Town of Espanola, Rivermen at odds

March 9, 2015

The Town of Espanola says it is exercising its right to terminate its contract with the Espanola Rivermen of the Canadian International Hockey League.

But CIHL president Tim Clayden — who also owns the Rivermen — begs to differ.

In a press release issued this morning, Cynthia Townsend, clerk treasurer/administrator for the Town of Espanola, noted that “our decision serves the best interests of our community stakeholders.”

Clayden, from his end, said the Rivermen have two years left on their contract with the Town of Espanola.

“I do not believe that the Town of Espanola has a right to terminate their contract with us,” Clayden told me. “I am on the phone with my lawyer as we speak.”

Clayden said he met with members of Espanola Town Council last week, noting that “they suggested they would like to renegotiate our existing contract. They expressed concerns with how the CIHL season ended. They want us to confirm that we will have four or five teams for next season.”

The CIHL began as a new, eight-team league for the 2014-2015 season but by the time it ended, only the Rivermen and the Batchewana Attack remained afloat.

Clayden has since said the CIHL is being restructured and will move forward, pointing out that the league has a signed contract with the City of Greater Sudbury for a new team in 2015-2016. He has also said that the CIHL expects to have a team in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula for next season.

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  1. Maybe Mr. Clayden can inform the many hockey fans in Espanola why they have terminated the contract. There are many hockey fans in Espanola very disappointed without knowing the reason. The municipality says they are protecting the ccommunity stakeholders but will not give the reason. I am sure if the contract is null and void that the work to return the dressing rooms to their former state will not be done.
    Hard to get someone to work after contract cancelled.

  2. Any updates on the “Academy” format that the CIHL is adopting for the 2015/16 season? What towns are banging the doors down to be a part of this exciting new chapter the league is venturing into?

  3. It’s sure going to suck telling an 8 and 3 year old that a council (hmmm don’t remember seeing you guys at the games) pulled the rug out from a team that had 400-600 fans at the games and countless more watching online or following on Facebook happy every Friday night. And the work this team and these players did in the community is incredible. 100% behind the Rivermen. Ask Team Blake if they appreciate the team? Ask the Autism Awareness group if they appreciate the team? Ask every child in every school that they visited if they’re excited to see the Rivermen? How about the folks in the nursing home they visit? How about the pathetic winter carnival the town puts on, yet there were the Rivermen skating at the outdoor rink with the kids? Fundraising for Espanola Minor Soccer every game with the 50/50. The list goes on…

  4. So, last week went by with no announcement as to the new ownership in Sudbury as well as the arena that is booked. Those in the know here are saying that it’s Levack… truth or just rumour?

          1. Last week is done… this is a new week.

            Randy Russon
            MARCH 3, 2015 AT 11:40 AM
            It won’t be a secret after this week.

  5. Rivermen Fan Page created by the Fans

    We the Espanola Rivermen Junior ‘A’ hockey club would like to take this opportunity thank you all very much for your support. Our organization would not be able to operate season after season without the continued support of our area junior hockey fans, sponsors, season ticket holders and our many community partners and supporting not-for-profit organizations involved each season.

    Our gear has been put in storage for yet another summer season and the dressing room floors have been mopped, unfortunately, a little early this year.

    As most have been made aware of now, the Espanola Town Clerk / Administrator has recently issued a statement on Facebook Cancelling our Team Contract signed June 25th, 2013 with the former Mayor & Council, that expires on the 31st day of May, 2017.

    Please know that our only intention and plan was to operate the Espanola Rivermen in Espanola again next season, and fulfill our contract with the Town of Espanola.

    We have been asked by the Town to provide a go forward plan for the team, the league and renegotiate our existing contract.

    Once our February ice fees are paid this month along with our advertising fees to the Town, we will be completely current just as we were at the end of last season in our first year of our contract. We operated this season within the very same guidelines and time lines of our contract in the very same manner that we did in year one of our contract with the previous Mayor & Council and as orally agreed to with the Complex Manager this season, in December 2014.

