Player promotion is a CIHL goal

August 5, 2014

with files from Brent Cooper

The new Canadian International Hockey League has unveiled a website that is dedicated to the promotion of its players.

Chad Clarke, director of social media communications for the CIHL, said the goal of the player-driven website is, simply put, promotion.

“Our goal is to create an online presence for our league dedicated to properly promoting all players, teams and coaches to maintain healthy and successful development leading to the immediate promotion of each student-athlete player, all the while keeping scouts, coaches and fans informed of real-time CIHL news and updates.

“With that said, the most important goal we would like to achieve is to create a user interface for colleges, universities, schools, coaches and scouts like no other, a one-stop shop for scouting our student-athlete players,” said Clarke.

“We have been mandated to focus on the promotion of our players, it will take a bit more time to complete, but before our season begins, our CIHL hockey website will be primarily focused on promoting each of our student-athlete players to the next level of their choosing, with each individual player having online updated resume exposure to scouts from around the world at all higher levels of play.”

The website can be accessed via

Clarke said player promotion to the North American Hockey League, United States Hockey League, Ontario Hockey League, as well as the National Collegiate Athletic Association and American Collegiate Hockey Association ranks, are a top priority for the CIHL.

“Today we unveil our latest student-athlete promotional tool, a state of the art impressive website focused on promoting players like no other. In today’s day and age, the idea of sitting back and thinking that player performance alone will draw scouts is archaic,” Clarke continued.

“The CIHL is surpassing others in our mandated player-promotion department by taking the players to the college scouts as opposed to sitting back hoping they come to obscure places, which is no longer happening. Extensive traveling by the college scouts is simply no longer in their budgets, it’s just not happening,” Clarke opined.

For the full release on the new CIHL website, visit

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  1. Nice looking website altho more player info would be nice i.e. Scotty Marshall a local Blind River kid now with one of the teams in the CIHL.

    On another topic the word around Blind River is the Beavers will be folding the team before the start of the season. No money left to operate. Very sad if this happens but the NOJ League has become to expensive for the Beavs.

  2. Wow what a great looking website…….players and parents must be excited about this new promotional tool!

    It said on their new site that there will be a lot more to come on that site before the puck drops in October……..I’m sure that means more player info and stats then what you see today.

  3. Great looking site, it should draw a lot of attention. Sorry to hear about the Beaver’s maybe they should look at the new league. Just a thought

    1. Lester,

      Actually, Brent Cooper is 2nd VP of the CIHL.

      My volunteer position with the CIHL is that of Media Adviser.

      The volunteer work that I do for the CIHL — various team-related press releases — is similar to what I do for teams in other junior hockey leagues.

      I take pride in being a volunteer.

      How about you?

    1. Lester,

      Since you seem so concerned with what my volunteer title is, perhaps you can do me a favour and notify the CIHL on my behalf.

      I am busy at the moment, working on a media release for the CIHL that may interest you and your league.



  4. Yes Randy nominated me for the post.. and no matter what.. one day Randy I’ll get you for that….LOL

    nice post “Lester… ” LOL

  5. Hi RR, “Lester” has a financial interest in the NOJHL and I am sure that you figured that out.
    Our family has supported the local NOJHL team for many years now but we will not this year because we will no longer support a League (Nojhl) that is run by a Commissioner who we do not respect and that has Owners that do not pay there Bills.
    Our support will now be directed towards Teams in the Cihl !

  6. Hey Randy, on the press release could you mention that I just heard from a reliable source who is close to the GMHL, that the HTI Stars when they were not accepted in the CIHL due to AAU check, the GMHL contacted Jenya and is allowing him to join without paying any membership fees or players fees, I guess the new teams fee and yearly registration fees and players fees will have to be picked up by the other teams, except of course the 4 to 6 teams that the league owns themselves. Why does’t that surprise me, I don’t think the league-run teams ever paid any fees they were most likely added into the other teams fee. What a bunch of guys running that shit show, I am glad I have no son going their with the alleged drugs, fraud, sexual misconduct and the list goes on and on. Come on players their is better more transparent leagues out their like the North, (but again they are tied with GMHL), OP, CIHL etc.

  7. Hey Lester imagine though because Randy would be the only guy with a site that I would want around any league or team,just saying.

  8. My cousin spent several years with teams in the GMHL and he is a responsible dedicated and honest individual . I resent your implicating him as being involved in any of the above scenarios you mention . There are good and bad people involved in all levels and leagues of hockey in Canada . I think you should do some more research on who everybody is before you condemn entire groups of people .

  9. RR:
    This is a story that the “Bobsey Twins” Mazzuca and Dawson do not want out there but here it is:
    The Powassan Voodoos do NOT Have an arena agreement with the Town and are in a Pissing Match with Town Council!

  10. Mike I think hockeydad was talking about ownership and coaches not players I know a bunch of boys that play or did play in the gmhl including myself and it all depends on the team in the gmhl some teams the ownership coaches and players are getting drunk and doing drugs With one another and others are strict on drugs and alcohol and are decent run jr clubs. You gotta pick and choose and do your research for sure

  11. Oldgmhler ,
    I was talking management, my cousin was not a player . I agree that some teams in any league have better reputations than others . A player and his parents should definitely do their homework on leagues and teams . My issue is the people here who continually attack other leagues because of their dislike of one or two people . As I said there are good and bad organizations don’t condemn the entire league because of a few incidents involving a small number of people . In the OHL Kingston and Sarnia have had bad reputations for a while but we don’t we people saying the OHL is a terrible league run by crooks , so why do we do it with any other league .

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