UHU set to embrace new CIHL

May 19, 2014

As the sanctioned United Hockey Union — under the umbrella of the Amateur Athletic Union — prepares to officially approve the new Canadian International Hockey League as a member, it has already endorsed it.

For starters, Ron White, who serves as president of the UHU, national junior hockey director for the AAU and commissioner of the Western States Hockey League, has congratulated the CIHL as a new member of the group.

And Midwest Jr. Hockey League commissioner Scott Gardiner and Northern States Hockey League commissioner Wayne Sheehan have both extended a welcome to the CIHL and its founder Tim Clayden.

The WSHL, MWJHL and the NSHL are the three junior hockey leagues that represent the UHU under AAU umbrella.

As the flagship league of the UHU, the WSHL has been in operation since 1993.

Both the MWJHL and the NSHL began play in 2012.

As partners with the WSHL, MWJHL and NSHL, the CIHL will officially be welcomed into the UHU fold as its fourth junior league at a special meeting to be held within the week.

The influential White — as UHU president, AAU national director and WSHL commissioner — noted that “we extend our most-sincere congratulations to the CIHL and its decision to join the AAU family of junior hockey leagues operating under the UHU.”

Meanwhile, MWJHL commissioner Gardiner, noting the anticipated arrival of the CIHL as the newest member of the UHU, said “we would welcome the challenge to cross borders to compete with our Canadian neighbours. It will be a great day for junior hockey.”

The MWJHL and CIHL are expected to begin the 2014-2015 season with a joint Showcase Tournament to be held in Traverse City, Michigan.

Gardiner, who was a high-end forward in the Ontario Hockey League with Belleville Bulls and Windsor Spitfires from 1981 until 1984, added “we couldn’t be happier here in the MWJHL. We have freedom under the UHU-AAU to govern ourselves under their umbrella. Our level of play continues to rise as will our number of teams.”

And Sheehan, as commissioner of the NSHL, said his league “looks forward to the inclusion of the Canadian International Hockey League into the United Hockey Union.”

Combined, the WSHL, MWJHL and NSHL have moved more than 100 players onto the National Collegiate Athletic Association and American Collegiate Athletic Association ranks within the last year.


In two years since its formation as the official junior hockey branch of the Amateur Athletic Union, the United Hockey Union has risen in recognition as an option to USA Hockey.

Now, with the formation of the Canadian International Hockey League and its membership into the AAU, the UHU has entered international competition.

Composed of the aforementioned Western States Hockey League, Midwest Jr. Hockey League and Northern States Hockey League, the UHU has moved to advance in many areas, including competition, pricing, player safety, coaching and college placement.

According to the UHU, it offers “a more-competitive business approach without interference and oversight from individuals or organizations with little to no experience in running a junior team in today’s economy. Our three leagues have been able to keep prices low, while still holding player safety and level of competition in high regard.

“Our level of play has gone up exponentially with the ability to acquire more import players and focus on the level of play, rather than keeping skilled players out for no reason other than the country they call home. We have been able to keep prices down, with quality insurance coverage, especially for import players.

“We have been able to operate more freely and implement change without resistance from outsiders to the junior hockey game. The UHU will continue to improve and only get better with the formation of the CIHL and its partnership with the WSHL, MWJHL and NSHL.”

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  1. To all of you douters out there who said that this was not going to happen well it is going to happen after-all. As usual RR you are right – douters be dammed!
    I have heard again that Sudbury will be a part of the new CIHL League as well – RR can you fill us in if you know this to be a fact?

    1. The Soo Eagles went for better options, now with the likes of Elliot Lake in question, Espanola gone…the only close competition the Thunderbirds have is Blind River.

      it would make far more sense for them to either join the MWJHL or the CIHL…but I dunno if that happens this year. Next year should be the TBirds year in the NOJHL to really dominate everyone…and I mean everyone.

  2. I am for any thing new such as this that wil create more opportunity’s for player’s espesially Local player’s from Northern Ontario. I realise that this will be for player’s form all over the World and to me this should include Northern Ontario. I am hopefull that this gives the boy’s from Northern Ontario a chance to play Junior Hockey rather than have to take a back seat to the Southern Ontario player’s as often happens Southern Ontario player’s are perceived to be better than the boy’s from the North.

    1. hey Coach Dan! happy to hear that you are back as Coach of the Fighting Irish! looking forward to seeing the DFI at the Ice Box facing off against the big boys from Canada. This will make our League better as said in the article: “A great day for Junior hockey”!!!

  3. Now that’s what I like to read … Now it looks like the league is starting to love forward , looking forward to the upcoming season.

  4. Btw I love that “Detroit Fighting Irish” Logo! As some one who is half Irish (& half Italian of course lol) I love it!
    Just chekkd out the website from RR’s previus article.

  5. The thunderbirds cant join if they want to run the new AAA program in the Soo, although sanctioned by the AAU it is still not sanctioned under hockey Canada, so the Soo cant join if they want to run the AAA program.

    Randy when is the list of teams being released

    1. Justice,

      When the list of teams is released, I am sure you will be able to read about it here — and elsewhere.

  6. This is good news, oh “Justice” you may be surprised with things when all is said and done.

  7. this is great news for Jr A hockey all around the Great Lakes on both sides of the border. Congratulations to the hard-working CIHL execs…..glad to see more opportunity for young hockey players in Ontario!

    Don’t worry Well Well we all know Justice is here only to try and discredit the CIHL and promote the NOJHL. Instead she should be helping her husband save their Mattawa team as opposed to worrying about what the Soo will or will not do, IMO of course.

  8. Well the real story I hear is that Seidel was told he was no longer needed by the CIHL.
    From what I can see, Mark has quite the high opinion of himself and rubs some people the wrong way.

  9. I agree American Eagle….there will be some epic Canadian vs USA rivalries, I can’t wait. These games will be a tremendous experience for the players and fans alike.

    1. eskisfan, when teams are announced, you will be able to read about it here — and elsewhere.

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