    The Rivermen have honoured our contract obligations to the Town of Espanola last year and in the very same manner this season; nothing has changed from the time lines of our contract this season from year one in regard to how we operate, the time lines of our fees paid or in our plans to move forward into the next season.

    However, we would like to bring it to your attention that our season tickets and advertising for 2015 – 2016 season has been on hold due to the current Mayor & Council asking for a go-forward league plan, questioning unsanctioned hockey versus sanctioned hockey and suggesting that our contract with the Town be cancelled or be renegotiated.

    This season has been difficult for all involved, and certainly the relationship between the team and the Espanola Town Clerk / Administrator along with the Manager of the Complex and Leisure Services has been less than warm and fuzzy this past season. In saying such, the day to day staff of the Complex have been as accommodating as they have been allowed and always fantastic to work with in providing the Rivermen and visiting teams top level services.

    Listed below are Mayor and Council’s emails so that others can express themselves just as freely as we have.

    Mayor Ron Piche:
    Ray Dufour:
    Ken Duplessis:
    Bill Foster:
    Stewart Meikleham:
    Robert Yocom:
    Ron Duplessis:

    Without question in the league’s first year; due to a lack of commitment from other team operators, the league failed both the Rivermen and the Batchewana Attack organizations and all fans. Unfortunately, we did scramble at times with regard to scheduling to the disappointment of not only our season ticket holders but also our team personnel and players. We were lucky enough to continue Friday night junior hockey at the Complex although we did miss one Friday night game and several previously scheduled weekday games.

    The games we did play, for the most part, were pretty good and some very exciting.

    On a positive note we did provide our players with two show case tournaments in the state of Michigan that have proven to be a benefit to our players and the program we offer within the CIHL which no other league offers.

    The Batchewana Attack proved to be the best team this season, and some in junior hockey circles say the Attack would be one of the best in every other league at this level throughout North America this past season.

    We feel very strongly that although our fans, players and the Rivermen organization experienced a very difficult season at times, we proudly continued to serve the Espanola community, surrounding area junior hockey fans, public and catholic school kids in the area along with the many not-for-profit organizations that we help out and support all season each year.

    The Espanola Rivermen junior hockey program is so much more than just hockey, our program is about family and the community, of which we feel our junior hockey program and players have remained very much apart of the Espanola community, on and off the ice.

    The Rivermen did not fail the Espanola community where we wish to continue to proudly serve and represent the very same way again this coming season and in providing affordable family entertainment every Friday Night at the Regional Recreation Complex here in Espanola.

    The new Mayor and some of the elected Councillors have recently expressed their disgruntlement for the new league that we have joined as well as unsanctioned hockey versus sanctioned hockey.

    Fair enough, especially after the season that we have all just experienced.

    Our only wish is that some doing the asking would have attended at least one game in one of our first two seasons here in Espanola and to have witnessed in person the “Autism Acceptance” game just last weekend, and our “Team Blake” game where all attending would have experienced and seen first hand the community driven support for special people and events and organizations that often include the Espanola Rivermen players and organization.

    The major difference between sanctioned and unsanctioned junior hockey is both the age of the players and where the kids come from. We are allowed 15 year olds in our junior league where others are not and we are allowed world wide student-athlete players from throughout the world where sanctioned hockey is not.

    Last season in sanctioned hockey, we started the season with 2 local players that did not finish the season.

    This season we had 9 local kids playing junior hockey while sleeping in their own beds, living at home and or with family members along side many American and European lads.

    These players now travel from throughout North America and world-wide to call Espanola their home for several months of the year. We believe we provide a terrific opportunity for more local area kids to play junior hockey while living at home, finishing high school, while having a wonderful experience to play alongside and have teammates from throughout the world.

    This past season, we had kids call Espanola home, coming from Calgary, Colorado, Michigan, Las Vegas, British Columbia, and European countries such as Switzerland, Czech Republic, Belarus, and Sweden.

    No other North Shore community provides this experience and opportunity for local players and or Espanola.

