Avery Rebek is top dog

January 26, 2018

Having become the first team in the major midget division of the Great North Midget Hockey League to complete the 36-game regular season schedule, the Soo Greyhounds now await the start of the playoffs, which are likely to begin on the second weekend of February.

With a record of 13-19-4, the Greyhounds hold down fourth place in the six-team major midget division, just ahead of the Timmins Majors.

Individually, forward Avery Rebek topped the Greyhound scoring chart through the 2017-2018 regular season with 19 goals, 14 assists, 33 points.

Trailing Rebek is forward Caleb Wood with 18 goals, 10 assists, 28 points.

Up next are fellow forwards Raf Praysner, Owen Shier and Parker Morgan with respective totals of 9-17-26, 8-18-26 and 13-9-22, followed by defenseman Jonathan Mackin with 8-14-22 numbers.

The Greyhounds two minor aged players also put up pretty good numbers. Nick Jameus had 7 goals, 12 assists, 19 points while fellow forward Nick Niro produced 11-7-18 numbers.

Between the pipes, Dawson Hunter was in the nets for seven wins and Andrew Uschenko for six.

In all, the Greyhounds scored 125 goals, allowed 176 and spent a league-high 831 minutes in the penalty box.

PHOTO: Avery Rebek, in action for the major midget Soo Greyhounds. (Photo by Allana Plaunt.)

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  1. This should a been a better year with all this talent.
    Oh well maybe we can make some noise in the Playoffs.
    Step aside Coach / your time is up and Volunteer or not you have wasted this en tire Season .

  2. hopefully it is a better year with more development for the 18-19 Season. We would like to say more , but instead we will direct our concerns of which they are many of them to Richard , Craig and Toots as we will not pay all of of this $$$$$ to be B.S.’d by some one that does not respect Players and the Parents. I am trying to be nice Randy but saying this what these F—–g Clowns put us thru is just not right you know it is just not right Sir.

  3. Congrats to Averi Rebek and the other five boys. Instead of a positive article once again was turned into something negative. Thnks Randy for another good read hopefully u hockey parents save money next year don’t hold your breath.

  4. Maybe just maybe a pact between the high schools and Sault Major can be established with mutually agreed on terms. This will stop or recede the player outflow to the high school and allow kids to play both high school and Sault Major as they do in the majority of the cities across the province. IMO, it would be a huge step to advance competitiveness at both the AAA and high school levels in this city.

    Imagine if you can (Sault Major) how much stronger the leagues would become if players could play both as they do in the south. Players could continue to play AAA as well as be a part of and contribute to their respective high school teams. I’m sure if you asked many AAA players past and present the unanimous response is that they would absolutely play on both to experience and enjoy the school comraderiee of high school sports as well as continue with AAA with hopes of hearing their names announced in the OHL priority selection draft.

    Obviously terms and conditions regarding conflicts would have to be established, however, I’m sure that common ground could be found, given the talent pool that has left the system past and present.

  5. Gordie, I have been reading the comments on this site now for the last few days.
    You and a bunch of others sure have a lot to say. Too much in fact, but I like the reads.

    BUT, I will award you this, that your call on high school hockey above should be done. BUT that would undoubtedly add costs to the parents that would then have to pay for two hockey programs and thus, have the parents cry fowl on costs even more. They don’t want to play and pay for programs now, but would want to add an extra program to their regime.?!

    I like the idea, but with costs where they are today, highly unlikely for most players/families to double up costs.

    Yours in hockey,

    The Old Sault Hockey Boy

    1. –> And before you go crazy with the “double” up on costs, I understand it wouldn’t be a double, but it will be an “added” cost to the parents who are already complaining about the cost of rep hockey in the Sault’s geographically challenged area.

      Yours in hockey,

      The Old Sault Hockey Boy

      1. Not if AAA wasn’t $8500, High School is about $2000, kids could probably do both for well under $6500 i would guess

      2. Why not create a AAA Major Midget program with Great Coaching, Great Development, Ample Practice Time, Great Dry-Land Sessions, Great Video Sessions, Transparent Financial Reporting Systems and with No Political Picks………. I bet the top kids in SSM and area would come.

        The Transparent Financial Reporting System would ensure accountable decision making on team spending and ensure overall costs are kept in line.

        Just a thought.

        1. Anthony remember it’s major midget eh. Everything you just proposed sounds like it would turn into a 5 day a week ordeal for these kids. Do you think these kids are stupid? They know if your playing midget in grade 11 or 12 chances are your only going to reach jr a or div 3 NCAA hockey. Maybe 10 percent will go to a higher level then that. Remember these are kids in high school. They have friends / girlfriends outside of hockey . They practice twice a week and go away every second weeekend. You think adding more hours to that schedule will make players all of sudden choose aaa over highschool. It will do the exact opposite. 50 percent of these kids would probably rather enjoy been a normal highshool kid to begin with. That’s the truth. Believe it or not.

          1. Noj alum

            No I don’t believe this kids are stupid, quite the opposite. I believe they’re smart, capable decision makers and have/will evaluate all options in front of them.

            The hockey model isn’t working now. Sault Major now recognizes that, Toots recognizes it, Hartsy recognizes it, parents that pay the bills recognize it, players recognize it,

            What’s the answer then…… leave everything as is? Players aren’t having fun now .

  6. Then you and gordie should apply for a job in sault major and make a difference. Insyead of rumning your mouths and hiding behind an alias . Shut up and put your application in. You too sound like the perfect coaches moving forward

    1. Anthony …I wouldn’t waste my time responding to ‘Mark Mitchell’ . He is obviously oblivious to the unpenetratable closed shop that makes up the Sault Major executive or he is one of their offspring. Certainly he should educate himself in knowing that many have tried to get onto the board and most have failed.

  7. Mark thanks for your seal of approval and endorsement. Unfortunately for me, a recommendation coming from you in the hockey world is meaningless.

    A very wise man once said

    “We all know that change is hard. Change is hard because you brain is wired to do the same thing over and over, regardless if that activity is good or bad for you. We also know how challenging it can be to go through change, but the positive consequence is really awesome. I fully believe change is good for you”

    I’ve said it before on this forum, if things don’t change the program will die. Think about what’s gone on recently with regard to the rep programs in our community.
    08’s – no team
    05’s – half the team left
    04’s – no team
    03’s – team saved by BI when players/families refused to report to RC, KC
    01/00 – program is on life support.

    It’s not a very pretty picture at the moment. Hopefully Hartsy, Toots and others can get the ship pointed in the right direction.

  8. Thanks again hockey boy for a very good read u are the only one who makes any sense. Again Gordie has missed the point of the fact that you were sticking up for the kids obviously he is so bitter the well being of these boys that are playing now doesn’t concern him. Mark he would never reveal who he is because his boy is still playing!

  9. Hello,

    IMO, after reading many articles and posts the last while, Gordie doesn’t have a child currently in the game and Anthony Bumbacco does. Through irrational duplicate posts, I believe for those accounts to be some what of a community account.

    Anthony to use the alias of Bumbacco as a last name is truly unprofessional. Bumbacco is a respected name in the builders category of the Sault Greyhounds, so unless it’s your real name, I would suggest, out of decency and respect, change your alias! Use some common sense!

    Yours in hockey,

    The Old Sault Hockey Boy

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