Nickel City Sons to Sudbury Royals

July 19, 2014

Sudbury Royals of the new Canadian International Hockey League have committed to a hometown skater who played in the Great North Midget Hockey League in 2013-2014.

Royals general manager KB Beals has confirmed the addition of 1997 birth-year forward Dexter Lamarche to the roster of the CIHL team.

The 5-foot-9, 165 pound Lamarche had 7 goals, 11 assists, 18 points in 27 games with the Nickel City Sons of the GNMHL in 2013-2014.

“Dexter has been growing on the ice and as a young man and we are proud to add such a dynamic and passionate player to our roster,” said Beals.


Beals advises that the Royals have partnered with 15 local merchants to solicit a list for area hockey fans to show their support for Sudbury’s new junior A hockey team.

“Right now we have 18 pages full of signatures — names, addresses, etc. — from locals who have pledged their support to us,” said Beals.

“We look forward to giving junior A hockey fans what they want…and we have a good idea of what they want because we asked,” Beals added.


CIHL founder and president Tim Clayden is on record as saying the Royals will have “no issue” when it comes to scheduling home games for the inaugural 2014-2015 season.

Clayden said the Royals will play home games in various Sudbury area facilities in 2014-2015, including Capreol Community Arena.

Various reports from unsanctioned media have said the Royals do not have game ice scheduled for the 2014-2015 season “but that is simply not true,” said Clayden.


The Royals of the new CIHL will be holding a tryout camp on Friday, July 25.

Royals head coach Trevor Blanchard advises that the tryout camp will be held at Countryside Arena in Sudbury.

To register for the camp, call 705-919-3225 or e-mail The Royals tryout camp is open to players born in 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999.

The camp will include on-ice evaluation, skill drills, team education program presentation, medical evaluation and a camp t-shirt.

Players who wish to try out for the Royals do not need a release from their former team or a permission to skate.

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    1. According to Tim Clayden, the Royals have their home dates covered at area rinks, as per this story.

  1. I hear the Royals are all set for the home games & yes they will be scatter thru out Sudbury . I suppose this is as a first year team in a new league & ice time is not easy to get so fan’s will have to live with this. Beals and his Dad are honest respectabul people and the kid KB is working hard to overcome obstacle’s. The Big Dick from the NOJHL is not playing fair either and that is another Story.

  2. Lamarche is OK .. maybe a bit young to take a reguler spot as a 17 Year Old but the way I see this if you get a chance to get a player such as this then why not go for it right ?

  3. Too bad but the buliies from the NOJHL and Sudbury are going to throw their weight around. They need to bash something so this is what they are doing.

  4. Frood, if you are going to make such a statement about baron boys leaving for the CIHL, you should give us names. I spoke with Clouthier and they already expect many players to move on to CIS and OHL. Should be a mostly new young roster. Also said they’ve had Espanola andBlind River kids who could crack their roster. With so few players returning, I can’t see who it is that you say is playing (at twice the cost) for a CIHL team. Good luck to them if they choose that route. I’ve heard that Ginson is recruiting hard as many NOJHL players and parents have received many calls, emails and social media messages from himm

    As a side note, I’ve never been to the St-charles arena. How is it ? Suitable for JRAhockey? Is a dressing room being retrofitted for the teams? I’ll have to drive up there for a game or two.

  5. Lester – St. Charles Arena is better than what they have in Mattawa and as good as Eliot Lake and Powassan.

  6. Thanks Frood. Good tohear as most arenas aren’t really suitable from a junior player perspective. Will the Spirit have a real junior a dressing room? I’ve never seen the Mattawa or Powassan dressing rooms but it doesn’t really matter in thus case – different league and all.

    About the 2 or 3 Barons players, who are they? Unless you’re just stiring the pot 😉

  7. The arena they hope to call Home is Capreol, and no the dressing rooms are not big enough for the teams. They planned on bringing in portable dressing rooms.

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