    The Rivermen remain proud of the service that we provide Espanola and other area junior hockey fans and the opportunity we now provide local players to play at home with other kids from throughout North America and Europe. Many of whose parents also visit Espanola throughout the season supporting their kids and Espanola while making use of the many other area services and businesses such as motels, restaurants, gas stations and others.

    We have 7 teams that have committed to playing next season, all established teams, with one new start up team in Sudbury. They include Espanola, Sudbury, Soo (Batchewana), Soo US, that are all drivable for same day travel games along with Traverse City, Alpena, Detroit and the MC Monarchs possibly adding inter-locking regular season scheduled games next season.

    We have also met with a group in Blind River several times to date, that are putting together a Board of Directors to possibly operate a team in our league. It takes time and is a process in the making.

    We play in Michigan and Michigan teams for added NCAA University and College exposure for kids and players that normally would not have the opportunity to be scouted by the various University programs throughout the State of Michigan, especially our local kids.

    This season alone, the Rivermen expect to place and have as many as 8 players move on to the University level of play or higher junior levels, kids that have called Espanola home for the past 7 months.

    The good of the Rivermen far outweighs the bad that we have experienced this past season.

    Our fans and season ticket holders and area kids continue to support the Rivermen where many season ticket holders and new season ticket holders that have been copied in this email that have already expressed to us that they want their season tickets for next year now, asking when they go on sale.

    Understandably, we do have a small percentage of our current season ticket holders, less than 20%, that have also expressed their dissatisfaction with our season this year. We as an organization were equally disappointed.

    The Rivermen is committed to working even hard next year to win all our supporters back.

    This coming season, we are offering all our current season ticket holders a 50% discount to help get started on making things right and better this coming season.

    We do not want to leave Espanola just to operate a team down the highway in another community. We feel we have built a very strong community program here in Espanola and have an excellent fan base, young and mature, including area kids of all ages that make Friday night Rivermen junior hockey games the starting point of their weekend of fun.

    We like to think the Rivermen have earned the right to finish what we have started here in Espanola.

    We have also created 7 paying positions here with the Hockey Club, with 5 of those paid positions being currently occupied by 5 local people including kids.

    We work directly with many of the Town’s charitable and Non Profit Organizations that are listed below.

    Autism Acceptance (District Support Team)
    Espanola Ski Hill (Boogie Mountain)
    Team Blake (helping young lad’s family raise monies to fight cancer)
    Espanola Minor Hockey
    Espanola Minor Soccer (Girls & Boys)
    Crime Stoppers
    Espanola Minor Baseball
    All Area Public & Catholic Schools
    Espanola Regional Hospital Foundation
    Espanola Food Bank
    Sacred Heart Children’s Centre – Our Children Our Future
    Espanola & Area Family Health Team
    Area First Nation Communities
    En Francais a Espanola
    Canadian Cancer Society (Pink in the Rink, Ovarian – Colan Rectal Awareness)
    Lions Club – Teddy Bear Toss
    Espanola Girl Guides
    Espanola Nursing Home for Seniors
    North Shore Search & Rescue

    We also help generate new found tourism revenues for many other area businesses throughout the area.

    We generate thousand of hours each winter in community goodwill and needed volunteer hours for many community programs in need. We do each season. Our player’s and our team are a part of the backbone of the Espanola community.

    Rivermen players are also made available throughout the season for community chores and odd jobs upon requests to provide the following community services. Requests can be made by email on the team website or by calling the team office.

    Odd jobs & chores include:

    Fire wood splitting & stacking
    Firewood Delivery
    Snow Removal & Snow Shovelling of roofs, walkways & driveways
    Dog Walking
    Groceries delivery
    Taxi Services
    Baby Sitting
    Spring Clean Up
    Raking leafs & Eavesdrop Clean Up
    Garage & Room & Cleaning
    Dump Runs
    Mowing Lawns Seasonally
    Covering Pools
    Birth Day Parties & Social Gatherings (all ages)

    We would like to continue to provide affordable family junior hockey entertainment on Friday nights here in Espanola.

