Sudbury Royals tryout camp

July 14, 2014

Sudbury Royals of the new Canadian International Hockey League will be holding a tryout camp on Friday, July 25.

Royals head coach Trevor Blanchard advises that the tryout camp will be held at Countryside Arena in Sudbury.

To register for the camp, call 705-919-3225 or e-mail

The Royals tryout camp is open to players born in 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999.

Royals general manager KB Beals said the camp will include on-ice evaluation, skill drills, team education program presentation, medical evaluation and a camp t-shirt.

Players who wish to try out for the Royals do not need a release from their former team or a permission to skate.

What you think about “Sudbury Royals tryout camp”

  1. I happen to know there are quite a few 97’s who will be attending who are fedd up with the NOHA and the bull shit that goes on in Sudbury Minor Hockey. I personaly plan on being a supportor of the Royals . . Thank You KB.

  2. Hey Frood, Sudbury isn’t the only place that is fed up with the Noha! Sault is also behind the times with developing the youth hockey players .

  3. when will these teams have full websites up and running ? I think they have a few team websites set up and fully functional, but the others just appear to have there Social Media sites up and running at the moment, and not there main pages yet. thanks

  4. I can understand being fed up with the local politics of minor hockey but I am not sure why the NOHA is being blamed for anything . Could you enlighten me please ?

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