CIHL switch

August 4, 2014

As it stands, the new Canadian International Hockey League will begin the 2014-2015 season with eight teams — four in northern Ontario and four in southern Ontario.

CIHL founder and president Tim Clayden said that the Central Ontario HTI Stars will be replaced by a Toronto entry and that the new league will proceed with eight teams as planned.

Carefully choosing his words on the advice of legal counsel, Clayden said the departure of the Central Ontario franchise from the CIHL is “a personal and sensitive issue.

“At this time, we feel it is best for us to cut ties with owner Jenya Feldman and the Central Ontario HTI Stars,” said Clayden. “It is unfortunate for Jenya as we certainly understand his passion for junior hockey. But to be quite honest, Jenya and his team have no other option now but to join the unsanctioned Greater Metro Hockey League.”

Clayden said the CIHL still has a regular-season schedule in place for eight teams — Batchewana Attack, Espanola Rivermen St. Charles Spirit and Sudbury Royals in the north and Colborne Hawks, Collingwood Ice, Milton Battle Arts Cobras and the yet-to-be-named Toronto team in the south.

The CIHL will begin regular-season play during the first week of October.

What you think about “CIHL switch”

  1. I guess the owner’s only choice was to go to the only league in the world that would accept them.
    So now I guess, in my opinion, you can add that to the long list of alleged shady practises going on in the GMHL.
    I would think the GMHL would try to stay away from this group since I beleve they are being investigated for a variety of alleged offences.
    I also beleve I remember reading about coach from that league who was arrested last season for doing cocaine in public washroom before a game.
    I guess maybe the Central Ontario Stars are a good fit with this OUTLAW league. Maybe Mattawa should return there as the way I see it Beachamp and his cronies would fit right in there with this circus.

  2. NOJHL is in trouble as issue’s in Mattawa and Blind River have the Commish desperate to do business with some dirt bag from Northern Michigan tsk tsk Robert how low can you go?

  3. Yeah there really is only one outlaw league and that is the GMHL,the Stars would fit right in with this bunch of animals IMHO.
    I also heard of this coach snorting a line before going out to coach these kids. The GMHL has a lot of accusations of legal concerns and owners setting up teams to win the championship,all allegedly of course. I do get the feeling that the NOJHL is working with the GMHL to bash the CIHL as they both have a lot to lose.

  4. How can Jenya join the GMHL, as one owner told me who is with the GMHL he was banned from that league a while ago, but I guess it does not surprise me that things change and every one deserves a second chance. A personal and sensitive issue, I guess it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out why. As Abbie Road states all the history and not too much positive things going for the GMHL at this time I would not go within miles of that league. I guess the Management from the Bucks now the Colborne Hawks had enough sense to keep their integrity and credibility and jump to the transparent CIHL league. I bet if someone could talk to Mr Fisher about the reasons why he made the move and if he would speak out he could made your head spin. I listened to an interview few months ago on the Colborne local radio station and he did not disclose any negative information. What he did say is what they do in the league is their business and no his anymore. I am surprise a few more teams would not make the move. CIHL and AAU good for you to take a stand on this issue and support Hockey Canada.

  5. Lets not condemn any of these leagues, yet, as each offers unique opportunities to various communities, junior age players and local home-town fans. Sure, there will be some rough spots as the leagues stake out their turf and weed out a few doubtful franchises. And Randy, please keep the news coming….

  6. Culina is a very good Goalie for his age and has good size to go with reflex. Good signing by the Soo T-birds!

  7. I don’t believe the Stars were kicked out , it was more like they couldn’t get sanctioned by the AAU for reasons not stated by any of the parties involved . Under AAU rules you cannot participate in a sanctioned league if your team doesn’t meet the individual team requirements . Any reasons given here are speculation at this time . Whatever the problem might be I think we should leave those involved to deal with their issues and concentrate on the positives of the leagues and teams we support going forward . The constant negativity is becoming tiresome .

  8. I think you are right Mr Bowman on the Stars, there has to be something there. Maybe the GMHL (the only outlaw league) will pipe in.

  9. In my view if you were accepted and then asked to leave you were kicked out as people are saying . If you never passed requirements to be accepted then you were never really part of the league . Some may say this is splitting hairs but I believe all the announced franchises were granted pending approval of the AAU . So in my opinion no AAU approval means no qualification which means they were never part of the league . So It wasn’t a league decision .

  10. Im sure that the GMHL will allow them in without paying any fees what so ever, they got enough teams to pick up the cost. I am sure none of their league own teams ever paid the fees. What another free team in the bunch of bandits that allow everything in the league from alleged sexual misconduct to fraud and everything in between. Good luck parents, don’t try and get money back cause I am sure it won’t happen

  11. You know of course that all leagues have people who have run afoul of the law or other authorities at one time or another . people make mistakes , we’re all human after all . If they’ve paid whatever debt that society has decide they owe then so be it . If you want to make a personal decision to avoid these types that is your right . Don’t condemn entire organizations because of a few bad apples . If they are truly bad then word will get out and they won’t be able to stay in business .

    1. Mike I do believe that some mistakes are forgive able but in this case I would not be able to forgive.
      I would think a man like yourself would not either.
      The alleged offence involved an under aged girl and we can leave it at that. Also it is not hard to have your membership pulled by a governing body.

  12. I’m not saying I condone any alleged actions or would I allow my offspring to play for anybody found guilty of this alleged offence . I am saying that people here are taking the liberty of using several incidences of poor behavior , criminal or otherwise, to condemn and insult entire organizations that they don’t like . There are good people as well in all leagues who are honourable and just and look out for the best interests of the young people under their care , There are a number who have made errors and cause concern with regards their being trustworthy . These people often get a second chance and deserve credit for getting over their obstacles and moving forward . Finally there are people who shouldn’t be allowed near a rink with young players because they have proven over time they can’t be trusted . My point here being that if you don’t like a person involved with a certain team or league then don’t like them ,and say so . Don’t degrade everybody involved because you don’t know them all so you have no basis for doing so . I know of people in most every hockey league , CIHL included , who has rum afoul of the law or governing bodies . Some I know personally some through friends . Some I think have moved on and done wonderful things for those they have had under their care and others I wouldn’t trust walking my dog . Such is life .

  13. For sure Mike I think with a few bad apples running the GMHL it painted a nasty picture for all. Just like any league including the NOJHL to but yes some things are forgiveable but some things are for sure not

  14. The best criminals are the politicians , they usually get off if they get caught , but then as per Mike Duffy’s case the times they may be changing .

  15. I would still say though that there is a league(or two) working with a true “outlaw” league to descredit the CIHL. They are also calling payers and parents to fill them full of untruths but eventually that karma thing will bite them in the rear ends.

  16. Negative tactics always come back to get you if you’re around long enough . Negative recruiting usually shines the light harsher on those that practice it because the ask for comparison to take place and that exposes their flaws .

  17. The Shelburne franchise in the GMHL has had a transfer of ownership and renamed the Shelburne HTI Stars.

    HTI is the acronym for Hockey Training Institute; the name sake of a hockey school that called Shelburne home 15 years ago.

    Leading the club will be President Jenya Feldman. Feldman is a veteran junior hockey operator, who previously coached the Bradford Rattlers from 2006-2009, winning two Russell Cup championships.

    From 2009-2014, Feldman had run a private boarding hockey school in Innisfil, Ontario and summer hockey programs.

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