    Our goal is to put the Espanola community and team on the junior hockey map for developing local boys in junior hockey while living at home and finishing high school; along with providing other world wide student athlete’s opportunities to live and develop here in Espanola. We help prepare each player, on and off the ice to move on to play at the next highest level that we trust will include combining a university/college education with hockey.

    The Rivermen wish to remain here in Espanola and will strive to continue to build our junior hockey program here on the North Shore if given the opportunity to do so.

    I do apologize to you all for the inconveniences during this season. Our mission is to learn from this past season and return next season better and stronger, providing fun, affordable family Rivermen entertainment and exciting junior hockey in Espanola each and every Friday night.


    On behalf of the Espanola Rivermen,
    Tim Clayden

  6. Mr. Clayden’s lawyer has been quite busy during the past year.

    It’s too bad for the people of Espanola who mostly still all back Mr. Clayden in this latest dispute. Guys like Chad and Pete have stood up and help lead the organization through all this. Lots of bad blood has been spilled between leagues and fans. I hope council knows that they won’t have a Jr team in town if they think the NOJHL will accept this team with the same people involved and, with everything that’s been said against the NOJHL and Mazzuca, would the people of Espanola support an NOJHL entry? The bad mouthing would escalate for sure.

    1. Wow what a mess Robbie. Will the people support an nojhl if that what it comes to,I think so. Does the nojhl want back in espanola you are darn right they do. No matter what happens we will miss the rivermen and all they brought to our community and area.

  7. You always hear the term “politics” being thrown around the game, often times metaphorically. Unfortunately in this scenario it is quite literal!

  8. The council wants more money from the team nothing more.. this is extortion nothing more.. the Rivermen bring in 600 fans and strong concession sales.. council wanted to renegotiate contract and had NOJHL whispering and making promises.. so it appears that council is holding a gun to Claydon’s head.. renegotiate and give us more $$$ or you are out…always thought a contract was a bond.. guess council’s word means nothing…

  9. A big stinking mess! Well writen post by TC. Wondering what was done to upset council? Junior Hockey is needed in Espanola. Hope it all gets settled.

  10. The Rivermen came to town when an almost entirely different council was sitting. That council signed the deal bringing Junior hockey back to town. This council seems to believe that a junior team needs to feed the town coffers, as opposed to improving the quality of entertainment in town and appreciating the money that comes in via spin offs. I would like to know who exactly the community stakeholders are that are benefitting from the cancellation of this contract. It’s sure not the hockey fans, the kids, the causes that the team supported…

    1. Memmo to Tim Claydon:
      Junior Hockey is what we need in Massey/Walford/Webbwood. It is my guess that you would get support of 200 – to – 250 fans per average game at Massey-Arena.
      It is nice to hear from you Brian P on the values of the Rivermen. Thank You.

  11. the “Rivermen” would be very welcome in Massey and would apppreciate having this Junior A Hockey Team in our little Town that I can tell you.

  12. I could see this coming from a mile away. Sorry, but when a league goes from 8 teams to 9 teams, then down to 4, then down to 3, then down to 2… something doesn’t add up and how can you trust that the league will remain at the 4-5 teams they want? Not a very good history at all.

    I would like to see the full extent of the contract though before making a final call on who is right and who is wrong though.

    If the town said “upon signing this contract, you intend on keeping junior A hockey in Espanola
    the entire time”. Then by disbanding from the NOJHL and making your own league…which btw I do not believe is true Junior A hockey, then the town has a point.

    It sucks that the town pulled the hockey team from everyone. I just question how they can justify having a multi-million dollar complex, taxpayer paid, and say no thanks to having a junior hockey team here that makes the town money and drives the economy and value of the town UP!

    The town as a whole will support any team that comes through here, NOJHL, CIHL etc. The council I truly believe made this move simply because the Rivermen’s money they make doesn’t go directly back into the grass roots game of Espanola; the towns NOHA minor hockey system.

