Sudbury Royals getting their KICX

August 23, 2014

They are Sudbury’s newest junior hockey team and they are getting their message out to area fans and supporters via marketing and promotion.

Sudbury Royals are part of the new, eight-team, Ontario-based, junior-level, Canadian International Hockey League that will begin play this 2014-2015 season.

And not only has Royals general manager KB Beals been hard at work signing and recruiting players, he has been creating awareness of Sudbury’s new junior hockey team through the media.

The Royals have placed advertisements in Sudbury’s community newspaper, Northern Life, and team members are featured in commercials being voiced on hot country radio station KICX 91.7.

In a market where the Sudbury Wolves of the Ontario Hockey League will always dominate, the main competition for the Royals are the Sudbury Nickel Barons of the Northern Ontario Jr. Hockey League.

But the NOJHL in Sudbury has struggled with identity issues and multiple name and ownership changes over the past 10 years. Before the Nickel Barons there were the Sudbury Northern Wolves, Sudbury Jr. Wolves and Sudbury Cubs — all under separate ownership.

Enter the CIHL and fair to say that the Royals have marketed themselves more — without having yet to play a game — than the Nickel Barons have done over two full seasons of operation.

What you think about “Sudbury Royals getting their KICX”

  1. You are 100 % right on with this one RR! The Royals are in the paper & on the radio so hockey fans here are getting to know who the Royals are.

  2. Interesting to read this today because I was at the Caruso Club last nite and at the table next to us were 4 – 5 people and they were discussing the Royals and a few of thier local players.
    Also…smart move to hook up with KICX as that is the station that most people are lissening to these day’s.

  3. Good Work K.B. Best of luck to Trevor and the “Sudbury Royals” Looking forward to watching you beat Espanola!!!

  4. A question for K.B. Beals or Trevor Blanchard:
    Where will the Royals be playing your Home Games and on what days will the majority of the Games be played?

  5. We will be releasing our full schedule which will include :
    Game Times & location , Ticket Prices , at the Official Royals Meet and Greet . We appreciate all the support and we look forward to bring an entertaining season to the Fans.

  6. Thanks to Royals Administration. I trust that you will let us know about when the “Meet & Greet” is to be held. This site is what we chek for the Info on the Royals. The Radio to now.

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