Statement from the Batchewana Attack

September 24, 2014

Batchewana Attack of the new Canadian International Hockey League and general manager Dennis Bolton have parted ways.

The Attack released the following statement with regards to ending its relationship with Bolton, who over the past three seasons worked for three different Northern Ontario Jr. Hockey League teams.

“Dennis Bolton has tendered his resignation as general manager of the Batchewana Attack of the Canadian International Hockey League and we have respectfully accepted it without reservation. The Batchewana Attack and Dennis Bolton have philosophical differences that have led to the mutual decision for both sides to part company. We remain in the capable hands of ownership and management as well as our educational and medical advisors and a coaching staff headed by former Ontario Hockey League player and coach and National Hockey League player Denny Lambert.”

What you think about “Statement from the Batchewana Attack”

  1. The key to the Attack is having Denny as Coach. There are good hockey to help out to . . . Billy V the Goalie Coach, Charlie Murrey, Jimmy Cassola for Scouts . . . The Attack are in great hands.

  2. Batchawana Attack have bilt a power house thanks to President Dave Maciuk and his Hockey Staff! This team wood give the Thunder Birds a run for there money!!!

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