CIHL open for business

May 31, 2014

Its membership into the United Hockey Union — which is sanctioned by the Amateur Athletic Union — official, the new Canadian International Hockey League now begins the task of determining which teams will begin play effective the 2014-2015 season, said president and founder Tim Clayden.

“Our group completed our second conference call of the week on Friday,” Clayden said via e-mail this morning. “I think people will be surprised at the number of vibrant communities that have a serious interest in having a CIHL team. It’s both overwhelming and very exciting.”

According to Clayden, the CIHL had 31 individual groups express an interest in placing a team within the new league for the 2014-2015 season.

The CIHL expects to begin play in 2014-2015 with between eight and 10 teams, said Clayden.

Clayden told that the CIHL intends to announce who its teams are over the next several weeks pending final screening approvals from the UHU and AAU.

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  2. Randy, I know what you mean, there are some people out there that just want to cause crap with everything using false names pretending to be someone else I know, I understand that people are writing saying that Colborne will not be in the CIHL, well they will be with other teams, and the coaches are doing a great job in getting it up and running with players.

  3. Randy is he that slow to think you would write anything on his site? You are and always will be the best junior hockey site around. Especially in these parts.

  4. Yeah looks interesting… I’ve heard as many as 28 markets are being considered as towns to bring the CIHL to. SSM, Espanola, Elliot Lake, Sarnia, Kingston, Greater Sudbury, Toronto, Markham etc are all on the list.

    The only real hurdle to overcome now is to overcome the stigma of being a new league with no real track record. If they can get kids to school and offer a different look to junior hockey in Ontario and Canada as a whole, this league could be really successful.

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  8. Rumor is there will be a major announcement out of St.Charles regarding the CJHL This coming week…..

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