CIHL is official

April 8, 2014

The Canadian International Hockey League has made its formation official.

CIHL founder Tim Clayden has served official notice that the Tier 2 junior league will begin operations effective the upcoming 2014-2015 season.

For now, the CIHL is listed as an independent junior league while making its application to be officially sanctioned by the American-based Amateur Athletic Union in June.

Clayden, who owns the Espanola Rivermen — formerly of the Northern Ontario Jr. Hockey League — will also serve as president of the CIHL’s parent company, the Canadian International Amateur Hockey Federation.

Clayden’s Espanola team will be making the move from the NOJHL to the CIHL.

Effective the 2014-2015 campaign, Clayden said the CIHL will feature 8-10 teams, all located along Trans-Canada Highway 17 and Highway 400 corridors.

“The CIHL will be a Tier 2 junior hockey league made up of student-athlete players from Canada, the United States and Europe,” Clayden emphasized.

As for the naysayers Clayden noted that, “Some are making arm-chair comments about the level of play within the CIHL next year. Well, we have been doing this a long time and do not expect our team or others to be any less competitive than we have been this season or any other for that matter.”

Franchise ownerships from the Ontario towns of Espanola, Sudbury, Bracebridge, Collingwood, Colborne, Milton and Toronto have confirmed intent to become inaugural members of the CIHL for the 2014-2015 season, said Clayden.

To be sure, the CIHL plans to kick off the 2014-2015 season with a College Showcase Tournament — to be held in Traverse City, Michigan in September.

For more information about the CIHL, visit its website at or get social with the CIHL on Facebook and Twitter at and

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  1. I am very curious as to the CIHL having a Team in Greater Sudbury.
    Walden Arena is where they say the Team will be playing and as I have said this is a perfect Junior hockey rink.
    RR – do you know who owns the Team and if it is fact that Scott Ginsen will be the GM and Coach?

  2. Hey Cassio I hear same thing Walden and Scotty Ginson as Coach dont know about Owner lets see what RR says. Unless Claydon is gonna own Sudbury to.

  3. Espy-Sudbury rivelry was really heated up in the NOJ this season. Esp when fans from Espanola traveled to Sudz for Games.
    I can see this continueing on in the CIHL – that being major rivals Espanola & Sudbury!

  4. As a business owner, if there are no league rules against it, you are free to open as many franchises as the market will bear.

  5. I’ve been a supporter of the Espanola Eagles, Screaming Eagles, Kings (GMHL), Rivermen in the NOJHL and now my whole family is excited to cheer on our community team again next year in this new venture. Excited to hear that we will see the Espo-Sudbury rivalry take on a new chapter!

  6. North Bay to Mattawa is not going to happen dream on Davey Beauchamp – maybe TC will give you a team in the CIHL … LOL

  7. I hear someone was crazy enough to back
    him,if they have money to give away I will
    take some. Apparently DB also knows something
    about a certain twitter account?

  8. This league will eventually take all the best players from the NOJHL..mark my words.

    With games in the USA being featured, and possible trips to Europe, you can’t honestly say that the NOJHL in Cochrane or Abitibi or Kirkland Lake will give you more exposure than a similar league 500 kms south of you. You’ve got blinders on if you think scouts will travel up there in the dead of winter. I suspect they will elect to travel on a 400 highway, or the TCH instead of trekking North. That’s just me though.

    It was Clayden’s idea for a fairly successful College Showcase Weekend in which most of the games that didn’t include Espanola were attended by 200+ people..a far cry from what the home teams in Sudbury, Blind River, Elliot Lake, Soo, or North Bay were playing in front of. With Clayden gone, his idea of College Showcase weekends might have to become a monthly thing in the NOJHL to ensure the kids get the proper scouting going forward.

    I have faith in Clayden, his connections, and his ability to bring in talent. He’s got a long list of success stories, and the proven point is he gets his kids into schools, whether its in the CIS or the NCAA.

  9. The GMHL has the Mattawa Voyageurs listed on their website under teams going into ’14-’15… Think a town of 1500 can support 2 teams? They have removed the Bracebridge Phantoms, who are jumping to the CIHL, so is fairly current…

  10. Keep your chin up Mr. Claydon and good for you for haveing the Culjones of that a Italian should have us too is done with the NOJHA.

  11. so have any U.S teams committed yet? Im assuming those are just the canadian teams? If not, no can deny it looks like the GMHL’s twin! checked the ojhl In the Cage with Tigerpaws forum, and although lots of talk and a message to chestypipes, no confimation on US teams

    1. There is an American based league that will be playing interlocking schedules with the CIHL and they are very excited because this will raise the compete level within their own league…, win, win for everyone involved if you ask me! I know you already knew that before you posted that, but here is your answer anyways.

  12. Brian P , the Vees gave notice before seasons end and have relocated to Sunridge, that is why the town opened its arms to the Trappers.

  13. eskis fan it is more like everyone is becoming the GMHL twin.. everyone laughed even myself when the GMHL announced pay for play and now almost every league is doing it.. and the exception here is that the CIHL will have a solid regulatory body (AAU and its hockey arm, the UHU) that has been around longer than the beloved Hockey Canada…. the GMHL is an authority unto itself and conducts its business the way it sees fit… the CIHL if anything has the GMHL business model and the authority behind it similar or greater than HC… is it perfect? not yet.. but no system is.. however, everyone thought the GMHL would die within three years.. but it is still here and with 20 teams albeit not all healthy teams.. if you can find a league with all teams healthy financially or otherwise, then run and get a lottery ticket cuz it would be your lucky day…

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