    Hockey Canada if I remember correctly said the Rivermen cannot help support the minor hockey league system in the town, and the head of the NOHA in Espanola even stepped down..all of this I’m basing off of memory or hearsay.

    Anyways, its a sad day for Espanola, but maybe, just maybe, this may mean a return of the NOJHL to the town in the near future. With the likes of SSM, Blind River, Mattawa, and Powassan all drawing under 200 fans a night to their games, having a team in Espanola and area (0ver 10000+ people including Manitoulin Island), only makes sense when they draw at least 500 fans a night and sell out of season tickets.

    Something doesn’t add up is all I can say.

    1. I wonder if Brad lives in Espanola cause if he does it’s the same guy that thought he was a goal judge last year at every game. He doesn’t have kids and doesn’t have to explain to them

      1. Mason Dixon I was merely mentioning some of the fundrasing the Rivermen would do during games such as 50/50 draws and such. None of that money was to be offered to the NOHA’s Espanola Eagles minor hockey, as they are sanctioned under HC.

        Honestly…how do you know a guy named Brad operated a goal light? Or the fact he has no kids to explain to them why there MAY not be hockey next year?

    2. Not sure if you know but the grassroots is paid through the minor system not the junior ranks. Trust me house league pays the bills for hockey Canada to spend money on triple a and junior programs

  13. I agree…..if Espanola don’t want this team lets take Massey Arena up on there offer.

  14. The CIHL has been an absolute disaster (in my opinion) this season and when something goes this wrong fingers get pointed and the guy that started this and is the head of league Tim Clayden certainly has to take a majority of the fall for this and he has. The CIHL does not look much more promising next season in my opinion so I can’t blame Espo Council for being upset with the CIHL, however Tim has not done anything to break his lease from the information that has been released at this point. Espanola council signed a contract and should be bound by it unless something has been broken that allows them to end the contract. It does not matter that the previous council signed the deal, you are stuck with it whether you like it or not. The CIHL has been a joke, but the work the Rivermen organization did for local organizations this season despite being in the CIHL is outstanding and should be commended. A Good Junior Hockey Team is a great thing for a community, hopefully the Town can work something out with Tim or the NOJHL, but either way I hope Junior Hockey is Espanola next season and for years to come. This should be quite court battle. Any news on where the new CIHL team in Upper Michigan will be Randy?

  15. The TPA sports group are the folks who stepped in and took over the NOJHL Mattawa Blackhawks.

    Is it possible after the Playoffs we may see an announcement that Mattawa is relocating to Espanola? That would be good for the TPA group. Not so good for

    Something similar happened in Powassan last year with the GMHL team being given the boot by town council and replaced by the Voodoos of the NOJHL
    All starting to add up now.

  16. ‘Robbie
    MARCH 9, 2015 AT 1:10 PM
    Pardon? Your words exactly : “It won’t be a secret after this week.”
    Randy RussonRandy Russon
    MARCH 9, 2015 AT 1:56 PM
    Pardon? It’s still this week.
    MARCH 9, 2015 AT 2:04 PM
    Last week is done… this is a new week.

    Randy Russon
    MARCH 3, 2015 AT 11:40 AM
    It won’t be a secret after this week.
    Randy RussonRandy Russon
    MARCH 9, 2015 AT 2:18 PM
    Yes, Robbie, a new week it is. Very astute of you to notice.’

    So..then going back to Randy’s FIRST point, you suggested that it would be known LAST WEEK, its past, why did that week PASS (as you stated) with no announcement. Don’t be a jerk, answer the gentlemans question. Did you mis-speak or are there issues (we know you wont report on the latter)

    1. Ben,

      Answer the gentleman’s question? Am I to be taking orders from you?

      Thanks for reading. I appreciate the traffic.



    2. Randy answers when it’s convenient for Randy.
      Randy posts messages when it’s in accordance with what Randy thinks.
      Randy alters messages so that they are in accordance with what Randy thinks.

      Randy stoops to petty name calling and arrogant replies when Randy doesn’t like what is said.

