

  5. I vary much enjoyed watching the Team from Detroit who was here. Close game rite down to the last couple a minutes.

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