Rivermen row past Royals

January 19, 2015

Espanola Rivermen defeated the lowly Sudbury Royals 7-4 in the lone Canadian International Hockey League game played on Sunday.

The second-place Rivermen built up a 3-0 lead in the first period on a pair of goals from Andrew Demarco and a solo tally by Brandon Major .

Matt St Jean and Patrick Syvret scored for Sudbury in the second period but Espanola’s Adam Johns and Izaak Picken restored the three-goal cushion before the end of the frame.

In the third, Tyler Sullivan scored for Sudbury to bring the Royals to within two goals but Cameron Anklewich put the Rivermen back up by three.

Sudbury’s Tyler Rochon and Espanola’s Alex Zerbel then traded last-minute markers for the 7-4 final.

The victory boosts Espanola’s record to 17-11-1 while Sudbury falls to 0-17-1 with its latest loss.

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  1. How come this website constantly rips the NOJHL and the BR Beavers for having a winless team, but no mention is ever made of the CIHL Royal’s not being able to put a competetive team on the ice?

  2. Tinker,

    Did you not read the entire story?

    See above, last line of the story, where it says “Sudbury falls to 0-17-1.”

  3. I saw it.

    BR and NOJHL are made out to be failures because of a team having a terrible record. But in reality, thats Jr. hockey, you’re going to have your cream of the crop’s ( Thunderbirds, Attack, Temang Titans) and you’re lowly teams (Royals, Beavers, SF Lumberjacks). In your blogs it seems as if the NOJHL is put down for this being the case, yet it exists in practically every Jr. Parity in Jr. hockey is basically no existant.

    I used to really enjoy your site Randy, and still do to an extent.. forgive me because I must not be aware of the history, but clearly there is a rift between yourself/partners and the NOJHL because you rarely report on the N.O anymore and when you do it is usually putting them down, or based on bad news. (ie- The Mattawa situation.) Anyways, I really enjoyed your coverage of the NOJHL as in my opinion is the most legit and established Jr. league in the north, but your coverage of it seems to have gone away, for whatever reason.

    1. Tinker,

      I cover the Soo Thunderbirds of the NOJHL on a regular basis.

      And thanks for your input.



  4. Hey Tinker i see your point i guess but the Sudbury team (when not running around like animals) are in most of the games they play just have not been successful yet.

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