      Randy will then stoop to the “I post using my real name” comment to discredit those he does not agree with or stoops to the “thanks for the traffic” comment.

      That’s Randy being Randy.

      1. At present in Massey we have the Massey Predators Minor Hockey Assn. The Sables/Spanish Rivers Area has a total population of close to 3,200. I can say that Massey Arena is a purfect venu for this level of Junior Hockey and I hope that Mr. Tim Clayden acts upon the offer of Brady and comes to see what we have to offer him.

  17. 1 – Its basically been said that Mattawa is relocating to Noelville. I think it was actually announced during the one home game in Noelville.

    2 – The Eagles didn’t get “the boot” just to make room for the Voodoos, they were kicked out because they struggled to pay bills, which is actual terms to terminate a contract. If you ask anyone in Powassan having a Noj team over a G team is a blessing. Last season fans went out just to see the fights and maybe get a chuckle the one game the Eagles had four dressed goalies…..yes FOUR! Now they get to watch the likes of NOJHL Rookie of the year and scoring champ Steve Harland (NB Battalion 6th RD 104 Overall in the 2014 Priority Selection) Or Kyle Moore drafted 94th overall in 2014 and had played 3 games in the OHL this season or David Sherman(Drafted 34th overall) who started out the year playing in the O putting up 6 PTS in 30 games. The kids of Powassan now have the chance to see and get autographs from future OHL stars right in their own backyards.

    Its the same for the other NOJ teams coming to town, there are a lot of excellent hockey players who are DPs in the O or have one time or another skated in the O.

    3 – As much as the Riverman, always backed by TC, does a ton for every community that they are in (It was the same when the organization was in NB) its unfortunate to say that TC is burning a lot of bridges along the way. Its been said multiple times, for the sake of TC and his hockey future he should almost pack up and try again out of province. Its sad to say that but hes got himself a tarnished reputation in Ontario. Espanola 100% deserves a Teir II Junior franchise, they have the community backing and will no doubt be top 2or3 attendance in any league(GOOD ON THE PEOPLE OF ESPANOLA).

    4 – I have never understood why any league tries to promote players getting noticed by NCAA schools. I would like to see the % of players that actually go from the NOJ or the CIHL or the G to play D1. Unless a player is going to play D1 I feel as if they should be trying to get them on a CIS Squad. Lets grow hockey in our own backyard before the US. Some may not agree but then again it’s all opinion and this is mine.

  18. This is clearly a case of the new sitting council doing their homework…goggling TC`s name..followed some bread crumbs. The “love of the puck “says it…he burnt too many bridges and many parents and players a$$es! Esp council has cut their losses when they could…all these Rivermen Players..they will find a it Mattawa ,Massey…hell some may even go south to the “GTA”…only time will tell when Batch falls victim to eviction.???

  19. First thing that towns should do is to stop being lenient with teams. PAY your ice and your bills at the start of every month before you get to step on the ice or use the dressing room. No more should teams like Mattawa or Sudbury or Elliot Lake (last year) or even Clayden, who admits to not having yet paid his February ice fees yet, be allowed to accumulate unpaid public debt.

    League leniency needs to stop also. Just last year, 3 teams (North Bay, Espanola and another unnamed team were in arrears). North Bay moved to Mattawa with the same owner. Tim Clayden was sued by the NOJHL. Not sure about the 3rd. You know what… the league should have told these three teams to pay up or be kicked out before the playoffs. And how many teams were in arrears of league fees (which didn’t exist according to the brainwaves here) in the CIHL before they bolted or folded? To hear an Espanola big dog whine about this… all that were not owned by Clayden.

    Of course, just my opinion!!!

