Updated CIHL schedule

December 2, 2014

Following is a schedule of games for the Canadian International Hockey League for the month of December and preparatory to a pair of showcase tournaments slated for the new year.

Friday, December 5

Greater Sudbury Royals @ Espanola Rivermen, 7:30

Saturday, December 6

Espanola Rivermen @ Kalkaska Rhinos, 7:00

Batchewana Attack @ SudburyRoyals, 3:15

Sunday, December 7

Espanola Rivermen @ Kalkaska Rhinos, 6:00

Sudbury Royals @ Batchewana Attack, 4:00

Friday, December 12

Batchewana Attack @ Espanola Rivermen, 7:30

Tuesday, December 16

Espanola Rivermen @ Batchewana Attack, 7:00

Friday, December 19

Kalkaska Rhinos @ Espanola Rivermen, 7:30

Saturday, December 20

Kalkaska Rhinos @ Sudbury Royals, 3:15

Sunday, December 21

Kalkaska Rhinos @ Batchewana Attack, 2:00

Christmas Break, no games from Monday, December 22 to Monday, January 5

CIHL College Showcase Weekend

Host team: Kalkaska Rhinos

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, January 8, 9, 10 in Kalkaska, Michigan

(Regular season resumes the following week)

Shamrock College Showcase Tournament

Host team: Detroit Fighting Irish of the Midwest Jr. Hockey League, Ice Box Sports Center, Brownstown, Michigan, February 6, 7, 8

What you think about “Updated CIHL schedule”

  1. Thanks for the update Randy I think there might be a Sudbury team coming to the WUHL what have you heard about this Randy

    1. Shawn,

      I do not cover that league, therefore I do not know. Nor do I care. And you can quote me on that.



  2. I am just wondering sounds funny that Sudbury gets new ownership. Markstay -Warren and Royals combine players I saw the posted games for the WUHL this week showed Sudbury then it is pulled down off the site then this happens maybe I am reading to much into this . What do you honestly think.

  3. Sorry to say but all this jumping around looks very unprofessional on the CIHL. Any credible JR league knows you can’t keep bringing in , Dropping and moving teams every few weeks and changing the schedule it’s ridicules .

  4. Hey Bristol or oldgmhler some leagues know you have to drop dead weight like
    the CIHL has done. While another league (WUHL) likes to carry the dead weight.

    1. Well Mason Dickheadson I do believe you are once again wrong about dead weight oh maybe not considering you see yourself in the mirror everyday I do believe there was a lot of conflict between the owners of the southern teams and Tim I would have liked to see the CIHL stay together but that wasn’t to be there dead weight Mason

  5. Randy your not rude to me just being honest that is fine you don’t cover the WUHL I was just inquiring if you had heard about the situation in Sudbury that is all and I like your site because it gives myself the ability to get the news from the northern hockey scene on one site and I thank you for this and I will keep following reading and making post on the site thanks again Randy for having a great site

  6. I figured putting oldgmhler was hiding my appearance so I changed it to show my real name . I’ll be sure not to change my name again .

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