CIHL-MWJHL invitational in Detroit

June 13, 2014

The Ice Box Sports Center in the Detroit suburb of Brownstown will be the site of a pre-season invitational tournament for teams from the Midwest Jr. Hockey League and the new Canadian International Hockey League.

Detroit Fighting Irish of the MWJHL will play host to the Shamrock Showcase Showdown, which will be held from September 18-21.

The showcase will be one of a number of tournaments that will feature inter-league play between teams from the MWJHL and CIHL in 2014-2015.

“This showcase will enable collegiate as well as Tier 1 and Tier 2 junior programs the opportunity to scout players on teams from both leagues and to get the information about their own programs out there as well,” said Fighting Irish coach-general manager Dan Vasquez.

The 2014-2015 season will be the third for the MWJHL, which features nine teams, eight of which are located in Michigan.

Detroit, Soo Firehawks, Traverse City Hounds, Alpena Street Cats, West Michigan Freeze, Michigan Ice Dogs, MC Monarchs and Berkley Bruins are the eight Michigan-based teams in the MWJHL. Decatur Blaze of Illinois is the other MWJHL entry.

The 2014-2015 campaign will be the first for the new CIHL, which thus far has announced five members — Espanola Rivermen, St. Charles Spirit, Central Ontario HTI Stars, Colborne Cramahe Hawks and Milton Battle Arts Cobras — and is expected to name three more teams that will take to the ice for its initial season.

For more information on the Shamrock Showdown Showcase, e-mail Fighting Irish owner Lisa Cruz via

Or, visit the Fighting Irish website:

What you think about “CIHL-MWJHL invitational in Detroit”

  1. First oppertunnity for the Rivermen to play the big boys from Dee-troyt!
    This is going to be a good partner-ship between these 2 League one from Ontario and one from Michigan … … It will be great to be away from the restrictions of the Nojhl imo.

  2. To: Espanola Eagle: We are so looking forward to having the Fighting Irish play against teams from Canada as Canada as where hockey starts we from Hockey Town know that and I speak for my freinds as fans of the Fighting Irish and Junior Hockey!
    Now me having said that just wait until the Fighting Irish give your boys from the North a few lessons in Hockey!

  3. Tom I think we are gonna have to make a side wager on the Game when the Espanola Rivermen show up to Dee-troyt! Perhapps RR can help us with this Wager???

  4. So true lol! Takes me 12 Miller Hi Lifes to get the same buzz from 6 of your Canadian Beers lol!

  5. Hey Randy I am hearing that hockey canada
    is not going to take any sanctions against those
    involved with the CIHL. Have you heard this.
    I am hearing possibly because they are a sanctioned
    league by the AAU .

    1. Seriously, I was not aware that Hockey Canada is God.

      Governing bodies such as Hockey Canada should know their places, in my opinion.

      Really, I have had enough of Hockey Canada, the NOHA and self-serving associations that both are, in my opinion.

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