  20. Southerner, what losses? Happy fans? Full arenas? A phenomenal track record of the organization contributing to the community? Like or hate TC, this organization has brought something to this town that none of the last 3 failed junior clubs have. Replacing them would almost certainly mean a loss to the community, whether the league be more stable, the team stronger, or not. When the league came down to two teams, the crowds in the Espanola arena were still better than most NOJ games. And roughly quadruple what Sudbury, Sault, Blind River, and Mattawa were drawing. And don’t make the mistake of believing Espanola will blindly support any team. The GMHL Espanola Kings were lucky to get 150 people to a game, and those were parents and family of the players that came from Manitoulin. Getting pretty tired of people, most guilty being Council, telling the people what they want, instead of listening to what we want.

    1. Losses from watching the same two teams play each other over and over.. ok a few showcases but TC chased/scared them off…no guarantee of new clubs…Espanola has a Population of 5364…councils job is too appease those 5364…full arenas? not thinking all of them are taxpayers from Espanola…

  21. Hey southerner why don’t you stay away from us in the north. We are the only good people left in ontario

  22. Wonder what your trail of breadcrumbs looks like,i would bet your throwing stines has broken a lot of walls in your glass house

  23. Robbie, do you have anything to back up your financial accusations about the Rivermen franchise? Do you pay for your February Hydro usage in February? No, you pay the following month after being billed. Sounds like that’s how ice users pay too. Shocking, I know.

  24. Sorry Brian P.

    I guess Randy being Randy did not agree with my truthful answer and chose not to post it.

    1. Robbie,

      You are correct, I chose not to post your response. I am not risking litigation at the expense of you and your post, that is for sure.

      1. Litigation? What? From whom? Tim Clayden? He wouldn’t sue you that’s for sure!

        My God… just have a look at the stories and comments by yourself and others concerning Mazzuca and Kirkland Lake and the NOJHL and Marshall and Oliwa and the bunch who left the CIHL and now Espanola council… Don’t post my comment if you don’t agree with it but don’t use that lame worthless excuse.

        1. I have such faith in you, Robbie. I shall sleep easier tonight now you have addressed my concerns.

          1. And in typical Randy fashion, the “you don’t have a last name” lame comment followed by childish name calling. But that’s Randy being Randy.

          2. Robbie,

            Randy being Randy is that I am responsible for this site. And if you do not like the way that it is administered, then do not participate. I will not be offended or slighted.

  25. You would think a Town would show the “contract” to a lwayer who would advise them before they cancelled it. Everybody who has ever written or dealt with contracts knows there are many ways to legally “break” an agreement – and non-payment is just one small way.

  26. to be honest the Rivermen maybe shouldnt stay if this is the way they will be treated by their landlords .. from someone who has been involved with junior hockey for more than 25 years, I know that no junior team pays its bills on time but rather payments are typically spread out over a 12-month period with the exception of contracted delivery dates.. the town wants this team out and the NOJHL in and found its loophole.. congrats Espanola.. you elected this council.. enjoy your typical NOJHL team.. the eagles, the screaming eagles, .. or the Kings of the GMHL.. It is sad to say but it could be a while before you get a program like this again…

  27. Correction hockeyscout we didn’t all vote council in as some of us really knew what was going on with them

  28. Espo town council should tell TC ……..” We’ll honor your contract if you join the NOJHL. We feel it is a legitimate, established league and that’s what our citizens want.”

  29. I wonder if that`s an option TC would consider, let alone Mazucca consider. As a fan I`d be thrilled to see the Rivermen back in the NOJHL, if individuals can keep personal conflicts out of the hockey. I`d be almost as equally happy to see the CIHL succeed. It`s the team we support, no matter which league they play in. What happens to Batchewana in that scenario? They deserve much better than to be left out in the cold. For all the issues, things have been very quiet coming out of the Soo, they just went about their business of being the best team they could be…

  30. It would be good for the NOj to let TC and the Rivermen back in but will TC pay the money he owes them? That would go a long way to settling the confict

  31. As the coordinator of the 2 Autism Acceptance – Espanola Rivermen annual events. I can say this team has been very generous towards the Family Members that Deal with Autism on a Daily Basis over the past 2 seasons. I have seen many other positive things this team has done in our community. Based on these facts I believe our community leaders should honor the contract with the Espanola Rivermen.

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